Ask me about Elgana. A six-donuts world? I'll ask you about things.

I like weird things :wink: I didn’t really know what Lovercraftian was until fairly recently that I started looking more into that genre of art.

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@anon39043209 you owe me five questions :stuck_out_tongue: Only if you can think of them and feel like asking though, of course.

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  1. What are fruits, vegetables, and grains like in different rings of Elgana?

  2. What are somethings on Earth that if it existed on any ring of Elgana, the people there will either find it outstanding or plain stupid?

  3. Depending on the ring, what is something that is considered rare and precious that people will do ANYTHING to get a hold of it, since there is so little of it than it was ages ago?

  4. What is the life expectancy in the world of Elgana, depending on the rings?

  5. Depending on the ring and maybe even the “nation” too, which job/career is in high demand and which is in low demand?

Take your time answering these.

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Well, it will be

as far as I know
  • First Ring: I imagine them growing olives because the land is so dry in most parts.

  • Second Ring: Wheat and corn. So much corn. In fact, too much corn that it’s a joke among the Halfhumans that corn is all they eat. They also have a lot of apples, oranges, grapes, and lemons or other citrusy fruits. Tiny red berries called nulberries that are super bitter and awful. (I have the most for this Ring because MC Scotch is from a farming village)

  • Third Ring: Raspberries, herbs like basil and mint, they have these giant blue berries that grow on trees. Apples, wheat.

  • Fourth Ring: Also, wheat. Apples. Sorcerers also eat pink and yellow rice. Bright pink and bright yellow. They made it themselves.

  • Fifth Ring: No one lives here anymore enough to cultivate the land. But there are sunlight berries growing atop the highest trees in the jungle.

  • Sixth Ring: Nothing grows here and the shapeshifters don’t eat those things anyway.

Not believing in magick. Magick is everywhere in Elgana. It’s hard to not see it. Even in places where no one uses magick, the portal connecting Rings is made of magick and they use it often. It’s so normal. If someone started to say they don’t believe in magick, citizens will think they’re nuts.

Do anything?

might be an exaggeration for some of these

First Ring: Earth food. Humans used to have many ships coming from Earth bringing Earth food that Elganians or Humans of Elgana would try to replicate with the ingredients they could find on Elgana. Like doughnuts or coffee. But as the years go on Humans travel back to Earth less. They don’t need to. But if someone were to bring real Earth coffee from Earth, they’d probably fight over it or have an auction. An Earth Starbucks would be for the wealthy only. Imagine that XD

Second Ring: Hmm, can’t think of anything.

Third Ring: Lunar Magick. It’s thought to be a legend. Magick from the moon when the moon doesn’t even seem to have magical powers? No way! But stories say the moon once gave the blue feline race a part of it’s magick as a gift. It’s so powerful that with Lunar Magick, the blue felines would be the most powerful race.

Fourth Ring: Sorcerers are fine. They don’t need anything. They have it all.

Fifth Ring: If you ask the prisoners in this jail Ring, they’d say “freedom”. It’s rare to have freedom in a jail :stuck_out_tongue:

Sixth Ring: Since the creation of the shapeshifters, nothing has really changed as far as I know. They are fine.

First and Second Rings oldest is like Earth. The oldest can live to 100. Third Ring, at the time of the current story, sadly 40-60. Many of the oldest have died of starvation. The longest living Sorcerer in the Fourth Ring is nearly 600 years old. Fifth Ring, jail, well, hard to say because people go into jail at various ages. Sixth Ring, the shapeshifters eldest was around 700 years old, almost as old as Elgana.

I’ll answer for the whole of Elgana. The top job is any government official position. It’s the most stable and you get to work in a really nice building with a spectacular view. The second highest is a marketer. There are many street markets in Elgana, even in the cities. A lot of them used to be trading markets that evolved to accepting cash. Some do still trade. The lowest job is, well, who do you think keeps the streets clean and the sewage stink-free? No one wants to be those guys :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course! <3

Oooo I see. That makes a lot of sense, and it’s really a driving force I see. :eyes: You mention tho that it is granted by their leader, right? How does the leader assess their individuality? Are there levels to it, and how is the leader chosen?

