Ask me about Elgana. A six-donuts world? I'll ask you about things.

Wanna test me on how well I know my world from memory without checking my notes? I won’t cheat.

In return, I’ll ask you about things. Yes, things. Don’t worry. It’s good things.

Eight Little Facts about Elgana:
  1. Elgana is 800 years old.

  2. It is made of six donut-shaped planets (torus planets) which are called Rings. Like a bull’s eye, each ring is nestled in the next big one.

  3. Citizens use portals to travel to different Rings. Only police have policeships to travel.

  4. There is one sun and two moons. The “space” between Rings is breathable, but the “space” outside is not.

  5. There are lakes and rivers as bodies of water, but no oceans.

  6. Giant rock formations are mountains, but there are no foresty mountains.

  7. About 250 years after the planet’s creation, Humans invaded Elgana and messed up the world with their politics.

  8. There is magick. LOTS of it.

From a certain angle in outerspace, Elgana looks like this:

The innermost is the First Ring. The second from the innermost is the Second Ring…you get the idea of the lame naming XD

What race lives in each Ring?
  • First Ring: Humans are a majority.

  • Second Ring: Halfhumans are a majority.

  • Third Ring: Inhabited solely by Kattaluna.

  • Fourth Ring: Exclusively the Sorcerer race.

  • Fifth Ring: This is the only Ring closed off to everyone except police and government officials. It is the Jail Ring. Criminals of all races are kept here.

  • Sixth Ring: The Shaa live in this mostly lava and toxic land.

Okay, so, ask me anything. Please don’t feel cheated if the answer is “well, magick” because sometimes it is XD


Do the blue cat people and the lion people know each other?


If Elgana was an mmorpg, what sort of classes would there be? (DPS, Support, etc.)


I love the concept of Elgana! :sparkles: And my question is, what are the Shaa and why are they sorta ostracised? :eyes: :joy: In the sense that they’re at the farthest ring and their neighbours are criminals.


Yes. At some point in history they did have contact. In fact, in ancient times they did share some customs and even language. Even lived as neighbors.

Question to you:
When did you start writing? What do you like about it?

I don’t play those kinds of games, so, help me out XD What do you need to know? What the heck is DPS? XD

Thanks, Shreya!

The Shaa are not ostracized. They prefer not to associate with the rest of the world. And yes, their neighbors ARE criminals XD The Shaa are shapeshifters and they are the only creatures that can live in that Ring.

They have a default form which is like a clump of black smoke or a black cloud with red, pupil-less eyes. They are born from the shadows of lava. When they are born, they are more like organisms made of magick than actual bipedal creatures who are magical. They can shapeshift into anything.

The higher the rank, the higher the intelligence and power. The more powerful and higher ranked ones also have more individuality. So, I said they are closer to organisms. They don’t have individuality when they are born. It is granted to them by their leader as they become stronger.

Also, they are immortal because of the high levels of magick in their bodies which can heal them. That doesn’t mean they don’t eventually get old and die. They do. Eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, Shreya, your question is:
What are you working on now and what do you like the most about this story?

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Started writing seriously? Well, I worked on a comic for a few years with a best friend but I wanted to try something all on my own. Really, I began to write because as I got older, I found less and less stories appealing to me. Doesn’t help that when I want in middle botto school, everyone wanted to either be Twilight or Hunger Games and Middle Grade wouldn’t take off until years later.

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DPS=Damage per Second

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Well, I have no idea about the DPS. That sounds like a lot to think about :sweat_smile:

If I think about classes, well, depends on what era you look at.

Ancient Elgana…

In general, native Elganians (which there are only the blue felines and the Shaa left) had elemental magick. So, you had fire magick, ice magick, earth/ground type magick, etc. The natives were also the ones that were more like warriors back then. They also had the monarchies. So, you would have generals, captains, kings, queens, tribal chiefs, etc.

The natives also generally knew more fighting styles with various weapons. Sword, axe, archery, spear, etc. And there was different styles of combat.

In terms of religion, there’s no priest. The ones who received visions from the goddess were the leaders of the clans or tribes or the royal folk.

Modern Elgana…

Had more weapon diversity because the Humans came. Guns were introduced. The Humans also brought more diversity in magick as some Humans had recessive genes that turned them into Sorcerers. The Sorcerers established ranks of intelligence and power, they learned all sorts of magick and invented spells. So, it wasn’t just elemental anymore.

There’s been magick deemed illegal like time manipulation or necromancy.

But you could be a healer, although magick energy is limited, so you’d have to be pretty powerful to become a healer and last through ten patients without fainting yourself.

Modern Elgana also has the rise of the political power, especially the Humans. You could be a president of the Human Race.

In both eras, merchants are a thing. Street markets never went away even after Humans tried to modernize some parts of the world. There were also mercenaries in Ancient Elgana and those turned into gangs with long (sometimes cultish) legacies in Modern Elgana.

Idk if I answered your question. I tried to think of all the roles someone could have in this world if it were a game setting.

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In case you ever want to make a Tales of Elgana role-playing game you might want to think about that.

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Probably not XD That’s too much to think about :stuck_out_tongue: But it was an interesting exercise.

