Between Roses, a YA Fantasy: Blurb help needed

Okay, is anyone still watching the blurb saga?

I figured it out? I was able to bring in the pivotal moment in the first paragraph.

Seventeen-year-old Eryn shoves her conscience out the door, refusing to think about anyone but herself as she enjoys her “perfect” world. That is until her life turns upside down when an old bracelet thrusts her into a magical, chaotic realm haunted by a monster of madness.

The monster controls people to aid it, and while escaping their attacks, Eryn accidentally frees an army captain from decades-long mind control. Turns out, she possesses a power called the “alyce” which could be used to help defeat the monster. But Eryn focuses only on trying to get home, ignoring guilty feelings.

When she befriends Duxim, a sweet hare boy, and Clue, a quiet and kind soldier, she can no longer ignore her conscience. If she left her new friends, they would certainly die. If she stayed, it would be at the risk of her life as the monster could consume her. She must quickly make her choice as warning signs lead many to believe the monster might soon destroy the entire realm.

Tick-tock, tick-tock…

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