AMA REMAKE: It's in regards to the Alagossian High Court once more!

Okay, but what do they do?

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Pray, worship, meditate, handle religious and royal doctrines, coronations and imperial election, training Regulars and Irregulars to become the next High Elder, and showing service towards their Sovereign who they view as their god while worshiping the Firstlings as their greater gods.

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So what do the Imperial Presidents do? Exactly.

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Even though they are Prime Ministers or an Alagossian version of an Earth President who does EVERYTHING in a way that they can be the monarch.

But they work in that manner while doing some prime minister stuff.
They mainly aide the Noble High Dynasties and Elite Clans in certain government duties.

They set laws and regulations and they hold important meetings where the High Dynasties and Elite Clans come together to discuss some politics along with other worldwide issues.

Sometimes, the Imperial Presidents handle things by starting a Global Union Conference which is seem to UN Assembly on Earth.

Where all of the Greater and Lesser Nations’ monarchs gather together to discuss changes and goals for the world and a grand scale…sometimes.

Imperial Presidents form constitutions that the High Dynasties and Elite Clans must follow strictly, but it does have moments of changing or being expanded.

Mostly, the High Dynasties are making certain rules and regulations that they follow, while the Elite Clans sometimes pitch in with their word.

Imperial Presidents are a mixture of a President and Prime Minister on Earth.

I am still working on that, forgive me.

Slightly off-topic question: Forgive me if this is really nosy and rude, but what does the Japanese Prime Minister do for Japan and the Japanese Imperial Family overall?

If you know?

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Not nosy or rude at all :stuck_out_tongue:

The PM decides things like changes how much taxes we have to pay, gives out mask mandates or not mandates, decides whether or not to call a state of emergency, talks with presidents from other countries about sanctions or environment or trading and stuff, can affect the laws and (threaten) to change them. They, with their party, also decide what stuff gets an okay to move on like, if someone wants to change how schools operate and if it’s a nation-wide thing, they have to get through the PM and his party.

What does the PM do for the imperial family? Er, idk :woman_shrugging: I do know that when a new PM is elected they have to go and get blessings or something from the imperial family. I don’t think the PM does anything FOR the imperial family. I don’t think. I really don’t know. Btw, the imperial family has ZERO privacy and the privacy laws don’t apply to them.

You can read detailed details of their ENTIRE life on Wikipedia.

but wait, I do know that the PM had to get involved in deciding whether or not the former Emperor could retire early. This poor old emperor had had enough of public relations or whatnot and just wanted to retire and let the next guy take over. This was a BIG thing. The PM and his party were debating and debating.

If the PM wanted to do something FOR the emperor, he would have let him retire without much issue.

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I had to ask because different prime ministers from different nation’s governments do things so differently.

Hell, America doesn’t even have a PM which makes sense since the President who runs the country is that in a sense.

I need to know what a British PM does differently from a Japanese PM or even a PM from another Earth nation.

Another thing to research. :sweat_smile:

Imperial Presidents are a mixture of an American President and a foreign PM (depending on the nation).

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So, the current Japanese Emperor wants to retire, but it’s a process that PM of Japan and the other government officials have to go through in order to figure out what is the next steps in allowing the Japanese Emperor to step down from the role and someone else take over?

Is that what you mean or am I misunderstanding things?
And they are STILL debating the situation?

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Not the current one. The previous. And they were debating whether or not it was even allowed for the emperor to do that because traditionally, they wait until the emperor dies. And when the Emperor dies, the new era name has to be decided.

And I guess it was a big deal to change emperors before the previous one dies :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow…I was somewhat made aware of that through learning about Japan years ago…and the anime did some help in that department as well.


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That has to be tough.
You can’t even step down from the role of the Emperor of Japan, because you stay that way till death? Yikes!

Makes me think of the UK in that regard… a little.

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Anybody else want to give it a shot?!

Also wanted to mention that:

The Alagossian Imperial High Court aren’t as famous as many people think and I am mainly mentioning the Sovereign, their family, the High Lords, the High Dynasties, and the High Elders.

Most non-rich people know there is a ruler of the world, but they only make up rumors and things on who they think is in the imperial high court.

However, the wealthiest people in the entertainment, business, political, and medical world know whose who in the Sovereign’s court. They are to keep that a secret.

The more famous ones of the imperial high court are the Elite Clans and the Imperial Presidents who the non-rich think are the actual royalty and nobility when they are clearly not. They just got special privileges as the real royals and nobles in high court.

Just to let you know!

Right, so the previous Emperor, who is very much still alive, couldn’t just step down even though HE is the emperor. The political people had to decide his fate for him.

