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Welcome to the Coding Corner

Having trouble understanding coding? HTML, CSS, or BBCode? Head into the coding corner and you might just learn a new trick or two. Whether you want to join one of our resident Coding Wizard’s classes or create your own HTML playground, this is the place to be!


For all your coding needs, from coding shops to discussions about coding and more!

Threads you can make here:

  • coding shops
  • coding tutorials
  • coding discussions

This list is subject to change, depending on user need, so check back before making a thread.

As of this time, personal coding threads will be sunken (but still usable!) as we ask that people use the Coding Playground v.1 to test their coding but we understand that people may need the personal coding thread to test more advanced coding that they do not want stolen by other users. Tag a mod or post in Thread Hiding and Closing Service to request for your thread to be sunken.

Tags for this category:
coding-practice: This is a thread for practicing code.
i-am-a-coder: This thread is a “code shop”, where people can request pretty coded designs for their threads.
looking-for-code: This is a request for code for a thread or other related HTML/CSS/BBCode code.
offering-code-help: This thread offers help or lessons on how to code things in the forum.
tutorial: This thread contains resources or tutorials on how to code in HTML/CSS/BBCode for use on the forums.

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