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Yeah, hopefully you’re able to get it. I can only think of it lagging honestly.

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I never got my flagging badge soooo :woman_shrugging:

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Flags specified as “something else” don’t count towards the badge if I remember correctly.



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I want to make a topic that might be a violation. I want to confirm if it’s okay to post or not.

So, I had an encounter with a man a long long long time ago. He was trying to claim a term/word, saying I should change the way I call the “God” in my story (that has been deleted a long time ago). The conversation continued in our dms where he called me names and said several racist remarks. (I have a screenshot of the whole convo)

I think it might be too much. I would like to post to ask the community what would they do if it happens to them.

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Hello there!

Here at Wacky Writers, we consider it important that (almost) all topics can be discussed, including what others would do in a certain situation. However, sharing screenshots - even if the names and profile pictures are scratched out - is against our Code of Conduct unless you have the other party’s permission. You’re free to make that thread as long as you leave the screenshots out and you make it clear that it’s a discussion of what people would do in that situation, rather than a direct attack on the person who you talked with in DMs.


Hm, that could work, too. Why did I not think of that. huh. Thanks.


If you still want to include the conversation, you can simply transcript the messages so it looks like:

You: this and that
Them: blah blah
You: more text

It’s a bit more high effort, but that is allowed.


Last question tho

What category would it be best to put in?


Chatters would most likely work best


hi. i’ve noticed every time a thread shuts down, you’re unable to access it? (as the owner)
would it be possible to bring that feature back?


Hey I’ve talked to CJ about this (because i was also unhappy about this) and it’s something we really don’t want to have on Wacky Writers as it brings a lot of potential drama. Is there a specific thread in question?


ahh i see.

yeah, one of my coding threads. ^^;
i’m asking because sometimes i don’t have codes/projects saved elsewhere (there used to be no need to) & them disappearing could cause a hassle, but i suppose that’s more of a personal issue.


Whats the name of the thread? I could probably move it to the abyss for you so that way its unlisted and you can add to it


thank you, that would be great !!

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@CJtheSiteWizard @Modder-of-Dragons

I need to say, I’m not a fan of the recent change that limits tagging per post… :frowning_face:

I know that this might be needed to prevent spamming, but this is extremely obstructive, to the point that this is disturbing the progress of the community. As a head moderator of the game, I need to make announcements and list the players of the round when I open matches like this.

The last time I checked, it allows something like… Twenty? Thirty? Something?

Even that was already obstructive to the community. I need to keep dozens of users updated whenever we create a new thread, and now the taglist is broken. I need to add preformatted text coding so that any inactive players are not tagged here.

The problem is that, how long can we survive like this? When all of those inactive players returned, what should we do? We would soon hit the roadblock of progression. We want to grow big into community with many members, but now, it might no longer be possible.

Worse is that, right now, I cannot even do any progress to the game. Each time I try to update the list of players in the round, it said that I can only tag 10 users per post.

Hey Crimson! We implemented this to prevent users from spam tagging. What we’re doing instead is asking that if you have a selection of users like yours, just let us know, and we’ll create you a group that you become the owner of. Then, you can add all the players you have and tag the group instead of having a bunch of usernames in one post. This also allows players to leave the group if they wish to stop being tagged and gives users a little more control over their notifications.

Would you like me to set you up with a group for your game?


That would be helpful, but this is still not working properly. Please click here and you will understand why, because the moderators need to create a proper list of players and their submissions. Each individual information need to be updated on their own. This is important so that everyone know which author are for each characters, to keep them stay informed.

I’m looking over this and I’m not sure why you would need to use tags as opposed to just typing the username of the players in question.

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I can take your advice to set a group tagging for our taglist, but for specific situation such as making list of players in the round, it would be better to add the tag of the person beside their submission, so people would know who are their author. New members who’s not familiar with the members list would not recognize the username.

Beside, we usually only have 10 to 20 players per round, so 20 allowed tagging per post will solve the issues for us, because people who are not part of the round would be upset if they get tagged in a game that they’re not currently involved with. Remember, each of our game are separated into individual rounds with different story and setting. Some people are only involved in some of them, and it would be confusing if the entire community get tagged without being selective.

For everything else, we can use the group tagging that you suggested.