Between Roses, a YA Fantasy: Blurb help needed

New Version 3

Seventeen-year-old Eryn shoves her morals down the drain to let her popular friend Celeste dictate her life. It’s a small price to pay for a cut of the fame. As an important rule for the “popular girl”, Celeste tells Eryn to only focus on herself no matter what.

When an old bracelet thrusts her into a magical, chaotic world, Eryn becomes enmeshed in a fight against a deadly monster of madness. She soon learns she possesses a power called “the alyce” which can either help destroy the monster or unlock the door to her home world. In “popular girl” fashion, Eryn chooses only to focus on finding a way home. But when she befriends Duxim, a sweet hare boy, and Clue, a quiet and kind soldier, her old morals resurface, and her heart begins to waver.

She can save herself and run home to Celeste, or risk her life for her new friends. Eryn must quickly decide as the monster is growing stronger.

Tick-tock, tick-tock…

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