Hello, I have been struggling with coming up with a good background for my zombie story. I have had some help, but I need to do research and I have no idea where to start. I hope to, once that I have done my research, I can build the rest of the story: setting, characters, etc. But for now, I have ZERO knowledge on zombies and have no idea where to start my research into getting my zombies from out of my head and onto “paper”.

I also have no idea what to call my zombies or how they came to be. I can go with a fungal infection, army super soldiers gone wrong, curses, etc. I really could use your guys’ help!


You could call them wights and say that they originate in people who eat too much high-fructose corn syrup.


Yeah, zombies are kind of wide-open now. Zombies come out of Caribbean culture.



Funny enough, there’s a reggaeton song about a zombie:

This would work really well running away from zombies after they invade a nightclub.


Fungal, parasitic, chemical, biological, mutation in genes, or a mix of two or more… Most start this way, if not all…

I like the idea from the original Resi Evil, a biological creation that gets out and mutates the host and reanimating them…

But in general, creating something new in this type of tale is gonna be quite the challenge…

Biological from another planet, carried to earth in a meteorite would be something else to look into…


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hm, zombie stories tend to focus more on the survivors than the zombies, but consuming (pun unintended lol) some zombie media might help you decide what route of infection you want to go with!

The Last of Us is both a video game and a tv series which cover fungal zombies

Z Nation is campy and uses your basic viral zombie but plays around with what can happen to the zombies after: phytozombies, nuclear zombies, crack zombies. also human-zombie children and zombie mind control :eyes:

The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz takes a pretty unique approach to the zombie apocalypse!

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Ig I wanted to go Socio-economic/political/superstition, I’d just go with Hatians having had enough of their grudge against the Clintons and the lack of the American response to that contention, as to curse the whole of America’s dead in a massive ritual. Have every morgue be the epicenter. Do that instead of what we did for 2020.

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The Flood from Halo invading earth would be a interesting short story…and a one-sided battle…

Any suspected / rumoured infection sites would need to be carpet-bombed with nukes.


Ahhhhh! The Flood!

The assimilation of biological matter in which to infect and (on the Floods part) perfect… A corruption of sorts which would lead to preservation, and downfall in equal measure of the infected… A status which would be deemed by the standpoint of each in turn… A scientific nightmare, and how the scientists would devour it in turn… Nice… Indeed, very nice…


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I’m watching The Last of Us! I’m sort of watching The Walking Dead too. Which also took an interesting approach with its main character in the beginning of the story: Rick.

I couldn’t finish Z Nation’s first episode. But I’ll give it another chance.

I tried finding books but I couldn’t find one that interested me. As for movies, Army of the Dead is a good one. The 2021 movie by Zack Snyder. It tackles a zombie hierarchy but also asks the question: ‘what if a money heist happened during a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas? Also, time loop?’

I’ll look up The Rains.

A friend suggested going more the mutation route and having something burst out of the victim like in Alien. And having that creature lose on society.

My main goal, is to create tension and fear for not just the reader but the survivor’s as well.


I got decently far into TWD! My mom and I both think Daryl is the best character :smirk: I watched until they met Negan but for some reason that episode got to me and I had to quit :confused:

It’s a terrible show! And it gets worse! But I love it.

in season 4 they put Lt. Warren in the worst party city-esque blonde wig I have ever seen with No Explanation. And they play it straight! They’re just like, “here audience, this black woman with no access to hair products now has blonde, flat ironed hair. please do not look too closely at the the weave, we did not glue this down properly.” :rofl:

100 Days in Deadland is a zombie book, it’s available on wattpad. It doesn’t get super into what caused the zombies though, other than it’s viral.

The Rains is kind of similar to this but not exactly. I don’t know how much I can say without revealing the twist though :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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My favorite zombie apocalypse story is School-Live, but you can’t call yourself a fan of zombie apocalypses unless you have seen Train to Busan.

I have seen Train to Busan and loved the dynamic between the passengers. So I’m definitely planning on focusing on the “aftermath” of the outbreak and its effect on human society. How selfish can people become? How does corruption affect the survivors? etc.

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One of, if not the best Z film ever!


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