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  1. What is the title of the club?
  2. How are books assigned to users?
  3. What is the time commitment required?
  4. If there is a genre focus, what is it?
  5. Are mature stories acceptable?
  6. Anything else users should know?
  7. Other?
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:wave: Hi everyone,

  1. I am the founder of @lofibookclub (LFBC) on Wattpad! The title of the book club is LoFi Book Club
  2. We will have a group system where books will be assigned on a rotation depending on how many books are submitted to the pool of books for that week. Currently there are nine members, and submissions will be open until at least four books in total are in the book pool to be assigned. Each member should read two chapters per book assigned.
  3. It’s a weekly schedule, where each week is a new week and rotation of books. If there are not enough books, then we will go back to the same ones but onto the next chapters.
  4. Currently open to all genres.
  5. Yes, mature is acceptable.
  6. Welcome to LFBC everyone, and further rules or clarification can be found in the book for the book club itself :smiley:

Mod told me to advertise here, so here I am! If anyone uses Wattpad and wants to join a club, check this out:


Hello everyone! :relaxed:

  1. What is the title of the club?

Fantastic Specimens Book Club

  1. How are books assigned to users?

Each member is assigned two books, one that is the known comment spam book and the other is for you and your partner!

  1. What is the time commitment required?

We give everyone three weeks to complete their assignments, though we definitely allow for more time if that is necessary.

  1. If there is a genre focus, what is it?

This is an all fantasy book club!

  1. Are mature stories acceptable?

Sadly, no.

  1. Anything else users should know?

FSBC used to be a completely forum-based book club that ran on Wattpad Writers before the shutdown. We have moved onto the normal Wattpad site now, and we are back and better than ever!

Do give us a peek! We are @Fantasticspecimens on Wattpad, and we would love to have more members!

Here’s a Link to The Book Club!


Heya :heavy_heart_exclamation::relaxed: (This isn’t exactly a club so I didn’t answer the original questions)

I’m looking for admins/moderators for a new community profile on Wattpad (that isn’t up yet), which will be about helping others, sharing positivity, and being friends for those who need them.

Why and what?

I’m matsku and I’m looking for admins to a community page that revolves around supporting those Wattpad (for now just Wattpad) users that feel like they have no one else than themselves to rely on.

To be honest, most of us go through that at some point in our lives. But the journey is rarely easy, and so I began to wonder if there was be something I could do for those who think they are absolutely alone.

Reality check: I know I can’t save other people, everyone has to fight their own battles, but I can’t help but think if I could support others on their way to self-acceptance and happiness.

What is it exactly?

I have named the draft of the community as Friends&Talks (which again, at first, will be located in Wattpad)

Anyone is allowed to join it because we will be a lot more than just a page that updates a book once a week and accepts new members (or none). The community admins will be interactive with the members, remind them they are appreciated in the community, and be there for them as friends.

Another reality check: I know we can’t be anyone’s therapists and that is not my goal. It wouldn’t be healthy for anyone, and it must be mentioned that if anyone wants professional help, they should consider therapy (for example).

What Admins?

I haven’t done the community page yet, but I have planned most of it. There are still holes I need to cover, but I think I’m ready to “hire” admins.

An admin’s job revolves around helping me manage the community and do the tasks that come with it: it’s a big responsibility and actually a lot more than it sounds, but I’m still planning it all out.

How to be an Admin?

Since this would be a community based on supporting others, I take picking the admins very seriously. Therefore I will interview applicants (if there are any).

The interviews will be private and once I have interviewed everyone interested, I will pick my admins.

But don’t be scared to apply because of the word interview. I will send you through email/Wattpad DM/Discord questions which you can answer at your own pace (well preferably all at once, but you can take your time to read the questions and answer them with time), although I hope you give back the answers in 24 hours after I send the questions. Not necessary, but it’s a wish.

What do I get out of it as an Admin?

Honestly, there’s nothing I can promise except a good feeling for helping those who need it. I’m doing this simply because I want to do more for others, and I hope to find that kind of admins by my side.

If you skimmed that through and are thinking that wow, this super cool person wants to hire me for a super cool job, WITHOUT SALARY :joy:, you’re right.

And for those who think this isn’t your cup of tea, if you have a friend who would think otherwise, please let them know about this.

Ciao! :raised_hands:t3:

  1. What is the title of the club?
    The Midnight Writers (on Wattpad)
  2. How are books assigned to users?
    One book, one chapter.
  3. What is the time commitment required?
    1 month minimum, but members can agree to do more if they wish.
  4. If there is a genre focus, what is it?
    All genres welcome
  5. Are mature stories acceptable?
  6. Anything else users should know?
    Fill out the questionnaire and message me if you have any questions. I use the same username for Wattpad.

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah, and I run the Flexible Book Exchange on wattpad which helps connect writers who are looking for feedback (either constructive or supportive) on their wattpad stories.

  1. What is the title of the club?
    Flexible Book Exchange (our profile name is FlexBookExchange)

  2. How are books assigned to users?
    Nothing is formally assigned as you have full control over how much and which books you read. We have a monthly library of books from our active members. From there, you find a book/books that interests you, tag the author on in the monthly exchange chapter and request to exchange feedback on a number of chapters you’re both comfortable with (up to 5 at a time). If they accept, that’s your ‘assignment’. You can do as many or as few assignments as you like throughout the month. To participate in the following month, all your exchanges must be complete. That makes sure that our club members are active and accountable. We’ve used this system for 2.5 years now and it mostly works well.

