You can write a story anywhere you want...right?!

This month is over on Wednesday.
So, I need to take it slow, but not too slow where I get lethargic and unmotivated.

I ALWAYS write in my room and random times when I write in my living room.
My bedroom is my sanctuary and I feel weird when I am not writing in there. However, on the flip side, I have so many distraction in my room and house, overall. That the only way I can get through a chapter or two is when I am hyper-focused on my work.

There are places I get go to get some writing by hand and by computer not too far from me. Rather there is only one within slight walking distance which is the library, but every other place requires driving there. I don’t have a car and not even a license to get there.

I can go back to the library to get some work done. Yet when if I need to go elsewhere to get lunch or some coffee, I got Barnes and Noble and/or Panera Bread to go to. Anywhere else is too far and not feasible for me.

So, my question to all of you, can you work on your stories outside your home or not really? How often do you write outside of your comfort space?

Thoughts and Feelings?


I’ve written in class, in church in the store before.

You can write on your lunchbreak, or on the moon.

Or even on the plane.


How would that even work? Should we terraform a colony on the moon?
That sounds lovely if it could happen in my lifetime!

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I can write pretty much everywhere: home, hospital, planes, cars, while walking, libraries, shopping centres, etc.

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This is why I carry a notebook and pencil with me… You never know when another moment will pop up… I just write what hits me and look at it later when I get time…

Once I wrote a few paragraphs while I sat waiting for a bus at a large station (Many drop off and pick up points). The way folk wandered around almost fully unaware of what was happening around them was oddly satisfying. And it seemed to show much of their mannerisms in a vivid way… If only they knew that I was writing about them, and would they have behaved differently? Probably!

That was a good exercise too, in writing fluid motion and positioning…

So, yeah… Keep a notebook and pencil at the ready at all times. You can write anywhere, and even distractions serve a purpose to become good exercises in kind.



I can only write in my room since it has an ergonomic setup with the keyboard, monitor and everything at just the right height. I need a new chair, but otherwise it’s perfect. If I had a laptop and had to go on a plane for some reason, I think I could write there, or in the back of a car on a long trip. It’s amazing where you can write when you’re bored stiff! (>‿◠):v:

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Would you consider getting a laptop at some point next year or no? :thinking:

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For some me, it’s Tuesday. So, today :stuck_out_tongue:

I can write anywhere. As long as I can take my laptop and have wifi.


I’ve never written in public. Though, I want to try and write at a nearby coffee shop when I go on vacation. My comfort space is either the living room or bedroom.

However, whenever I have free time at work, I tend to write a few sentences but the quality of my focus is not usually the best. I suspect, it might be the same at a coffee shop or maybe the mindless background chatter would serve as excellent white noise. I won’t know for sure unless I test it out.


This sounded like a beautiful experience!

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Nah, it’s unlikely I’ll ever make enough money to travel. Besides, I feel like no one should be flying with how much planes contribute to climate change and environmental damage. Honestly, why don’t they switch to liquid hydrogen or something? I’m no scientist, but since hydrogen’s the most plentiful element in the universe it ought to be way cheaper than fossil fuels. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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It depends on the medium and the noise level. I can type in the car on my phone, while waiting in the car rider line…if I so choose.