Currently on Death’s Façade (which is a story I’ve been working on since 2020 :smiling_face_with_tear:). As for what I like the most about this story, I suppose the character dynamics? I’ve yet to actually write any of the parts that involve these character interactions and whatnot, but I really do like the way the story is bridged on them and how (for me personally XD) that their next moves aren’t exactly predictable. And the betrayal :sparkles:

Okay, to be honest, I haven’t figured out how the leader gives the others power to have individuality. There are levels of it though.

High rankers can give themselves names, have their own opinions, act on their own opinions, and refer to themselves by the singular term. They can also shapeshift into creatures that reflect their personality and remain in that shape for however long they want. So, one with leadership tendencies prefers to have a wolf-like form with big antlers and giant wings that look torn and have thorns. These are things he associates with authority and power.

Lower ranks don’t have names and they are incapable of having opinions. They can only shapeshift into one form and can’t remain in that shape for more than a day.

The lower the rank, the more they are like organisms. Like amoeba. Once you get down to the lowest rank, they are seen as cattle and are barely sentient.

The leader is supposed to be the next highest rank. Whoever was able to climb that high. At the moment in Modern Elgana, there’s only been two leaders so far. The second was chosen because he was the general of the first leader. I’ve recently decided to make him a tyrant, so the Shaa are looking for someone to replace him.

Do you have an interesting (for you) tidbit you want to share relating to the world of that story? If you do, name two :blush:

Gotta have some good, juicy betrayal :grin:

I might have asked this question a while back, but I am not sure.

If Elgana had a tourist attraction or vacation spot within the six rings, where would you vacate to and why?

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Ugh, that’s a good question and honestly, I haven’t thought about the nice spots yet XD Like, where do they go for fun? I know the Second Ring has some good malls and a Disneyland-esque entertainment place. For hospitality though, the best you’ll find is the Second Ring, honestly. The Halfhumans are so much nicer than the Humans.

@anon39043209 Let me ask you the same thing then because it’s a good question: in Alagossia (did I spell that right?), where do creatures go to have fun? What’s a popular place to have fun?

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Elgana seems a little young, then—how was it created? What are the rings made of? How do people get between the rings? How does gravity work on the rings? Is there gravity on the rings?

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It does seem young compared to Earth :stuck_out_tongue:

So…magick is the answer.

let me elaborate

Elgana was first six torus planets floating in outer space. I’d like to think they were already beginning to show signs of life. But the difference is that there was magick.

The torus planets started coming together in a certain way. The density of magick was what attracted the Rings to each other.

The least dense ones were pulled into the larger ones. The larger ones also stretched out to “swallow” the smaller planets into their center. The first ring, the one in the center of the entire “bull’s eye” shaped Elgana, is the unique one as its center turned into a black hole kind of thing. It’s out of there a single magical being was born. He’s the Guardian of Elgana and the manifestation of light magick.

Why he came into being is unknown. He himself doesn’t even know. All he knows is that Elgana requires balance to survive. So then shortly after him, the second Guardian was born. She’s the manifestation of shadow to the first Guardian’s light. They balance each other out in many ways.

Scientists of Elgana believe the native Elganians came into being shortly after the Guardians were created. The Guardians might have each other as their counterparts, but who is their counterpart? They are immortal. They needed mortals to balance the world.

The mortals came from already existing animals, some of which turned anthropomorphic. Since they all had the genetics to access the magick in the air, they were able to use magick. Elemental magick. These natives would soon go extinct save for two species, but that’s the start of Elgana.

The rings are well, you know, whatever planets are made out of plus magick :stuck_out_tongue:

Ancient Elgana: citizens used stone ships and magick fuel to travel
Modern Elgana: magical portals constructed between rings. They are called Portal Stations.

Gravity works as gravity should :stuck_out_tongue: It’s magick :joy:
But I do imagine you might feel a little lighter on Elgana compared to Earth (for no particular reason other than that it sounds like it would be that way).

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What is the environment like in your world? And does it snow anywhere?

