📚 Assess Your Writing - Useful Tool 🤓

Full transparency, I came across this app in one of the many Discords where I lurk (sorry, I don’t remember which one it was, as this was months ago).

BUT! This app (https://hemingwayapp.com/) is so useful to assess your writing and its ease to a reader. Below are the results for the first chapter my current WIP (that I’m actually in the middle of editing to try and make a bit easier). Try the app and leave your results below!

NOTE: You DO NOT need to download the actual app to use it, you can just write over the colorful directions on the main page.

Tell us all your score! Did they surprise you? Are you in agreement or not? Does learning your score make you want to go back and check your writing some more or edit? :blush: And what is genres do you write? - I’m curious if some genres tend to skew toward a certain readability score :eyes:.

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Saved for later!!! I’ll try it when I get home

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Please do! I’m so curious about everyone’s different writing. And genres! I write supernatural and paranormal romance mostly, so I wonder if certain genres fall into certain readability groups.

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Grade 2 for readability haha. I’m not surprised tbh and I’m okay with it because i don’t overcomplicate my writing xD I think the chapter i used is fine the way it is now. I write supernatural romance (but you already knew that xD)

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Thank you for being the brave 1st vict- I mean, participant! XD.

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Hemingway is so useful, I always tell people to run their work through it instead of leaning on Grammarly etc. Thanks for talking about it, I hope everyone finds it super useful!


I think it’s way more in depth than Grammarly - it’s probably what I would use after my book’s all done and before sending it off to a professional editor.

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It is, they’re for two different things. Grammarly is fine for a lot of stuff, but isn’t all too useful when it comes to fiction. Hemingway is really neat!

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good to know since that’s closer to my genre!

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Grade 1


Words: 1306

13 adverbs, meeting the goal of 26 or fewer.

2 uses of passive voice, meeting the goal of 34 or fewer.

0 phrases have simpler alternatives.

1 of 169 sentences is hard to read.

4 of 169 sentences are very hard to read.

Does this mean I’m simple? :joy:


Screenshot 2023-07-10 3.51.12 PM

For the prolouge of one of my stories :eyes:


I mean… Your readability is xD.


What genre? :eyes:

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For that story it’s fantasy.

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Haha that’s good right?

It’s a teenfic btw.


I feel like that’s good for fantasy.

Omg, this hits me right in the Dickens.


That’s good that it’s a low number then? :sweat_smile:

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There’s 2 forms of simple:

Verbage simple.

Concept simple.

For example, its traditionally held that the Bible is written on a 6th grade level (for eqch era’s newer translation NIV is outdated, now), but its got concepts of:

  1. Your first thought isnt quite a sin, its what you persue afterwards.

  2. The sacrifice melenia after creation comes before the creation.

  3. Predestination doesnt negate personal responsibility.

And so on.


Anyway, with the text in question:

This IS me simple. I average writing at the 10th grade level, in casual conversation. Its the way I speak. (Notice no simpler alternatives. It cant tell me how to “fix it”, lmao.)

When I get pretentious, it goes college level/textbook, but with cursing.