AMA: Let's talk about villains! Our villains primarily!

We can talk about the villains of others, far as what we like and dislike in them till we are dark blue in the face.

We need to put out their what makes our own villains from are stories unique and interesting enough to US personally.

I don’t give triple craps if you think your villain is horrible or whatever. I don’t want to hear you badmouthing your villain for how poorly written they are to you. Do that on your own time!

I want to know how far you’ve came when it comes to writing villains in your fiction or just antagonistic forces of some kind.

Let us discuss in length on our very own villains and share what we like and dislike about our major baddies as characters.

I want to know what made you create such a villainous force or character and why that force or character is they WAY they are.

Dark and troubled past? Something else entirely?
You decide!

I shall be waiting to learn about your antagonistic force and characters.

Ask questions if you want to for me and others.
Be right back!


My Turn:

Nirvana is what I consider to be such a destructive cosmic force that practically every single eldritch god and abomination and supreme god can’t fathom. She is a daughter of two beings known as Cosmos and Teras’zen. Unfortunately, when Nirvana was born, they ended up dying. So. their death became Nirvana’s birth in result. The issue is that Nirvana became the sole epitome of sickening pure evil…sorta. There is good in her which is called Genesis and only Genesis can destroy Nirvana…not really. The problem with Genesis and Nirvana is that they are the same being regardless if they are two separate entities. Unfortunately, Genesis can’t “destroy” Nirvana, the same way Nirvana can’t destroy Genesis as a part of that yin and yang thing. So, they in a sense balance each other out in that regard.

They can only stop each other, but never fully outright kill each other off.

Moving on, Nirvana is a monstrous corruptible behemoth of an entity of evil and sin whereas Genesis is like that but for good and justice.

Nirvana has many aliases/incarnations/mortal transformations, but her most popular ones are Anna/Annika and Syrus.

Anna/Annika is the calm, nicer, and saner evil version of Nirvana, who is highly manipulative, secretly gaslights people, and severely arrogant.
Syrus is a male who is considered the “sexiest creature ever to existed”, but is also the perverted, immensely lustful, selfish, and bit crazed evil version of Nirvana. Not even Krieg von Jackal is that horrible.

I have more to share, but this is just what I have for the time being.



Had to call on you all to get your input and to see you guys wanted to take a crack at it!!!



Right now, I’m working on one that would probably be labeled an antihero and is the MC. He’s not a good person, can’t afford to be a good person, wants to be better, but is stuck being the bad guy because his “best friend” with connections is much worse.

I need to engineer a moment where someone tells him he isn’t a victim. I will probably do it while he’s in the witness stand or something.


My villain’s guilty of the same crime as Brett Kavanaugh, so I can’t really talk about him here…not without blurring the whole post and I just can’t be bothered. He has no backstory because I honestly have no idea what drives men to commit such a heinous act, especially against teenage girls or other children. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Most of my “villains”/“antagonists” are antiheroes or rebels, to be honest. Or spoiled brats, like Pissy.


I don’t like the terms hero or villain because, in the real world, people are neither, even though they might swing more to one side.



Quick Question: Do you find that people don’t like real and or relatable characters, but prefer characters that are more so interesting than real and/or relatable?

Does that make sense?


You don’t think Hitler was a villain? But he even had the world domination thing going on! (>‿◠):v:


He wasn’t a villain to everyone, but to most people, he was and I agree that he was. Genetic superiority is a myth, and it’s not a good thing to do because eventually it will cause inbreeding amongst people, and also it will make them easier to kill off in the case of a virus they have never been exposed to before, due to homogenity (i.e. no genetic immunity to it).

There were also forces behind him, and motivations that made him act the way he did (irrationally, to the sane of us and most of us) on a macro level, as well as his own personal agendas.


I will never find it amusing that DW from Arthur is infinitely more hatable than most big bads. Just watch Arthur’s Big Hit again to see why.


DW isn’t your own villain.
I want you to discuss your own villains.


Nirvana is my more prominent villain so far when it comes to The Breakers and Red Reign and possibly Alagossian novels overall.

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Hmm. I have a few villains :thinking:

First is Enliatu (The Dark King). He’s more the tragic villain because the power of darkness corrupted him and his family so they have all done some very bad things. Not a happy ending for him. Well, I guess that depends on the perspective.

Then there’s Tara. She’s the one who freed Enliatu in the first place. She’s basically a child throwing a tantrum about how unfair things are and eventually got slapped in the face by reality. So she’s not a permanent villain but she does disappear after her redemption.

Nephthys is just a bad person. Uhhh, trigger warning. She’s Amneris’ mother. When she found out her daughter was chosen as the next in line to hold the power of good, she basically tortured her to force-activate her powers. Eventually got banished from the God Worlds for breaking the law. She shows up again later for this whole revenge mission for the defeat of Enliatu, kidnaps her granddaughter, almost kills her second daughter, ends up having a face-off with Amneris, and then gets banished to the Void. Then she comes back again later on and ends up helping Amneris save Creation from falling into the Void. Redemption? Nope! As soon as it’s over, Amneris kicks her off the God Worlds again and says she will kill her if they ever cross paths again.

Aurelia . . . Hmm, I wouldn’t exactly classify her as a real villain, more someone with bad circumstances. See, Aurelia is from several billions of years ago and is on a mission to destroy the first Queen who just happens to have the same birth name as Amneris. Aurelia gets dragged into doing some bad things by Nephthys but eventually turns on Nephthys, swears allegiance to Xix, saves the good guys and dies a hero.

