Ask Me Stuff, Don't Be Shy!

The weird thing is that the Egyptian Gods can do a fusion dance so we ended up with Amun-Ra in later periods. They have a very mysterious air to them.

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Of course.

Ancient Egyptians were interesting people, nonetheless.

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How did you get Oscar and what was your first impression? What do you think his first impression was? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • My Mom wanted a Dalmatian, and she found some puppies online.
  • We went down to see him, twice.
  • He was cute.
  • Churro was cuter, and is gonna be my fave!

Have you owned a dog before? Do you have more than one dog? Do you have any other pets?

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  • We had three dogs before Oscar. A Labrador called Donal, another Dalmatian called Harvey and then another Lab called Charlie.

  • Only one at the moment and he is more than enough.

  • Nope.

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Has Oscar ever startled you when you’ve tried searching for him in your home only to find him in a place you would never suspect?

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He used to sleep in the bathroom on my Moms clothes when he was a baby but he grew out of it.

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Aww…how cute!

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Him laying on my moms clothes.


I swear its the delrium of being up at night.

Rwading the title of this thing againg, I’m hearing “Ask me stuff, Daddy…” inna horribly suggsstive tone.

And Im like brain, wrf?!

Then I realized where I whard that exact tone and pacing before…

“Smile for me, Daddy.” About 1:10/1:12 in.

You remember this thing?

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:joy: This and a whole load of songs from around that 2003-2007 of music.

Irs.jsut WhY tHiS sOnG?!

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IDK, when I went to my Junior High School (11-14), we had discos and this song always used to play:

All we could buy was soda, and snacks like chocolate and crisps.

Today or tomorrow?

Also, what is your favorite snack?

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Pretty conventional, but I dont remrmber that one. Think I dipped out right before this ebcsme popular.

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Maybe tomorrow, Jesus. :slight_smile:

Chicken skins, beef jerky, pork jerky.

Yeah, we used to have a random mix of club songs, rap songs and occasionally a novelty reggaeton song.


oh, those are tasty. In Japan, we have something like that on a stick and it’s evil good :wink:

Favorite salad dressing?

Favorite colors to wear?

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Lol, I would be really fat in Japan! Going to get those snacks when I’m out walking. :wink:

Cesar sauce/ Ranch to cover up the taste of the nasty leaves.

Neutral greys, greens, darks, and navies. Occasionally khakis and bright shirts.

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