Ask me about Elgana. A six-donuts world? I'll ask you about things.

One Piece and Gintama are my absolute faves!
If I could mention webtoons, then Tower of God (Korean webtoon) is my fave too and it was recently made into an anime that will be getting a second season.

That is an interesting question. I don’t think Civiria would give any of those shows much thought. If Civiria was into anime, she would probably stick to old-school stuff and read a lot more manga.
Elred would probably find Gintama weird and would only watch One Piece sparingly. He is would be more into Seinen anime that still had heavy action and adventure.

Wouldn’t think you’d ask me that? I am a bit shocked!

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Aww…shucks! :smiling_face:

Yes please. :grin:

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Which one of your characters would most likely become addicted to anime? And why?

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I know you like One Piece, so I asked if your characters would :wink:


Tsarina the cat sidthe because she can only take human form every blue moon

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I see! LOL!
Thanks for the unexpected question. :grin:


I’m back!

Is there a caste system in the world of Elgana? How do the wealthy live? How do the poverty-stricken live? What are the rich and powerful doing the help the poor? What are the poor doing to let the rich and powerful know that they need help?

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This is the first question where I have to say—I have absolutely no idea XD

The only way I know these things is if my characters are of a certain financial status but most of them are from the middle class or close to the upper class.

Poverty, seems to, so far, not really be a concern? Like, there are people who live a lot less privileged lifestyle, but they’re not struggling particularly. They’re not poor. They might not have a lot of money, but you see, people do still trade goods. Even without money, they’re quite okay.

I think :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you met your MCs, what would you tell them if anything?

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Right now, I would probably say these things.

To Civiria: You’re doing a great job as the Knight King. Don’t let those Knights or anyone else tell you any different. You are a woman boss, keep your head, because you got this girl!

To Elred: I know it seems challenging and things aren’t looking so great, but you are going to get through this. Don’t worry, fam, I got you. Don’t lose hope or worry, because Renna is going to make the impossible possible. Sweetie, you are going to do great things!

To Nirvana: Try not to kill anymore. Tone down your immense hatred toward men. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T CALL YOUR FOLLOWERS “DAUGHTERS”! That’s just possessive and weird.

That is all.

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Lol, the one for Nirvana XD

Let me point out that you kind of just roasted yourself because you did make her say it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, you right! Very true! LOL!

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  1. What is the era of the world of Elgana? What year is it, depending on the rings?

  2. What’s the technology like there, depending on the rings?

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Depending on the story, the era is different. So, I have two “eras” at the moment. Ancient and Modern. The difference is the Guardians’ system, the government of the world, the way citizens were traveling, what races existed, and the relationship among the races.

Ancient Elgana currently has two stories (one of which I’m writing).
Modern Elgana has three.

I don’t have years for them. Too confusing. But I can tell you that at the point of the most recent story in Modern Elgana, the planet has been around for 800 years. So, still very young compared to Earth.

Modern where it's at

We’ve got a lot of Human technology and technology inspired by or further developed by Humans or Halfhumans. There are cars, busses, trains, but if you wanna travel solo, there’s a torb which is a traveling orb that you strap to the bottom of your shoes and it yeets you down the street XD I just wanted to say “yeet”.

Most Rings have electricity. Humans and Halfhumans have computers and tablets. There are shields surrounding cities to keep sand away (desert land in the First Ring). There are defense walls around government facilities which are jelly-like. Humans and Halfhumans have guns. Halfhumans developed guns that can be used with paws.

Humans have these things called Speechers which are headsets that amplify your voice when speaking into them. There are also tiny pocket cameras (shaped a little like ipods and also very thin). They have phones they carry around like smartphones. There is internet called the WAVE. You ride the WAVE, get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are also flying bicycle-like things that you can learn to ride from a young age. Humans, Halfhumans, and Sorcerers use this.

Second Ring has a lot of fields where they have giant turbines? for wind energy. There’s running water in most Rings except Sixth and Third.

Government officials and police have ships. Mostly the police. They’re called policeships. There are also shuttles. Both can be used in space.

Ancient Elgana...not much

Ancient Elgana did have some stuff, but it was tech using magick as energy. They had giant ships made out of stone, fueled by magick. When Humans came the natives did quite like the electricity so a lot of them left behind days by candlelight or light spells and moved to electric lamps.

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Of all the fictional lands you have created, which one would you like to visit the most and why?

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Maybe I am plain crazy, but I would have to go with Vahlia.

Vahlia is a large continent where there are fifty countries spread out and behind those countries are areas that only the Knights can be in. The deeper and further you go, the more dangerous and terrifying and weird things you’ll discover.

I would love go to either The Further and Void’s Edge. I ain’t brave enough to venture to the Abyss Domain or worse The Beyond.

If I do go to the Abyss Domain or The Beyond, I rather go with a high ranked Firstling.

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What is so terrifying about The Beyond?

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Eldritch beings and gods are trapped in a sort of limbo state by even more powerful versions of themselves. If a human enters there, they are NEVER getting out alive or at all. Not many people know much about it, but there were two people who managed to escape, but their humanity and sanity are LONG gone and their appearance are shattered.

The eldritch beings/gods do things to those humans without even realizing and their appearance are beyond incomprehensible and totally mind boggling to even glance at.

Humans do not stand a chance there.

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You’ve said this before about them and now I really wanna see it :stuck_out_tongue: Is it weird like a Lovercraftian way?

Yeah…are you crazy like me? LOL!

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