Your character(s) can do whatever they want so long as they don't get caught...

“You can do whatever you want, just don’t get caught!”

Are there things in your story’s world that if the character or other people did it wouldn’t matter so long as they don’t get caught doing it?

Like, your characters won’t get into trouble doing that certain thing unless some authority figure or something catches them in the act.

There are no repercussions until that character or person is caught doing it.

Depending on where the character is in the story or whatever the story is set in, many authorities will turn a blind eye to what is happening or won’t care at all unless something changes that.

My Turn/example:
In the underground nations on the planet Llyria, the citizens can do WHATEVER they want because they can’t be touched Sovereign and the Knighthood Federation. They are completely free to do any illegal or questionable activities. The only time the Knighthood Federation gets involved is to do a Total Cleansing or Purging. That means the KF (Knighthood Federation) are told by the Sovereign to wipe the nations clean for a totally different matter altogether. However, that was centuries upon centuries ago. Now, the Sovereign can care less about what the underground countries do.

The only time it would matter is if people of the underground nations came to the surface to cause calamity which will in turn lead to a Total Cleansing of the nation. If there is one bad apple out the bunch than the rest are equally bad.

So, in this manner, the citizens of EVERY SINGLE underground nation can do whatever they want…just don’t let the Knighthood Federation know even though they can care less about what they do.

The Sovereign doesn’t consider them important enough to draw much concern. Plus, citizens of underground nations are only allowed to visit the surface world twice every thirty years.

Anyway, do you have anything like that happening in your stories or story?

What has your character done that they haven’t gotten caught yet? Did your character get caught? If so, how did it happen?



Domingo can do whatever he wants, since he pretty much owns Angel Falls at this point xD


What does Domingo do exactly?


Cause chaos xD Nah, he’s a businessman. His stepdad owns half the town, and he bought it off him cheap and started doing investments, and he bought Angel Falls, so he tehcnically owns it.


That’s pretty cool.
I honestly thought he was like some corrupted politician or something.


I mean, considering my MCs are the authority figures, they get a way with basically everything that happens in the main series :joy:


That’s the whole premise behind most any paranormal romance, right there: whether the author invokes it or not. So I see a lot of that in the werewolf stuff that doesn’t make sense in a world of surveillance… especially without addressing it.

The Night Assassins are basically undercover cops who are sanction in execution and theft. They don’t have to take things to judges always, but their job isn’t supposed to be exposed u til it’s too late…and it’s illegal to go after them if they succeed.

Both parameters make for some very dark characters.

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Well, they’re gods so that comes with the perks of being a divine being. LOL!


That is basically Canis’ whole story. She ends up unoffocally adopting the only survivor of a town she unwittingly destroyed, Raya, and has to fight off her former co-workers to keep her safe.

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@JohnnyTuturro Qualeshia came up with a plot for Domingo-Mingo 4 Mayor of Angel Falls.


Haha why?

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Haha imagine him as Mayor.


Yep :joy: Though not getting in trouble does have its own downside. Sometimes things come back to haunt you :eyes:


At least he would create jobs


Imagine him appointing Santiago as a tax collector.


No, I just assume that he was a politician because he owns the town or city.
So, my bad. LOL!

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Let me tell you about some of my MCs from various stories.

Richard: Murder, cannibalism, money fraud, identity theft.

Mallord: Murder. A smart detective can blame the bullet on a real killer.

Bethany and Eryn, both of them: Cheated homework. Cheated school projects. Cheated to be the most popular girls in the school.

Scotch: Stole a policeship without a license.

Cypur: Being bisexual, but mostly into guys. (In the Sorcerer’s society at the time, being gay was considered a crime against aesthetic ethics). He was never caught by police though.

Two: Everything? When you live in a world that has few rules, you get away with everything. But she has never killed anyone.

Argenton: Murder. He trained to be an assassin. Why would he ever get caught?

Jack: Murder. He literally covered it up as in he buried the body in his backyard :shushing_face:

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Remember Casus?

Literally everything he did to cause the downfall of the kingdoms.

Yes, he’s the one who used dark magic, but nobody aside from Njem Njem or Pasirung knows this, because they aren’t sure which of the three used it (and yes, Casus overused it, but that was before the others managed to get Njem Njem on their side, after that he stopped).

Despite this, he doesn’t entirely get away with it.

What I mean is his guilt, he even sometimes wishes the others knew it was him, he wants them to be mad at him when he’s at his worst, even if he managed to atone he’d still be racked with guilt.

He wishes he didn’t use the dark magic.

Also, I should say Njem Njem knew, because he’s one of the rulers to die.

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Nope. Sorry.

What prompted him to do such a thing?