AMA REMAKE: It's in regards to the Alagossian High Court once more!

Here is the characters and their roles due to the changes now!
(Just to let you know, I went back to the original plans/ideas…a bit.)

Also, I added more things to this and will probably add a bit more if I am feeling up to it. Overall things changed, THINGS CHANGE, PEOPLE!!!

The Alagossian Imperial High Court:

Supreme Tier:
The Sovereign of Alagossia: Soliania Rolira eins Naivin.
The Emperor-Consort: Tavian Barth-Lysan nin Tybalt-Naivin.
The Imperial Advisor to the Sovereign and Emperor: Nym Qirel.

High Princesses and High Princes:

  • Solana Oliah eins Naivin.
  • Kizaris Romero Llyis eins Naivin.
  • Maiandra Helene eins Naivin.
  • Thallan Folmer Soren eins Naivin.
  • Nixora Salisara eins Naivin.
  • Pharaoh Justinian Tomar eins Naivin.

The High Kings and Queens of Alagossia/High Lords:

  • Julius von Steelcrest: High King of Warfare, Combat, and Battle tactics | Founder-Ruler of the Grand-Empire of Kenorland.

  • Tarasynora vin Dorrel: High Queen of Womenhood and Motherhood and Activism|Founder-Ruler of the Queendom of Teri’itaria.

  • Krieg von Jackal: High King of Pleasure, Entertainment, and Travel |Founder-Ruler of the Kingdom of Khovaria.

  • Marionette vas Constantine: High Queen of Finances, Governing,and Trade | Founder-Ruler of the Queendom of Anarasia.

  • Cornelius la Veckendeck: High King of Foods, Culture, and Traditions | Founder-Ruler of Holy Empire of Chasolia.

  • Bridgette (Bricks) mar Ackerman: High Queen of Education, Health, and Lifestyle | Founder-Ruler of the Empire of Hittera.

  • Isaac von Scarlett: High King of Creativity, Arts, and Design | Founder-Ruler of the Kingdom of Norboria.

  • Frangelica rav Hawke: High Queen of Agriculture, Drugs, and Assistance | Founder-Ruler of the Queendom of Ihelia

  • Jericho sin Wintergreen: High King of Science, Innovation, and Technology | Founder-Ruler of the Kingdom of Marchovia.

High Tier:
The Alagossian Noble High Dynasties:

  • House of Narbeth.
  • House of Lionheart-Leonhardt.
  • House of Richerson.
  • House of Kieran.
  • House of Orion
  • House of Lilsmen.
  • House of Coronado-Milandro
  • House of Alexandrine.
  • House of Bjorn.
  • House of Whitehall.

The Alagossian Elite Clans:

  • The Calverson Clan
  • The Jarvis Clan
  • The Willenburg-Cambeck Clan
  • The Kaslan Clan
  • The Elred Clan.

Mid Tier:
The Alagossian Imperial Presidents | Presidents of High Order Union:

  • President Cedric Jonathan.
  • President Elianna Drystan.
  • President Sergio van Ellis.
  • President Feliciana Graham-Mayweather.

The Alagossian High Elders | Primes of Specials Legion:

  • High Elder Prime Fenian
  • High Elder Prime Keishara.
  • High Elder Prime Rolim.
  • High Elder Prime Elvarth

Low Tier:
The Alagossian Chain of Servitude:

NOTE: You can ask me ANYTHING PERTAINING to these changes and the list overall!

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I shall await your comments.

Sin means “without” in Spanish. :flushed:

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In Alagossia, the words sin, eins, vin, vas, la, and so on are my fictional versions of von that is commonly used for royals and nobles.

At least I know what sin means in Spanish…now.

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Fair enough :slight_smile: I am gonna read his name as Jericho without Wintergreen now haha. Unless I just imagine Sin as a royal title.

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Jericho is royalty.
So, all of his family members and children have that “sin” between their names and their royal surname, Wintergreen.

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Geez! LOL!

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Okay I will have to remember that lol.

Thanks Dora :wink: jk

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Do you have any questions you want ask me pertaining to the list or not really?

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Runs away..


Jokes aside, I dunno enough about the changes and plots to ask any. Sorry.

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This is more so changes to the overall world of Alagossia, not so much the plot of a certain Alagossian story. Yet that does make sense too. LOL!

I am trying to do it steps at a time…sorta.
Although, I am slightly focusing more on the same things rather than other stuff.

I haven’t gotten too far.

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It’s a lot of information :stuck_out_tongue:

I shall return.

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I shall wait.

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  1. What does the Imperial Advisor to the Sovereign and Emperor do?

  2. What makes the Alagossian Elite Clans, elite?

  3. What is the role of an Imperial President? What do they do?

  4. What do the High Elders do?

  5. For any of the court members, is there an election? Are the people decided based on lineage? How are they chosen?

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Is a nicer and fancier version of a highly paid secretary.

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Think Jeff Bezos (founder/creator of Amazon), Elon Musk (founder /creator of Tesla), and Bill Gates (founder/creator of Microsoft) given unofficial “noble” titles and are able to socialize with the member of the Alagossian Imperial High Court unlike most ordinary rich people.

The reason for this is because rich people like Jeff, Elon, Bill, Steven, and any other billionaire who made intense magical and technological changes to the world in a way that has even the Alagossian High royal and nobles very impressed.

That is what makes them elites among the elites.
Pretty much, super elites.

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It’s pretty much an interesting way of saying that they are all Prime Ministers for the Alagossian High Dynasties only.

The High Kings and Queen are Prime Minister to the Sovereign and their family.

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They are the “religious” part of the imperial court.

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Depending on the tier, an Imperial President’s role is odd because it is given to the Vice Imperial President, while the former vice has to hold an election to of their own to choose one out of four people who can take the role of vice.

The High Kings and Queens are a interesting bunch because they have to stay that way forever until they decide to hand the title to a child who is worthy.

They are also founder and former monarchs of nations, but they give the position of the nation’s monarch to their eldest child. Yet all of the children of the High Lords are tossed into different government jobs and positions in the monarchy while still holding onto a royal heir status along with having another job.

Among the Supreme Tier, the title of Sovereign goes to the heir that is worthy and capable not firstborn. It can happen, but it is rare.

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