Beta Reading Offer...

Good evening fellow writers,

I wanted to offer Beta Reading once again. For this rotation, I’m looking for three stories to start with. This will be an open rotation.

I am a full time English Language Arts teacher and have been writing for over three decades. I have nineteen self-published books to my name.

My favorite genres to write/ read in are Science Fiction, Supernatural, Post-Apocalyptic and a dash of horror.

While I’m in no way a professional editor, I am willing to share what I know/have learned to help readers improve their writing skills. I am continuing to learn and I’m quite good at seeing things a creator may not catch due to the all too familiar writing blinders.

This offer is for people who are serious about getting tips and suggestions to help improve their writing.

At Beta level reading, this will be a line edit level read. I strive to assist creators by looking for grammatical errors, punctuation, consistent tenses. I am very strong in the writing of dialogue. I also am quite strong in helping with story flow.

My offer may come across as a bit different from others you may have seen. Here’s how I’ve done it in the past:

  • If interested please drop a link and a little bit about your story here.
  • I will take a look at the work and let the creator know if I will take it on board.
  • Once accepted, I will read the creator’s first chapter and suggest corrections and changes to create stronger writing. (These are ONLY Suggestions and may be disregarded at the creator’s discretion.)
  • When finished the creator is asked to return a read (gut checks, suggested edits, etc) on a story of their choice from my profile. (Failure to meet this commitment will lead to the creator’s permanent removal from any future Beta offers)
  • After that exchange is done, the creator may ask to continue. The creator’s work will be put back in rotation as soon as the other reads are completed. Alternately, they may simply say “thank you” and end the Beta agreement. (You will not hurt my feelings).

Sound Good?

Short Synopsis:

Looking forward to reading other’s works!

I’d love to engage here but this scares me deeply…


Heh, I’m fairly laid back… but it’s entirely up to you!

Let me think about it…



This sounds fantastic! If you would like, I have a more crime/thriller book, Cin. This is an anti-hero story on the son of a crime boss. The book is near complete and I just finished a lot of editing. It is now at 71k words. If this is not the kind of story what you would want to look through that is fine. If you accept, I can be reading your work as soon as tomorrow. I’ve done a few paid editing tasks recently and I would love to work on something without that context.

2006, the menace of death grips Cincinnati. On the streets, Nekoda negotiates the constant peril with a darkness of his own. He is a fighter, a vigilante, the defining force in the balance between mob bosses and police captains, and supplies the demand for dental surgery singlehandedly! This fated villain is on the clock as he faces the city’s next big challenge and can tip the scales one way or the other.

Okay looks interesting. You’re on. :slight_smile:

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Alright, I’ve completed the first chapter! Please let me know after you get my story chapter finished if you wish to continue with this back and forth.

Title: The Guardian Angel
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: PG13
Short Synopsis:

After a very average incubus demon flees Hell, he swaps a body with an angel and ends up on Earth. It’s just so good not to be in Hell! He’s never setting foot in there again, even if he has to take over the angel’s duties and become a guardian angel.

While the demon is muddling through being a guardian angel to a woman who sleeps with her murdered fiancé’s evil twin, the angel in his body faces an impossible task of his own. He has to find allies to escape Hell and chase the body-snatching demon down.

The demon knows better than to stick around until the wrathful angel tracks him down, but as a guardian demon/angel he vowed to unmask the evil twin and save the woman. And, well… let’s just say his duties are becoming increasingly personal.

Sounds interesting… could I get a link please?

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Here is chapter 1 I am showing for alpha critique atm.

Cool I’ll put you in queue and read the chapter when I get back from my running around.

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No rush. I am working till Friday :slight_smile:

Okies! I’ll put it on my agenda for my PPWN night then! If I can’t get my writing done I’ll jump on it!

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Sure. And happy forum anniversary :slight_smile:

Thank you… (I hadn’t realized it had been another year)

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I only finished the prologue of Tales of Victor Sierra tonight and I would definitely love to keep going through. The chapters in my story are quite long so I’ll try to read through as much material as they are.

Cool, I have one chapter from another creator to work on ahead of yours and I’ll get on your next chapter.

Alright! The first read is finished! Please let me know if you have any questions about the things I pointed out! And let me know if you’d like to continue after your return read!


Finished through 2.I’ll definitely continue reading/reviewing through all of Tales of Victor Sierra, possibly all at once. My reading habits are a mystery even to me.