Beta Reading Offer (Part 3 Continued)

Alrighty! Your first chapter is Beta’d. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the suggestions or the things I pointed out.

Hi! I an interested, my book is actually completed but I would like someone to read it over. Could we still do the exchange or no?

So long as I can get access to it for line edits and comments, I can work with completed stories.

Oh, alright, thanks!

Title: The Midst
Genre: Fantasy
Focus: Grammar, tense (should be in present tense), flow, and if the story connects

I will get on this a bit later, I’m in the middle of another art project at the moment and have a few other chapters to go over. I will try to get onto the first chapter by tonight.

Okay, thank you so much and take you time!

NP at all! Looking forward to it.

Okay, your first chapter is reviewed. Sorry for the multiple posts per paragraph, I had forgotten you wanted to remain in present tense and had to go back to point those out for you.

Please let me know if there is anything that you need clarification on.

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@shakespearian1, @chicken-joe & @aquilestories: Friendly reminder that the review ball is in your court!

If you don’t want further Beta work, that’s fine, however I do expect a return review for my first. Thank you!

@islandapricots Are you up for another round?

@FranklinBarnes I will get back on your story tomorrow.

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OOF okay slight change of plans. I have to get final edits in on my manuscript for my book going live this coming Saturday. These edits need to be done before tomorrow, so that my preorders will have the proper file. I will pick up my new round of beta reads on Wednesday.

I appreciate your understanding.

Yes, I am! Super sorry for the late reply! @Darwin

Hi all! I wanted to update you guys that I was later than I wanted to be getting final edits for my latest book done. You’ll be happy to know that they are done and the files are uploaded to Kindle for release tomorrow! That means I’m back for the next round! I have all of my Beta’s on queue to accomplish (those that have returned reviews and are still interested)


@FranklinBarnes I’ve gotten one of two that I owe you complete. I’ll get back to it later when I’ve gotten through the rest of my list!

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@islandapricots your latest chapter has been screened! LEt me know if you have any questions!

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thank you!

NP! Whenever you get a moment to read/review another chapter.

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Hi all I’ve had a hell of a week, so I’m apologizing for not being more on the ball with my next round of edits! I hope to get some decompression with tomorrow and the weekend, and intend to dive back in.

Oh I can also lay some of the blame at my muse’s feet for insisting on me starting a brand new Tales of Victor Sierra story. SIGH

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Hello again. Okay I’ve gotten the first adrenaline rush of writing a new story out of my system. I will be working on a round of betas starting this afternoon with @FranklinBarnes (whom I still owe a second review for)


Are we still allowed to request for more chapters to be read over?