Dex is the last survivor of Ilsbrook, a city that was decimated by Amneris. He joins Nephthys and basically gets used then dumped by him.

Next is Jennix. Again, tragic villain. Jennix is from another version of Creation and was part of a mission to save their world by stealing energy from the ones the story takes place in. Gets used and played by another villain and eventually gets banished back to their Creation from people from an alternate alternate Creation. Never see them again. Never know if their Creation survives.

Then there’s Kek. He’s more an anti-hero than a true villain but he does have a five thousand year long rivalry with Amneris. They’ve been trying to kill each other since they were young. A lot of people have been caught in the crossfire. No one really knows what Kek’s ultimate plan is (except for me). Sometimes he helps the good guys, sometimes he helps the bad guys. He does what’s best for him in the moment.

Amneris could be considered a villain even though she’s one of the main heroes because she’s done some pretty nasty things throughout her life e.g., genocide, mass destruction, murder, assassination, starting wars, defying the Gods, etc etc etc

Alternate Amneris is definitely a villain. But that’s in another Creation where she got chosen to hold the power of darkness and, well, basically decimates Creation. Still working on the details for her

Then there’s the more complicated villains like Void and Darkness

This is just my main series btw

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I shall tackle this soon enough.

Thanks for commenting.

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In my current novel, the Sorceress, there’s a few villains. The first is what the readers and characters will know of as she’s the whole point to the book—Victoria, the queen of the Victorians. She’s this magical creature (from another planet) who created her own race of magical species and, in the book, she’s only known to force hell upon the universe—burning down villages, destroying planets, etc. She’s definitely someone you don’t want to mess with because she will torture you in the worst possible ways (as she does with my MC throughout the series). However, there’s a reason why she’s doing this—she’s trying to find the people who killed her family, kidnapped her, and experimented on her.

She once belonged to a loving family on some distant planet far from Earth. Until a group of alien species destroyed her home and kidnapped her to experiment their new technology and magical resources. As a collective, they kidnapped children from all sorts of planets to see the reactions and perfect their experiments, so Victoria is not special in any way on that part. However, their experiment goes sideways and she became magical through it, and with that, she became even more powerful than they thought. She killed whoever was around, though those who kidnapped her found out she was out for revenge and they escaped. Since then, she’s been searching the galaxy to get her revenge, but she created an intergalactic war in the process because now, she doesn’t have much of a heart left to care. So she’ll kill people who get in her way. Eventually, through her power, she created her own race to help her, and with that, she began abducting people from other planets (and eventually only people from Earth where she’s settled down on for a hot minute) and use them for experiments to create fantastical slaves… which is what happens to my MC.

These alien species who are out experimenting are the main villain because if it hadn’t been for them, none of the series would’ve happened. They’re not only trying to perfect a certain magical resource, but they’re trying to figure out how they can become the most powerful in the galaxy. They want everyone to worship them, and so, they destroy planets and homes along the way and their technology is so advanced that they’re hard to track down and catch up with. I was inspired by the Borg from Star Trek, so they resemble a little bit like their motives.

I definitely love how I made two major villains like these with actual backstories and motives because it just makes it feel like they’re more well rounded than I’ve made with previous characters. The second book definitely becomes more dark because of how much torture Victoria puts my character through. You also never actually see Victoria in the first book until the epilogue because I wanted it suspenseful, but you do see her slaves throughout the book, terrorizing my MCs.

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AMA. You guys should ask me about my villain and I shall do the same for you guys in return…alrighty then? But then again, we should ask EACH OTHER questions about our villains.



Well @ everyone: which of your villains is the most repulsive to you but should be mainstream appealing to readers?


So Genesis is a completely separate entity that lives inside Nirvana? Do they live within others as well or is it just her?

This is random, but I have a character also named Annika. :sweat_smile:

What types of things has she done to other characters? Was she just born evil or was it because her parents died when she was born or something else?

How come she transforms herself into other people? Is it to blend in or to mess with people?

Does she have any powers besides transforming?

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Genesis is the embodiment of good that lies somewhat dormant in Nirvana.


This is NOT written down but this constantly plays in my mind on repeat that I HAVE to write it down.

Nirvana has done a lot yet at the same time enough to build an evil reputation.

If you mind spoilers, then read below:

In The Breakers, it was actually Nirvana who caused the Rhaks to lose to the Firstlings and the entire war to start in the first place. The Rhaks “lost” their queen who is Renna is now the main character “reborn”. Yet even though the Firstlings “won” against the Rhaks, they also suffered too because of Nirvana.

In Red Reign (a fanfiction Au version of The Breakers), it was Renna who caused it all by being the puppet of Nirvana unknowingly. Making her people hate and detest her along with gaining a spot among the Firstlings who will eventually suffer their own fate.

She isn’t fully evil because Genesis lies “dormant” within her though she might as well be.

Let’s say that her parents made a HORRIBLY GRAVE mistake in falling in love then birthing a monster that can obliterate the entire multiverse and beyond if it wanted to.

In a sense, they knew that would happen, but they also prepared by having Genesis who would have been Nirvana’s twin sister, but never gain her own identity and body, to handle the job that they couldn’t…sorta.

Both. She does both to blend in with others and to just wreck things.

For right now, all the divine things a god can do, she does it in a way that is terrifying to even them.

The woman or rather entity is a cosmic abomination and an ultra mess.