X meets X

What I mean is that is your story a combination of two popular fiction novels, cartoons/animation, video games, comics, anime/manga, plays, television show, or movies?

I’ll give a straightforward example.

Person A: So, what’s your story based on?

Person B: Pirates and Assassins! Pretty much Assassin’s Creed meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

Person A: Oh, wow! That sounds pretty cool.

So, what’s your x meet x story? That is if you have any.
What do you think?

My Turn:

I was going to make a story based on One Piece meets Tower of God far as worldbuilding goes. I wanted to make another story based on A Song of Ice and fire meets Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

It just never happened…yet.

So, what about you all?


Lone Werewolf: Peter Pan x Assassins’ Creed only with werewolves


That sounds awesome!

Funny how we both mentioned Assassins’ Creed. LOL!

Funny how I never even played the game either… LOL!


I played every AC game, though never got around to finishing Valhalla


Oh cool.
Is Valhalla the newest one, or no?


Yup. It bored me at some point… I might finish it eventually. I liked Odyssey and Origins though


That’s good that you enjoy the other two!

Off-topic: I am going to lay down and relax. I am too exhausted from writing. LOL!

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Hmm, maybe my Synthetic series would be considered Detroit: Become Human meets Star Trek? It could also be likened to the Alien franchise, since that’s what inspired me in the first place. A.I, aliens, and space exploration are all common themes in any case.


My first novel, To Fall for an Angel, is mostly a mix of the Belgium series Russian Dolls and the anime series Hellsing (without the vampires). It was also influenced by the anime series Full Metal Panic.

My second novel, One Army, Many Tribes, was based around a mix of the Hongkong film Time and Tide and the Israeli film Kippur. Some elements of the Israeli film Sword of Gideon were mixed in too.

My current novel, Goddess v2.0, is mostly based on the plots of the Gunslinger Girl anime series and the Armitage III anime series. The Israeli film Exodus also deserves an honourable mention for its influence on the novel’s plot / characters.


Have you heard of the TV series Humans or the Si-Fi series Battlestar Galactica? Could be useful for future research or inspiration.


Sounds pretty awesome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine would probably be… Avatar: the Last Airbender meets Star Trek. :sweat_smile:

I had a lot of different inspirations (Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Star Wars…) but the idea might come down to ATLA and the world of ST. There is elemental magic, along with normal magic (like in HP) but there aren’t any magical items like wands and such. The characters also go from place to meet with people to join in on the fun with the final battle. So those are the main concepts I got from ATLA.

As for ST, it’s on a thin line. Instead of the characters flying on an animal like in Avatar, they’re in a spaceship. It’s small, but it’s big enough to hold a couple dozen people and have a few extra rooms for training, a cafeteria… I based it off Star Trek’s but mixed with the ship on Dark Matter.

Also, the characters are soldiers, similar to the type in the Federation. Now, the difference here is that the Federation is a democratic union kind of thing whereas the characters in my story are soldiers within a totalitarian/dictatorial government. So, this is different lol.

The other difference is that the ship in the story is mostly seen on Earth, however, in later books, it’ll go into outerspace. :smirk:

The other reason why I also would say the world of ST is because of the alien life. There are aliens living among humans in my story.


Lmao, the overarching thing about my werewolf junk is that it’s “Wattpad Werewolves” meets “Hard Fantasy”. I like things to make sense and to work. Not trying to fix what is wrong with the genre, just trying to make it less senseless. Which means consequences, limits, etc. For example, it’s not always the strongest wolf that wins: that part of the genre needs to rethink realism.

My Cinderella Smut story is “fairytale” meets “science fiction” meets “erotica”. The “fairy godmother” is VERY science fiction, but the rest of the story is fantasy enough, and about half the dam thing is straight up sex.

A lot of the fantasy I write has changing technology, which isn’t too common to the genre. My Magick101 book is mostly worldbuilding, but there will be high-tech city-states that are more advanced than us while much of the world is still mideval because of tech and magic incompatibility.

Any Isekai I’d trend towards isn’t going to be straight up traditional either, but I’ve not really got a handle on that, yet.

Hell, I wrote a coming of age highschool romance with not much in the way of smut at all with cows. I’m not really all that picky in what I’ll throw together.


I have seen Humans, recently finished it actually. It would be applicable to my series too. I have not seen Battlestar Galactica though.


Let There Be Night: It’s what happens when you listen to too much Powerwolf.

The Heavy Metal Adventures of Lucinda: It’s like if The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina had a well-developed religion.

AED: It’s like Heartstoppers meets Regular Show.

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The Red Sun Rapture: Inuyasha meets Wolf’s Rain. I watched too much anime as a teen lol.

The Dark Between Dreams: Hm. …I’mma have to think on this one.

Marvela Mystic: Varjak Paw meets… Harry Potter, I guess?


I love this thread!!!

My story COLD CREEK is a combination between two films I didn’t even know existed called: Farm meets A Serbian Film. It’s where people are recruited to a hideaway house and kept there for breeding purposes. They and their offsprings are then forced to be in illegal films and then violently killed.


I’m back! What did I miss?

looks at the comments

Seems I’ve missed some. LOL!




What is my story a mix of?


My story is more of Avatar: The last air bender meets Lord of the Rings (well some parts😅)