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Wacky Now Has a Wattpad Account!

With recent changes on Wattpad, it’s getting harder and harder to get your book out in front of readers who will love it! To help bridge the gap between our forum and where many of our members have their works hosted, Wacky now has our own official Wattpad account!

Our Wattpad account is going to be an extension of our community and just one more way our members can connect with and support each other on your writing journeys! We have lots of plans to use this account to further support our community of writers, and our first step needs you!

Submit Your Book To Our Genre Reading Lists!


1. Follow Our Wattpad Account

2. Submit the Form Below

3. Check Out the Reading Lists! (And support your fellow Wacky Writers with reads & comments!)


1. You can only have one book* per genre list, but if you want to have more books featured, you can apply to be featured on our Curated Feature Lists! *If you want to change a book in the list, you can swap out once per month by letting us know which books you want to switch out.

2. You can submit more than one book as long as they are all different genres. Please treat the genre system as accurately as possible by using your book’s MAIN genre.

IE: Don’t submit Fanfiction to Romance, even if Romance is the main plot. Don’t submit Fantasy to Mystery even if the plot focuses around a magical mystery. We understand there is some cross over, but mostly we just don’t want the system abused so people can try to feature lots of books across any genre they might fall under.

3. You cannot submit the same book to two genre lists at the same time.

4. All books must follow Wattpad Content Rules. By submitting you guarantee to the best of you knowledge your book follows all content rules. Any book found violating will be removed and the user barred from the program.

The Form:

Post in the comments below-

1. Link To Your Book

2. The Genre List you’d like it to be submitted to.

(Please do not include pictures or additional descriptions. Posts will be edited to remove book covers or marketing images.)

It’s as easy as that!

Our Genre Lists

Action-Adventure - Stories with the main plot featuring action or adventure. Typically Modern Fiction.

Drama - Stories with plots focused on emotional and/or relational development of realistic characters.

Fanfiction - Stories with characters or world taken from another original work.

Fantasy - Stories with fantastical or magical elements or creatures, set in a world or time not our own.

Modern Fantasy - Stories with fantastical or magical elements or creatures, set in modern time. (This includes modern day Werewolf & Vampire works)

Historical Fiction - Non-Fantasy stories based in Historical times.

Modern Fiction - Non-Fantasy stories set in our time that do not fit in another genre.

Horror - Stories featuring elements intended to frighten, scare, or disgust.

Humor - Stories in which the main premise is focused around comedy, humor, irony, satire or parody.

Mystery - Stories involving a mystery or mysterious elements to be explored, investigated, and/or solved.

Non-Fiction - Any Non-Fiction Works

Poetry - Poetry of any kind

Romance - Stories featuring the Romance between characters as the main plot point.

Sci-fi - Stories featuring futuristic concepts based in advanced, speculative, or imagined science and technology.

Short Story - Stories of any genre under 30,000 words upon completion.

*If you think a genre is missing or your book does not work in any of these genres, let us know, as we will be adding more as needed.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between the “Genre Lists” and the “Curated Lists”?

A: The Genre Lists feature our forum users’ books and have no content requirements to be listed. These do not refresh. You submit here on the forum. The Curated Lists are for any Wattpad user to be featured, not just limited to our forum members. You must apply through the book on our Wattpad account. They have requirements and refresh once a month.

Q: What if my book doesn’t fit any of the genres listed?

A: Ask in the comments and if it’s a popular request, we might add more genres. If not, we will direct you to the most accurate genre available.

Q: What if I want my book removed from a list?

A: Comment below with your Username and Book Title and we will fulfill your request in as timely a manner as possible.

Q: I submitted to be added X time ago. Why is my book not added yet?

A: 1. Be sure you followed the requirements. 2. Keep in mind we are a volunteer staff and will be adding new requests to the reading lists when time permits. Be respectful of our time and effort. Do not message any mod or admin, tag us to see your book or ‘bump’ your request by replying or mentioning it to remind us. This is a one-warning system and any user who repeatedly attempts to remind us about their request will be permanently barred from the reading list program, including any/all alternate accounts.
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This is so exciting!!! :smiley:


  2. Romance

  2. General Fiction

General Fiction isn’t a category. I looked it over and would be fine with putting this in Drama or Modern Fiction. Which would you prefer?


Ahh thats all right haha. Modern fiction would be great! Thanks so much <3

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The posts are a little hard to read on dark mode :sweat_smile:


Thanks for letting me know I use light mode and didn’t think about it. I will re-code in a minute.


Mine is General Fiction (New Adult + LGBTQA + Mystery + Romance)…


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If Romance or Mystery is the main genre, I can do either of those. If character or relational development is the main plot, I can do Drama. I can do Modern Fiction if it doesn’t fit elsewhere.


Okay it should be fixed!

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  1. book

  2. Poetry


This is a great step forward during the abscence of a “true” WP forum, so thanks to the staff for doing this!

  1. Link To Your Book: Dolgof’s Grand Adventure
  1. The Genre List you’d like it to be submitted to. Fantasy.

I think its prob a drama:)

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  1. Link:
  2. Genre: Romance

Thanks so much for doing this!

  1. Link: The Bound - A Tale Of Tamriel

Genre: FanFiction

  1. Link: The Road After

Genre: Fantasy

(I have two others, complete offline, but still posting. I’ll only put forward stories that are complete)