Anyone have moving stories? [moving alone or with a family member]

I’m moving in a few days and tomorrow they’re coming to take my computer, so I might be a little absent for a little while.

Anyway, so, I was wondering if anyone here has any moving stories. Funny, horrendous, surprising, anything.

Tell me about it :grin:


Not really a funny one more of a weird one XD

When we moved 5 years ago, we moved across country. I was 37 weeks pregnant with this nearly 10lb baby in my stomach, could barely move because I’m short and this large child was just ugh. Because we were moving, they refused to do my induction/c-section until we’d moved so I was almost begging his baby to be born I was so tired XD
Then my husband got told he’d lose his job if he didnt do one last shift where we used to live (dont even ask - he was transferring so we couldn’t risk him losing the whole thing) so I literally had to do everything.

there’s me, 37 weeks pregnant in this moving van with 2 cats in one plastic box (they refused to be separated - one broke free and got in the box with the other one, true story) and trying not to puke in this guys moving van, crying because I was so tired
Then I made a TV table when I finally got into the new place because I started nesting as they call it.

And then the lightbulb broke in the middle of the night so I started crying again. So I stayed up half the night playing Final Fantasy because I was too restless.

I had our son a few days later and I couldn’t have been more relieved XD


Heh. :sweat_smile: I grew up moving across the country (USA, to be specific) so I have loads of stories lol.

The last time I moved was three years ago from California to Kansas (where I currently live). We actually moved a bit in California for a bit, though. We lived up north, near San Jose and San Francisco in early and mid 2018. Towards the end and in early 2019, we moved further south to Bakersfield for a good month. Then in April of 2019, we stayed in Las Vegas for a few nights for my parents to get an answer on a job (they had two they were waiting a response for and Las Vegas was the middle ground of which way to go). One fell through, the other gave an offer, and we set off to Kansas.

My sister found a job she really liked where we live, so I moved in with her (my first time away from the parents) and stayed working in the hotel my parents managed even after they left to go to other places, until finally I quit that job and began working at the library which I do really love. However, our time here has stretched thin because it is a small town in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive an hour away to go to shopping centers, the weather is super dry and horrid during the summer, and we’re getting tired of our really small house. We were originally just going to move houses, but we don’t have the money for it nor is the housing market that great because no one accepts pets and those that do suck, and those that don’t suck get taken within 30 minutes.

So, we’ve decided in the next upcoming years, we’re going to move up to Ohio where our other sister lives so we can be closer to her and all the activities. I’m currently in the process of saving money for the move. :blush:

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My nuclear family moved around a lot. In the past 10 years or so, we’ve moved nearly 3 times. The one that hit me hard was when we had to move from my childhood home where I made a ton of memories… from scribbling on the walls lol. From sports team logos to random drawings and poetry, my wall was covered with drawings (hey, I was like eight at that time. I had an excuse!)

The funniest bit was, the night before, I took pictures of all my drawings on my Mom’s phone. Literally went from room to room to take photos of all the graffiti I did. (My parents never bothered to paint over it and our landlord never really checked in, so I got away scot free) and now I have no idea where those photos are, but I remember a lot of my drawings.

After that, my parents introduced me to paper and it was all good!

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All the times I’ve moved have been kind of sad, honestly, lol.

A semi funny one is when my friend asked me to help move his hoarder great grandma’s stuff.

She had all of this sewing material and arts and crafts stuff put into around fifty different hat boxes, all of which we had to transport via truck.

We load everything in and double check it’s all sealed down and we majorly overlooked the hat boxes being an issue. (to explain a bit better, most of them were loaded into the backseat of the truck’s interior, but we put some in the back along with many other items and for some reason didn’t think they would be an issue/overlooked them among all the various other shit she had).

We get going and about ten-minutes down the highway, we see all this shit flying out from the back of his truck. We get paranoid and also upset because 1) we don’t know what was lost, 2) it’s very illegal to have loose shit flying out of the back of a vehicle, and 3) cops were everywhere.

We pull over to see where the stuff is leaking from and see ribbons, sheets, needles, pincushions, all the stuff you can imagine scattered all over the highway.

What’s done is done, there’s little we can do to clean up on a busy street, so we pack the hat boxes into the backseat (where most of them were initially) and pray that his grandma doesn’t notice.

She does. She cried because her hat-box tops were missing on three of them, and me and my friend feigned ignorance like we didn’t know what could’ve happened lol.

Safe to say, worse experience. All her stuff was drenched in urine, too, which was… super not great.

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I moved up to Iowa ina Greyhound bus about the age of 6. Since we couldn’t take a lot with us, my brother went up with his stuffed animal, and I went up without a toy. He would have just turned 3.

I was upset to not have a toy, but mom was more concerned with packing clothing and shoes.

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i moved to the current house i’m in when i was like 6. we slept together in an air mattress until my birthday.

the first month we moved hurricane sandy hit and we had to pack up and move in with my grandparents for a bit because they lived in the next town over (we stayed with them for 3 years previously).

to this day we still don’t have a generator

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Well, my family and I moved from one apartment to another in the middle of a pandemic, before vaccines were widely available :sweat_smile:

So we’d been staying in our previous apartment for about fifteen years, and during that time it hadn’t been renovated. Problems started worsening—the toilet needed to be replaced, the floor tiles were getting cracked, the ceiling and walls were worn down, bugs were getting in, and even our refrigerator needed replacing. Then during December we finally decided to move to another apartment, which is way newer and way nicer.