Your next question: What’s your favorite movie and which one of your characters would enjoy it and why?

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Favorite movie would probably be the classic Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup. I think that Niko would like it as well, it’s rare you see such an excellent comedy as that.

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Who is the creator deity in the world of Elgana?
Does each species have their own deity they worship and religion?


If you’re talking creator…well, the chief Guardian did help create the races that live on Elgana. But then if you go back to who created the chief Guardian, that’s the goddess, the moon. Ikyliell is her name.

She didn’t really create the chief Guardian. He just came into being for magical reasons. Magick reacting to magick, essentially.

She is the moon. Just literal moon. Nothing god-like or being-like about her. Does not speak. Does not communicate by words. Only chief Guardian can actually “talk” to her in a telepathy, exchanging visions kind of way. Much of the core magick of Elgana is said to be from her—Lunar.

And so, many races know about this lore of the moon and hence worship her in their own ways. The commonality among them all is that they believe the moon is a goddess, and that she watches over all the creatures of Elgana in a very non-judgmental type of way. She doesn’t speak to anyone although some Humans and blue felines claim to receive dreams in which she is speaking to them, but this is debatable.

Humans also brought a single-god belief system with them. The savior, basically. They believe now that the moon is the savior, the one true goddess. A small fraction of Humans don’t believe in the moon and instead have kept their own beliefs about god, heaven, hell, and so forth.

Question to you:
When did you start writing? Is there something you wish you knew then that you know now? What advice would you give your past self?

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When I was a child. I can’t really state the age since I don’t know the exact age.

How challenging it is regardless of fun.

Don’t stress so much and to have fun as you write. Make a world and write a story that only you can love.

Try to write for fun and don’t concern yourself in gaining fame or fortune.

My Turn:

What’s are the most common illnesses and viruses that exist on Elgana, depending on the different rings?

Has medicine grown over the years or it still has some growing?

What are doctors and other physicians and even healers are like in Elgana?

Tell me, TELL ME!


At the moment, everyone is super healthy XD Let’s go backwards through the rings from the Sixth ring to talk about the health-related issues.

The Shaa

The Shaa, well, the only “sickness” or issue they have is when one gains too much individuality and begins questioning the King (which they NEVER do. Not that they can and it’s forbidden, it’s just not something that even comes to mind). When one questions the King, especially if they have high individuality from the start (meaning they are higher ranked), the others follow. That’s a problem.


A big issue for Sorcerers are the Sorcerer-born Humans. These Sorcerers have the recessive gene of not being able to access the magick in the air. So, since they will age faster compared to their parents, they must be adopted out to a Human family who is looking for a child or had a child born with magick (Human-born Sorcerers who will outlive their parents if not adopted out). It’s a trading adopting system Sorcerers established with Humans despite hating them.

Despite how mean Sorcerers might seem sometimes, Sorcerer parents are just like any parent—they want the best for their child :blush:


That’s the blue feline race that lives in the third ring. At the time of the story of the blue felines, the biggest issue is starvation which comes with a host of problems as you can guess.

Birth rate is low, females are often infertile, babies are born but quickly die, and poverty makes everything worse because healing potions are scarce, and the clan leader who is as poor and emaciated as everyone else cannot heal well because of it despite he or she is the one with the healing magick.


Basically healthy :stuck_out_tongue: The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is any sickness or health issue that comes with being half animal. My half fox half human MC Scotch is near-sighted. Probably will have issues with vision when he gets older. I don’t have any established common illnesses. Creatures are mostly healthy though some do have disabilities.


Basically healthy. Might get a cold here and there, but nothing too serious. By this time, these Humans are way in our future and they’ve become quite healthy and long-living with advanced medical technology (as far as I know). The only issue is probably that they are getting shorter. They don’t eat a lot of meat anymore. Lots of corn and grain. They might drink a lot of milk though. Sandsheep milk, to be exact. Very thick and creamy.

About medicine

Medicine changed a little bit when Humans came, but not much. Only the Humans and Halfhumans adopted modern medicine. The Shaa heal with magick they have in their bodies, Sorcerers also mostly heal with magick they have in their bodies and also they have various healing potions and spells, and Kattaluna also use potions and herbal paste mixtures infused with magick to heal wounds and sicknesses.

Everyone is fine where they are now :stuck_out_tongue:

About doctors and such

As for doctors and such, Humans and Halfhumans have doctors and hospitals like we do here on Earth.

Sorcerers having magick in veins makes the healer profession not very profitable though it does exist. If you can heal yourself, why go to someone which costs money? :stuck_out_tongue: Kattaluna rely solely on their clan leader for healing, but most villagers know some basic healing potions for scratches and headaches and other small things.

The Shaa don’t have any of that. The high-ranked ones typically know a wide variety of things and among that could be various healing spells.



What is your most favorite anime and why? Which one of your characters would love to see it if they could?


I think that Urainia would like Silver Fang, it was big in Finland for obvious reasons.

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Sometimes I wonder if you and @anon39043209 are secretly the same person because you’ve answered one of my questions to her in the past XD

I would have asked you the same thing eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you like another question? :wink:


She wasn’t responding so I felt that I should have

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Why not, I have some time.

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