Ask my opinion on things? [even philosophical things or silly things]

On anything.

I’ll be nice.

But I might not watch YouTube vids or read articles unless I feel like it :woman_shrugging:

I’m from Japan, btw. Lived here my whole life and gone to a Japanese school, so based on that, you can ask me things, too.

Just curious what you guys will throw at me :stuck_out_tongue:


Why are chubby cheek cute?

If this question is too hard for you, take your time.

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Because they’re squishy and squishy things look like marshmallows and clouds and hence, look cute? Because they remind humans of baby cheeks and hence trigger some kind of parental-type of response to squish or pinch chubby cheeks?


That was a marvelous answer!
claps Thank you for that!

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@TheTigerWriter What do you think of people Americanizing animes?


Do you know anything about how special needs are treated in the Japanese School System?

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Got any idea why people really don’t like nerds? :rofl:


What is your opinion of capital punishment?

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You mean instead of Satoshi it’s Ash in Pokemon? Or do you mean certain scenes are changed? Do you have an example?

When I was in elementary school, there was a separate classroom for children with special needs. They were all grouped together in one classroom and it didn’t matter what their ages were. Not sure what classes were like.

I moved, so I was in two elementary schools. The second one, there was a boy who couldn’t use his legs, so he was wheelchair bound. Not sure why he couldn’t use his legs. Anyway, he was treated like everyone else for the most part and I think they tried to include him in as many activities as they could.

There are schools for children with special needs…but up in the mountains and away from society. I think this sucks. It closes off other children from children with special needs and I would think it would make it hard for the children with special needs to then rejoin society and make friends. Idk what the education is like up in those schools :confused: But I don’t see Japan as being particularly good with that, personally.

I think some people see nerds as “know-it-alls” and that nerds always think they are better than everyone else. Or, they don’t like nerds because of how media shows nerds as often living in extremely messy rooms, being horrible at communication, and if they do open their mouths, it’s all about math or science and they are seen as not having any other hobbies. Maybe nerds are seen as boring, too, based on media.

Ohhhh, okay. Hmm… :thinking:

You know, I think, if the person murdered another person intentionally and would definitely do it again and pose a threat to society, maybe capital punishment can be justified. But then it gets tricky, right? Because someone could murder someone intentionally but have a self-defense type of reason or the person they murdered intentionally was also a murderer or horrible person in some other way.

I think it really depends on the situation. Serial killers, however, probably deserve it. Not only did they get away with it, but they took many, many lives. But then again, I start to think about, you know, is it really okay to punishment someone by taking their life???

But then I think, the victims of the person would want some kind of justice served. How would they feel if the murderer of their child or parent continued to live on even in jail? Maybe they should be “defeated”?

Tricky things I try not to think too much about, but that’s my opinion on it. Basically, depends on the situation, but perhaps, there are people who actually do deserve it. Perhaps.


Dang the media sucks a lot


Media really, really, REALLY messed with all of us :stuck_out_tongue:


Like, when an anime gets popular and they remake it for a ‘Western’ audience (e.g. Death Note) or when Western audiences bring their culture to the anime (e.g. shipping the main characters, their AU, their takes etc) even when it’s not canon.

I hope that makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not an anime person, so I don’t have much thought :stuck_out_tongue:

If they enjoy it, then I say go for it.

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Fair enough :smiley:

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If you could recommend things for a person who wanted to travel to Japan for vacation purpose to do and to see, what would you tell that person?

What places would you want them to see and what foods would you like them to eat?

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America used to do this for the blind and deaf mute. Part of it was that they were intensely trained in braille for the blind and ASL for the deaf mute. Small commu ities couldnt handle the soecialized education early on.


I just had to ask because I am special needs. I think I have seen more disabled teenagers in anime than I have in anything aimed at american teenagers. I will never get over how so many shows talk about diversity and are marketed by having an exclusive cast, when it’s just 2 Black people, 1 East Asian, and a person on the rainbow spectrum. I’ve talked about it before, but I’m starting to think that executives in media companies don’t think that being disabled is as marketable as being non-white, non-straight, or non-cisgender.


That’s not real diversity then.
Those are the token minorities in a false diversity.


So, like any vacation to anywhere, there are two routes you can go.

Touristy or experience local life.

If it was their first time to Japan, I would send them on the most touristy experience of their life. I’ll get them to do all the things.

Kyoto to see the Kinkaku Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, and Fujimiirani Temple and climb that mountain of stairs. Go to Tokyo to see Tokyo Tower and then Tokyo Sky Tree, and of course go to see Hatchi the dog statue in Shibuya (maybe go to some of the big shopping malls, too). And go to Harajuku for crepe and fashion, and Akihabara for anime cafes.

Shinjuku is another place to go to. Probably just walk around. There’s not much of a landmark there to be honest. But it’s got a lot of things to see and experience.

Ginza is another great place just to get a look at all the expensive, luxury stores.

Also, Roppongi Hills tower to go to the 54th floor and see the spectacle.

Also, you have to reserve a month in advance, but there’s Mitaka Ghibli Museum to get a whiff of all the ghibli stuff.

And probably to a remote Japanese inn with an onsen (hotsprings) to experience a really traditional culture. Maybe to Kusatsu Hot Springs. That’s a popular place. It also might be fun to go to a local grocery store :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, must go up or down to Okinawa or Niigata Prefecture or somewhere far to ride the bullet train. Maybe Niigata is good because I used to live there and it’s really, really pretty with such a lot of rural Japan nature to look at. Rice fields! Rice fields galore.

There ya go :grin:


Can you go for both?

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