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Hello! So, I had a thread, well, it wasn’t my thread, it’s a friend of mine, @twisted_shadowlands. We hadn’t been on there in a while, so now it’s gone.

Is there a way to revive it?

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Hey there! As it stands, our current ruling for reviving threads is that the request has to meet two requirements:

  1. The one who requests the revival is the thread creator
  2. The thread in question wasn’t closed for rulebreaking

If you’d like the thread revived, you’d have to convince your friend the OP to ask.

I hope that helps.

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Hi. So, yeah. I’m the thread creator. So sorry for the incovenience, but we did put a lot of research, (months and months of it) and we wanted to compile it, but my laptop crashed, and in all the craziness of borrowing people’s laptops and stuff, I couldn’t really be active here. Like, I logged on, but I couldn’t be active. So…really sorry


Yeah, no problem. I’ll go move revive it

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Hey! I don’t know where I should post the following thread:

I’m looking for admins/moderators for a club/community I’m eager to get started.

(or am I allowed to do that here?) :sweat_smile:

Thank you already for the response!

You can advertise your bookclub/community here as threads advertising clubs aren’t allowed

Hope that helps

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Hi! I’m just wondering if the Magical Library threads are reset at the same time every week? I don’t know if it’s just me (it probably is) but there were a couple times when I felt the threads were reset at different hours (e.g. Monday night or Monday morning)

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Ah no, the threads have automatic deletion. So, whenever you post will be deleted 7 days exactly after. It’s just easier on us so we don’t have to remake a thread weekly since we’re still a small team and have lives outside here. That’s why the post numbers may look off. I plan to actually remake the thread every few months since it’s nice to just have fresh threads and not ones that supposedly has 1k replies but in reality it’s like 2 or 3.

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Thank you, I feel a little dumb :joy:

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Is there no way to PM @CJtheSiteWizard anymore?

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She usually is only available for PM now if something needs to be escalated. If you have any questions or concerns, your best bet is to reach out to a mod.


Just a question about what we’re allowed to post in the personal threads: can I put coding for story ads in the personal threads, so that when my replies to the Magical Library are deleted I can just copy-paste instead of retyping the whole thing? I won’t put links or book covers in it and store it using the “hide details” function

Yes that’s perfectly acceptable. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why I’m getting every single msg of every thread! And I’m having problems to get my replies

It’s probably because you’re following users. Go to your profile preferences:

Then go to notifications on the left:

Then at the very bottom, double-check these settings. I recommend turning off the third one.

If that’s not the case, you may need to double-check which categories you’re watching or if you’re getting notifications as a result of having interacted with a thread previously.

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Okay I’ll check!

Can I change my username?

Private message the moderator group @/moderators with the username you want and we’ll change it for you.


Is there a specific account that is shared by the moderators that I have to PM or did you mean just any one moderator?

There’s a group called moderators. You can create a private message thread by typing out the group name and all the moderators will see it. Whoever is available will help.

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