Writing so freely...freely more than I ever did.

As I am writing chapter 1 for The Breaker Series (redo), it is so amazing how I have plotted nothing for that story, but I am having a grand old time.

I will stumble over some problems much later and I shall figure it out soon enough.

Anyway, has anyone pants the hell out of story that they didn’t know where it was going, but figures they will know in the end?

I’ll eventually figure out what the story is about, but until then I just want to enjoy this great moment.

Any thoughts?


This is sorta my story right now:

A little maze that is a bit confusing yet people are getting lost because they are going in the same direction and doing the same thing without thinking straight a little.

This story will become:

Stairs and doors leading in different directions but shall all come together…somehow.

This is surprising fun.

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That’s most all I ever do… Which is why it can fall apart so easily.

But yeah, some are just for fun. That would be like Mini Moo. It was cute, simple to put together, fairly realistic on children-adults.


Yeah…It will and I don’t care either. I am just writing and being in the creative zone.

Damn…this feeling feels so flippin’ good!


Think you’ll ever post it anywhere? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Right now, I don’t know.
I need a good place to post my fiction that isn’t Wattpad and Fictionpress or even Royal Road.

A place with a good writing community and where I can easily get a decent to good amount of reads,views,comments for my stories. It is so hard to find a great writing website that is doing good and has plenty of writers flocking to it and it isn’t WattPad.

So, for the time being, my stories are for me and me alone.

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I wish I could pants the hell out of what I’m writing atm. But I can’t cause it’s literally a critical theory review :cry:

Although… this has inspired me to do a Marxist reading of SJM’s ACOTAR series. Is Rhysand’s Night Court actually a totalitarian regime that doesn’t care about its labourers? What is the capital accumulation process that allows them to build these grand palaces? If there are no slums in Night Court then do they even produce a surplus? What bio-power do low ranking faeries have? Are faeries carrying out the genocide of humans?


Interesting, what makes you think of these things?

Normally, I plan a little, but it never truly goes as plan that much. It’s a weird thing.


I dunno I guess this is my idea of fun? My head has been flooded with Marxist theories and I want to dump it all on these books.

I hated these books with a passion when I read them, but now I see them with a certain fondness. They’re still not books I would recommend but hey! Let the children read the faerie porno if they want to.

And what better way to honour the books I love to hate than marrying them to the theories I hate to love.

Fair. Well technically nothing ends up following the exact plan.


I actually read that book. I wasn’t sold on it neither.
I read a few of Maas’s books and I am not going back to that anymore.

True, true.

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That’s exactly what I do with all my first drafts. I kinda feel like that’s how it should be. When you have a clean slate, the possibilities are endless and you can do almost anything and your story could go in limitless directions. It’s great for creativity.

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I know! It feels great, so very great!
I am loving this feeling!

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That’s how I feel any time I write. :rofl: It’s kind of funny how it works, though, because in the moment, I can never think of problems until after the story is done or when I’m too far gone. :sweat_smile:

Technically, yes. With my current one. :sweat_smile: Though it was planned (for the most part), I did lose the plan and just used whatever memory I had left of it, but it was pretty much winging it where I was like, “I’ll just see where it takes me.” And honestly, even with some kinks I’m still working out, it was the best decision that happened because whatever memory I had of the plan wouldn’t have worked; it felt silly in areas and didn’t have the greatest flow. But also, I feel like it gave my story more of an opportunity to be character driven as I’m more of a plot-driven writer. :sweat_smile:

I’m so glad to hear that! :hugs:


It’s awesome feeling like this.

Thank ya kindly.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of pantsing, Qualeshia.

Welcome to my world :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, I do usually have a vague idea of what I want the ending to be like. The VERY end.

For my current WIP, I wanted it to end with lionkind being outside of the enclosure having liberated themselves somehow with MC Sovanna as the lead somehow. Whatever that looks like. No decisions made on if anyone close to her will be alive. No decisions about if she will make any friends. No decisions about if I will even write them entering society or not. Nothing. Just that, they are out and Sovanna is their leader. Oh, and she is looking out at the sunrise.

For my rat girl story, all I want is for Bethany to find her identity and be happy in her own skin, and for Wodeland to be peaceful again. How it happens, who lives and who dies, and what Bethany will choose to do at the end is not decided still even as I make my way to the climax.

Yes, no decisions, but a vague ending decided. That’s how I pants.


Glad to be here! :blush:

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