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Wait do you have to book tickets online or do you just show up at the station and hop on in?

Wait ok so does it work like gravity does irl?
Wait wait gravity is pulling towards the center of the system… this is messing with my head. I think I understand what you’re saying though.

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I’m glad you asked!

Meiste has several diverse environments including a plethora of rainforests. However, permafrost covers the ground in Ytos and Itaush, termed the Twin Principalities (who are subject to the throne of Zeneste). Anyways there so far north that that they encompass the North Pole, and are forced to farm potatos and trout year round. They purify water by boiling it, but today they just use gas stoves since there’s not enough sunlight for solar power. The Hero of Mind is an Ytosi native.

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Hop in, but there are opening and closing times. And the number of people entering are regulated on all sides (the in and the out) in all the rings that have portals. Only the fifth ring, the jail ring, has no portal connecting to it.

Portals exist between: First and Second, Second and Third, Third and Fourth, Fourth and Fifth, however the last one will skip the fifth ring and take you to the sixth ring. This last one is the first one ever created and called the Edge Portal.

The Edge Portal is the only one without regulation, because only the shapeshifting shadow creatures can survive in the Sixth ring so no one goes there anyway.

You can go to any ring from any portal (except the Edge Portal which you have to go to the fourth ring and walk to it). Inside the portal you just walk across a moving sidewalk passing other doorways into other rings to get to the one you want.


The donut planets each have gravity.
It pulls toward the underside center of each torus planet…how to explain this… Flip over a donut. It has an underside, right? Gravity into the hole.

:crazy_face: yeah, so…everyone only lives and can live on one side of the donut. The side with all the frosting, basically. Donuts are far from each other. If you are standing on the first ring and look up into the sky, you can see a band of light arching across the sky of the next ring. But you can’t see buildings of the next ring from where you are standing.

The planets might be a bull’s eye shape inside of each other, but they’re still quite far away.

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Oooh, that’s cool. I like that term :wink:

Like in the Amazon rainforest, are there any poisonous creatures living in Meiste’s rainforests?

How many countries…kingdoms? Are there on Meiste?

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How do the portals work? Like are they made with some kind of super-magic substance?

Wait what happens if you go to the other side of the ring?

Probably—ik snakes are explicitly not venomous on Meiste, and only few can actually talk to snakes with their Magic.

Many are intimidated by the Sensonf—a kind of humanoid living in the deserts of Southern Atepsi—but they’re scavengers, and like to keep to themselves in colonies of upwards of 3000 residents, and they learned to build apartment buildings so every once in a while there’s just a random apartment building in the desert. What’s scary about them, though, is the six eyes and sixty-ish teeeth. But they’re harmless and amazing singers because they have a couple extra sets of vocal cords.

Kingdoms wise, there remains only one: the Hero of Life’s Grand Confederacy, who has several tributary states: Ytos and Itaush, Atepsi, and the State of Wa. None of them speak the same language, so Classical Zispoel is actually a lingua franca between them (although King Iziser of Zeneste and Princess Tagif of Atepsi (his sister) both speak Aotepsi and Ipol.)

To the South lies the Southern Alliance: Odapir and Futaps.

The one Wildcard nation is the Land of Sakses far to the East and on a large island.

super magick substance sounds good XD Some citizens who have touched the portal walls would describe it as “jelly”. You push your finger into it and it bounces back. It also wiggles.

There are walkways inside. Moving sidewalks. Actual constructions like doors, too. Wooden or metal.

You can’t. Gravity will keep you on the top side. It’s like if you were to try to go underneath a cliff ledge. It’s impossible. You risk falling out into space and floating off. If you are between rings, that’s breathable space. You won’t die. But you might eventually if you can’t get back to some gravity.

The only sure way to get there is through the middle hole in the first ring. No one knows the truth except for a few Sorcerers and some shadow creatures, but the middle hole acts like a gateway to the underside. The things is, you can’t return unless you are a Sorcerer with some illegal magick.

Nothing, not even scientists’ probes have returned.

Oh yes, I have to mention, portals and the middle hole both distort the time near it. It might be morning and then by the portal, it looks and feels like noon.

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