AMA: Pertaining to my two story projects!

I have two writing projects set in my fictional world of Alagossia, but in different era or times. The stories have nothing to do with each other and the only thing they have in common is being set in Alagossia.

There is potential for a third story that could be that Six Crowns novel that I was going to do in the first place.

Anyway, ask me anything about The Breakers and Red Reign: Monster Supremacy.

Don’t ask me about the world of Alagossia because I might have to heavily worldbuild that fictional planet…someday.

I shall try my best to answer the questions pertaining to my two current projects. I have an inkling on what the two stories are about even though I was pantsing the hell out of it and going in some wonky direction. LOL!

I shall see you all real soon.



I’ve never understood what you mean whenever you say you’ll have to worldbuild since worldbuilding is something that’s done while writing a book. What exactly do you mean when you say you’ll have to worldbuild? Do you somehow do worldbuilding separate from writing the story? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Add more in depth stuff about the world that I can’t really fit into the story without it seeming like pure info dumping. Like random things that I might add to a story one day, but not at the moment.

In a sense, I do.

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If you go to my “ask questions about my WIP” thread, we can bounce off each other’s threads talking about our WIPs :stuck_out_tongue: You can ask me there and I can ask you here.

What do you say? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is your inspiration for The Breakers and how much of the inspiration affect the plot idea you have so far?

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Sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

I shall answer the question in a bit.

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I doubt there was any inspiration. Just me randomly writing and seeing where it takes me.

It sounds strange but I don’t have anything like that for The Breakers.

Well, it starts off as a wonky ass trying to be horror novel then moves becoming a science-fantasy thing.

The only “inspiration” that I can think of is that I originally wanted the story to be horror-fantasy (dark fantasy is more suitable) and mystery, but I ended up still slightly going in that direction then ended up somewhere else. Not that I mind. LOL!

Ask me more, ask me more!

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Science fantasy sounds cool :grin:

Who is your favorite character from The Breakers and why?

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Right now, I suppose Civiria.

She is the Knight King. A Knight King is head of the Knighthood Federation which is a massive organization that is like a mixture of military/law enforcement that deals with issues of the world. No, she is not actual royalty, since the title of Knight King is just a fancy title given to a high ranked member of the Knighthood Federation. There has been only once that the KF had a female Knight King, but that didn’t last long.

Don’t call her the Knight Queen, because the role of the Knight King is strictly male dominated, while the other Knightly positions can be any gender.

Civiria got lucky when she became the new Knight King.

I like Civiria’s attitude and her eagerness to get shit done. She is also a bit of a mystery and not only that she stood before divine beings and even though she was nervous, she was more annoyed with them because those divine beings were obnoxious to her.

I like that she is a no nonsense woman and cares about getting things done. She has to capture and find a Renegade (a Knight who flees the Knighthood Federation or commits a crime within the organization) and a bunch of mysterious beings.

She will not rest till she find them and get answers.

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What does Civiria do to relax?

(my third question to you will be a curve ball, so be prepared :wink: )

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Civiria barely has time to relax, due to being the current Knight King. When she does or will get time to relax, she rather take naps or taking strolls in the courtyard.

Alright? :sweat_smile:

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If I had to choose another at this point it would be, Elred (the MC).
He is just a bit clueless and a victim of an odd circumstance. He was a somewhat low ranking Knight who had no idea that he would be the person who will cause the world to turn on his side.

Elred is a decent guy, it is just that he is trying to figure out why he is in the situation he is in and what that means for his future.

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Alrighty then.

What’s the most popular name for a kid in The Breakers world?

Haven’t gotten that far. That is really thinking outside the box.

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I told ya :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the name of the most populated country or land in The Breakers world?

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The world that The Breakers and Red Reign: Monster Supremacy stories resides in is called Alagossia.

The most densely populated nation is now a Shadowland that was called the Empire of Nazra which dominated the whole entire world that it was practically a civilization.

Now, the second nation to be heavily populated is Kenorland which started off as a small kingdom that rose to a mighty empire that is the size of a supercontinent.

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You guys can even ask about my potential third story far as what’s it going to be about and whatnot.

It is still very much in the planning stage. So, give me some bit of time to sort things out.