It was hectic :sweat: first we had to throw away junk and a lot of old stuff we accumulated over the years. We had to pack things into boxes and we even made a list of which item was packed in which box. Then throw the pandemic into the mix and man, we had to be extra cautious with people helping us to move to our new apartment. It took us a long while to pack stuff, move them, and then unpack. I remember being all covered in dust and sweat and whatnot during those weeks and they were not fun, but glad they’re over now :sweat_smile:

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Kinda different lol. For my company, we’re moving furniture into a new model home like every other week. Most of the time, moving is pretty painless. The last time though, we were moving into a model that’s a brand new floor plan, so already this was going to be a challenge as it wasn’t going to be a copy-and-paste move where the furniture layout could stay the same.

The moving truck arrives from the warehouse where we store all our furniture sets at the model home where my team and I were waiting. The movers start unloading, and my team and I start trying to figure out where everything should go. Except… the movers don’t stop bringing things in. We end up having three different dining room sets, several different living room sets, and like five different giant dressers.
Turns out the movers brought us enough furniture to fill three different models. (For some reason the people at the warehouse told them to load up multiple mismatching sets?)

So now we were stuck with a model that looked like a storage warehouse. Boss wasn’t happy that we had to pay the movers extra to haul the extra crap back to the warehouse, but the community Grand Opening was just in a few short days so it had to be done.

That was fun.


Oh my gosh, everything happened, didn’t it? I was relieved to get to the end of your story XD I was relieved with you. I felt that. What a whirlwind, chaotic move! But you made it. You got there :grin:

That is literally the reason why I moved in this place–no pets :stuck_out_tongue: Reason being, my mom has a neighbor dog horror story that had me worried and my partner and I don’t have pets. But if you have a pet, it’s not acceptable for great houses to not accept pets. Pets deserve good houses, too.

Good luck! :grin:

Have you redrawn any from memory?

I find that the act of taking the photo can commit it to your memory. I have a lot of random pictures of things from when I was a kid that I never look at but still remember them to this day.

Oh my gosh, what? :open_mouth: The biggest twist at the end there. Was that animal urine or…?

That is upsetting. For a kid, a toy can be more important than clothes.

:eyes: Doesn’t that make things challenging?

I feel ya. Moving and packing and then unpacking and then getting everything organized is so hectic. I’m still not fully organized :sweat_smile: It was so nice to take a shower afterwards.

It’s a different situation, but I noticed movers bringing stuff in are a little too quick about it. It’s like, things keep coming. Boxes, a dresser, my pillows, random kitchen things. Like, hold on, I need to, wait, that doesn’t go…PUT IT HERE! It was so hectic. It’s good that they’re quick and efficient, but I wanted them to slow down for a sec and let me collect myself XD

Oh my gosh. I would’ve been stressed out. Mismatching sets? Like…why? Maybe the warehouse people were actually from three parallel universes? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, that sounds like a horrendous mishap. But you got through it.


They bought me one up there. I am still partial to stuffed animals, but never have been full-on needyx which is what made it harder to pick up on how upset I was. We picked me up a cheap star pillow and I was happy with it for years.

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Would you say it was like your “security blanket”?

I never had an actual blanket as my security blanket. Idk how it happened, but I had a hand towel :stuck_out_tongue: I still have it at my parents’ house.

For a couple years. I outgrew needing it pretty quickly. If we hadn’t moved and I lost all the toys, I wouldn’t have even thought to fuss because my environment wouldn’t be so radically different.

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The fin y part is I could intellectually understand it but emotionally couldn’t hang.

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Um… I dunno lol! I don’t even know where those pictures are and most of them have slipped my mind.
Very unfortunate though. My entire wall looked like the Dall-E version of a Van Gogh painting.

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I’ve moved 15 or 16 times in my life 13 or 14 of those times have been in the past 7 years. It’s been a ride I’ve lost somethings, either gotten my electric guitar and bass stolen by a girlfriend of my mums friend or my grandmother gave them to my cousins, been to many schools, don’t really have any friends as it’s hard with distance, and it took me 7 months living in one place before I felt comfortable enough to actually do something with my room. And then I ended up moving 4 1/2 months after that.

Definitely, don’t recommend moving around so much as it’s very challenging mentally. I’m hopefully moving before Halloween but after that I only ever want to move once more into my forever home. Like I am so fed up with moving.


it does actually LMFAOOO we didn’t have power for a week and i was miserable

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I hope.

Jokes aside, I believe it all was (hopefully and hesitant to say ‘all’ tbh). Her house was completely destroyed and unlivable, I felt very sorry for her. We threw away a lot of her stuff and gave away some animals, so she lived comfortably in her new home for a while I’m told.

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May I ask why you have to move so much?

Well, that’s good. At least she got to be in a clean and safe place.