  3. What is the time commitment required?
    It depends on you. Each exchange period runs for one month. Some choose to read 1-5 chapters a month. Others with lots have free time have read upwards of 50 (usually in the summer). It’s a flexible format that allows you to be as active as you like or can be. Our exchange periods run from the 1st of the month and assignments are due on the 1st of the next month.
    We are also a drop-in club which means you can participate a month at a time and there’s no obligation to participate in future months or penalties for needing to go on hiatus. We understand life is busy, and we want to offer you a book club space when you’re able to join us. We only ask that you complete the exchanges you’ve agreed to do in the past before returning for a new month.

  4. If there is a genre focus, what is it?
    We are open to all genres (except random stories or those without enough written content to provide feedback). You can specify which genres you prefer to read.

  5. Are mature stories acceptable?
    Yes. Our members indicate whether they are open to mature content and which kind so you’ll know who you can ask to read your mature story.

  6. Anything else users should know?
    There are more detailed instructions of how our club works in the ‘Flexible Book Exchange’ book on the FlexBookExchange profile. Although we run on a monthly schedule, applications are accepted anytime and new members are added in throughout the month. Hope to see you there! :grin:

Find the Flexible Book Exchange here


Hello we are Shut Up and Write Club, a Discord and Wattpad based group which aims to help writers improve their writing through the active discord server, our book clubs and non compulsory assignments.

Books are assigned to members every 7 days and you will be required to read two chapters of your partners book. Here at Shut Up and Write we understand that not everyone will be comfortable with reading mature content which is why we ask that you let us know whether or not you will read it.

This isn’t a particular time consuming club, but please let us know if you require a hiatus for whatever reason.

We accept books of all genres and by writers of all ages and abilities.

However, we do not accept books that are purely pornographic (sex books with no plot).

We ask that all members have a Wattpad account and Discord. You can find us on Wattpad, we are @shutupandwriteclub.

Hello, we are Shut Up and Write Club, a Wattpad/Discord based writing community. We were founded in 2015 with the aim of helping writers improve their writing. We are open to writers of all ages, abilities and genres and would love for you to come and join in the fun. Unlike some other book clubs and writing communities, we understand that our members have lives offline and can’t always participate in our assignments, which is why all our SUAW activities and assignments are non compulsory which means you do not have to do it if you don’t want to, or can’t, for whatever reason.

About Us

1: A fun, active discord server

2: Non compulsory assignments

3: Read for read book club

4: Elite Book Club (starting soon)

5: Easy beginners book club (starting soon)

6: Fun challenges

7: Quizzes

8: Active moderators

9: Leaderboard

10: Writing School

11: Small common rooms

12: We accept mature books (depending on content)

13: We accept non mature books

14: Cover and graphics shop

15: Book reviews

16: Contests

17: established writing community

18: Social chat

19: Word war/writing sprints with the Sprinto bot

20: Share Your Story in our library

21: Book of the Month

22: Gain points for participating in the group

Pm us for more details and for the link to our joining form

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Hi! I’m the founder of Book Lovers Rejoice Book Club on Wattpad.

  1. What is the title of the book club?
    Book Lovers Rejoice Book Club

  2. How are the books assigned to users?
    I will randomly pair each user each week. There will be a weekly rotation.

  3. What is the time commitment required?
    You will have one week to complete your assignment.

  4. If there is a genre focus, what is it?
    This club is open for all genres, if it’s your original work, no fanfiction allowed. But don’t fret for all you fanfic writers, there’s another book club on my profile for fanfiction!

  5. Are mature stories acceptable?
    Yes! Of course, the other club members will indicate whether or not they’re comfortable reading mature, so it’s possible you won’t get as many reads, but I will do the best I can to find someone to pair you with!

  6. Anything else users should know?
    Any further information can be found in the book.

  7. Other?
    Here is the link: Book Lovers Rejoice Book Club {OPEN} - silver00960 - Wattpad

Hello, we are The Cogitatio Realm we are a small, newly created community based on Discor/Wattpad for writers, artists, and readers.

1. What is the title of the club?
Realm Book club

2. How are books assigned to users?
We are working with the pairing method. The head of a book club pairs you with other book club members and place you into the group. You will read/review each book from the group we assigned to you. Depending on the number of members. One group will most likely have three people. You will have to read 2 written chapters from each member of your group.

3. What is the time commitment required?
You have 14 days to finish your assignment.

4. If there is a genre focus, what is it?
No, we accept every genre book.

5. Are mature stories acceptable?

6. Anything else users should know?
For now, is based on just Discord. We have a book club role and room for the activity, very convenient for everyone. We ask your book/genre preferences and if you are comfortable with mature-rated books as well. We try our best to pick a book you would not just have to read but also might enjoy.

7. Other?
The book club is just for Wattpad users, unfortunately, at this moment we don’t accept books from other platforms.
Not sure if I can share the Discord invite so I will leave the link to our Wattpad page, you can find the server invite there
𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓸𝓰𝓲𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓶 (@TheCogitatioRealm) - Wattpad

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Hey! I am co-founder of the Alpha and Siren Book Club!

What is the title of the club?
Alpha and Siren’s Book Club

How are books assigned to users?
Books are assigned to users by the admins. We take into account comfort and what you are okay and not okay with reading

What is the time commitment required?
Time commitment required is usually 1 week; 1 month for Book of the Month

If there is a genre focus, what is it?
There is no genre focus. All genres EXCEPT poetry are welcome!

Are mature stories acceptable?
Mature and LGBTQ stories are very much acceptable!

Link: Alpha and Siren's Book Club! - Alpha - Wattpad