Goes to show that the Emperor really has no power… in my opinion, anyway.

Currently, he’s off from Emperor duty with his wife, and peacefully researching a specific type of shallow-water fish and discovering new species. Yeah, he’s actually discovering new species :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Why’d you make it so complicated? :stuck_out_tongue: Is it an excuse to use all your favorite names from your big list of names? :wink:

  • Who is the one that decides which criminal lives or dies?

  • What does it mean to be the High Queen of Womenhood and Motherhood? Why that title?

  • What happens if the High Queen dies? How is the next one decided? What if the next one doesn’t want to be a High Queen and runs away?

  • Was Krieg the way he is from a young age and that’s why he became the High King of Pleasure, or did he become that pleasure-loving guy because he was made the High King of Pleasure? Sort of a, which comes first, the chicken or the egg question.

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  • Why are the courtiers of the Sovereign kept secret? Do they not have a duty to their people to request a hearing with the Sovereign?

  • Which of these tiers own land, if any? And which has armies?

  • Who is directly answerable to the common people?

  • Where do the common people fit into all of this? The low tier is servitude, so are they all in this tier being crushed under all this plutocracy?

(If I were in Alagossia, I would probably try to abolish the monarchy lol. Vive la revolución!)

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Because the Sovereign is a deity and deities work in mysterious ways…

People don’t need to know how the deities work and the mysterious things they do.

They just need to know that the gods are doing their duties and things are being taken care of in various ways.

The High Lords are the founder-rulers of their own nations, but they hand that position to one of their children (mainly the firstborn) when they are old enough or to another child. And yes these nations have their own military.

Knighthood Federation in terms of handling conflicts and other issues affecting the nation and the world.
Along with the Imperial Presidents, The Elite Clans (sometimes), and the High Noble Dynasties.

You’re probably not going to like this in a “I don’t believe that” way. But they are considered the low tier because yeah they are servants and common folk working for the members of the high imperial court.

Yet these people are would be placed in the upper middle class to upper class.

So, a maid can become a multi-millionaire depending on how long she works there and how long she shows her worth.

Even so, the reason they are low tiers is because their financial situation along with being in service to the court.

So, where everyone (including the High Elders) are worth billions to trillions, the servants are worth millions to hundred millions.

Honestly, even though you are serving royals and nobles who are thousands times richer than you and have so much money that their own servants live far more lavishly than any other servant elsewhere and have incredible benefits from medical to anything thing else, doesn’t sound too bad.

I mean the servants can retire early or late and take all their wealth and change careers from that.

Good luck with that!
You’d be facing gods who even though they are kind and generous, can be horrible when tested.

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I am a complicated person…

That depends.
Because the only way they would come to that decision is if the whole world get placed in a situation that can affect so many lives…

Not only would they kill the person, but sad to say their home country becomes a Shadowland.

I got to use an example from Earth:

WW2. If the Sovereign and their court learned about what Hitler did and his Nazis, Germany wouldn’t even exist anymore along with Hitler and his Nazis getting executed in the worst way.

The Sovereign is the one who actually decides those things, but there are times when the others in the court decide what TYPE of criminal lives or dies.

Pretty much Tarasynora is a strong advocate for women’s right and assisting women who gone through so much suffering along with helping struggling mothers. She created an entire nation where females who could get a chance before can have one now along with males who support equal right for men and woman alike.

They don’t die. They are completely immortal and age very slowly.
If Tarasynora or any of the other High Kings and Queens don’t want to continue ruling, they hand the their title to a worthy child.

Tarasynora is the High Queen for eternity unless she decides to change her mind.

Krieg was ALWAYS like that though when he was a bit younger he is the toned down version of what he is now. Yet he became that more when he entered adulthood. So, he built a nation where pleasure in all forms, entertainment in all forms, and vacationing in all forms take place.

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Idk why this is reminding me of something… I can’t remember if I imagined it or read a story, but there was a country where no one works and all they do is have fun all day long. At first it seems great until it becomes clear that for that to happen some sacrifices (slavery? death? I can’t remember) were being made behind the scenes.

How does Krieg make sure the nation thrives?

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Krieg left that to his eldest child.

The year of him “ruling” was mostly him forming and creating the country is his image. When he hand the position of monarch to his eldest child, his eldest heir took on all the responsibilities and made the country they in was intended while still keeping Krieg in mind…sorta.


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@JojoDahlia and @TheTigerWriter, do you have any other stories for me or not at the moment?

You can even ask me silly questions if you want to keep me on my toes?

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