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Welcome to Capital B, a thread for Black writers on Wattpad from all over the world. Chat, talk, and find strength in each other.

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  • It is common for people to lurk in threads, and that is okay. If you’re not a Black writer, please do not insert yourselves into conversations for the purpose of asking questions for your books, etc. Sometimes people just want to chat. If you need help with representing Black people in fiction, the wattpad clubs have a feedback and improve your writing section.
  • This is a thread for ALL black creators. Being unwelcoming to Black writers in other intersections like sexuality, gender, religion, sex, etc is counterproductive. Be kind to each other.:kiss:


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  • Saint Caliendo: I’m almost at the end of my novel!
  • authorhlumelo: I’m on track to finish my novel by the end of January!
  • indigosa: Doing a rewrite of an old work of mine~
  • staymelanated: wrote and finished a short story after months of mental block


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  • Saint Caliendo: I write New Adult/Adult Romance, Comedy, Historical Fiction and Urban/Low Fantasy.

  • Milo Nelakho: I write African-inspired High Fantasy about queer witches, flawed gods, polyamorous mages and all the intersectional heroes I wish were only a click away growing up.

  • indigosa: I deal with the Thriller, Humor, and Romance genres. I prefer making them horribly dark, or at the very least bittersweet.

  • Bluestorme: I love having a blend of Characters from lgbt to multicultural characters in any genre of story I venture in, mostly general fiction, fantasy, mystery/thriller and adventure.

  • HanSoulo: Hey, y’all! I am a writer of mostly fantasy/supernatural, action, and romance genres. I’m also a screenwriter, and in this medium, I like exploring black issues (though I do write in my usual genres too). For books, I like endings where the protagonist doesn’t get what they want, but what they need.

  • ProjectPr1de: I mainly write Fantasy and Science Fiction about superheroes, intergalactic rebellions, and murderous magician cults who want to take over the world. Many of my stories star and feature characters from all walks of life.

  • Loutka: I’m just a person who lives and breathes writing like it’s my only life source. I love to read and write things that involves crime/murder, psychological thriller’s, a spice of romance, and stuff that’ll mess with your brain or make you feel pain; the good or bad.

  • Groovy_Jedi I write urban fantasy and speculative science fiction fantasy. Right now im all about an afro-caribbean immigrant with an ancient spirit in his katana slicing heads and solving a mystery.

  • Luli: I write mythology romance so mythical creatures and deities are my thing! A majority of my stories feature Asian protagonists. I am multiracial (Thai, Chinese, African-American, and Native-American), so diverse literature is something I avidly support.

  • Chaunalea: I write mostly contemporary, mainstream fiction. I’ve completed five novels some years back and I’m currently working on three novels. I plan to self-publish the novels starting in 2020/2021 (maybe). Nearly all of my leads in my stories are black women/darker hue and the rest of the characters are either mostly black/diverse. Anyway, I hope to meet some cool new readers & writers. I also love to give advice and if anyone wants to chat about anything–Message me!

  • prosejoyce: Currently, I write murder mysteries or some form of fantasy mixed with science fiction. They’re all dark as hell — after all, I wouldn’t be me if someone didn’t die. I do have white characters, for the sake of me not killing my Black characters, but most of leads are Black and/or queer. The rest of my characters are diverse. I’m very excited to meet other Black creatives and read their stories.

  • AnaWryneck: I’m Wry, my mama calls me Ana I answer to both. My pronouns are All/Any and I write Dark Romance, Teen drama, Mature and working on my first LBGTQ+ story which ironically is about a few young people making an app for the marginalized and this kind of helped my process. I’m big on representation right now its mainly POC, LBGTQ and mental health because it is what I know but with research I want to be more inclusive of characters with physical and mental disabilities just living their lives. I’m big on Write a person you want to hang out with, have them happen to be this.

  • jen_a: I write poetry usually in the ABAB structure and also some freeverse. I tend to base my poems directly from past experiences both big and small. My themes always tend to revolve around past friendships, moments from school and introversion.


If you’re a member of the thread, and need help from other black writers, feel free to check this excel sheet and contact them. PLEASE in the spirit of the first post stating that this thread is not a help you write your book/research thread, don’t contact these people if you are not black yourself.

Excel Sheet Resource.

For the necessary parties: This is a list. A LIST.


Name/nickname: Brianna/Bri/Bree

Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Where are you from: Eastern United States

What genres do you write: Romance/New Adult/General Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Short Stories/Teen Fiction/LGBTQ+

Hey, I’m Brianna and I am a 22 years old. I’m bi-racial. The genres I listed are the ones I write with some other genres as sub genres or genres I am attempting to write. Recently, I have started my first LGBTQ+ novel. I have a range of stories I work on, most recently I have been working on a New Adult/Romance/General Fiction and another is a LGBTQ+ Romance.

Now not writing related, I have a range of interests. I’m a nerd and a geek. :nerd_face: I love Star Wars, video games, baking, cooking, crocheting, learning (lol again :nerd_face:,) music and more. I am a Communications major, planning on double majoring with Political Science. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you want to talk. :smile:


Hello welcome!

I forgot to do this part myself lol thank you for reminding me

Name/nickname: Ana or Wry

Preferred pronouns: All or Any (She/They/Sir/Idc)

Where are you from: California but I live in New York.

What genres do you write: Mature: Teen drama, Dark Romance, Acrion, LBGTQ and a how to write POC guide


Dope im 26 but I like to say Im 30 lol

Love it

Me too! What is it about?

Dope! Just a tip where as I don’t mind talking about it try not to name drop out if Share your story. I’m only going to mod until site is running and it counts as advertising.

Adore it



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I adore it!

Yes get it girl!

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It is a romance. The main character is Ava who is a young bisexual woman. She feels alone in the world since her family has cast her out and has turned to alcohol. She spends time at a club/bar where she has met Clare, a lesbian bartender, who Ava has taken interest in. The bar’s owners and Clare’s bosses are Bradley and Avalon who are a couple themselves, but are taking a liking to Ava. Ava feels the same way. Ava is slowly making friends and finding love and is finally healing after pain and suffering. What is yours about? Also sorry about the poor explaining. Now good at explaining the story without giving a lot away.

Sorry, I didn’t know. I can erase it.

That’s awesome. What types of video games? Baking? Cooking?

Thank you!


Name/nicknames: Shauna
Preferred pronouns: she/her
Where are you from: Southern Ontario, Canada
What genres do you write: action/adventure, fanfiction, teen fiction, science fiction, fantasy

Hi everyone, I’m Shauna! I’m Cameroonian by ethnicity but I was born and raised in Canada. I love writing in a wide range of genres, but besides writing I love drawing, video editing, and playing rugby. So glad that Capital B is back!!


It’s fine I got it

Aniyah Price is a poly-amorous pansexual tech genius that created a sex-positive LBGTQ+ inclusive Kink app called YUM.

Problem is boyfriend is as vanilla as they come. The British lawyer convincing her to try something very new, monogamy.

Things get complicated when her company hires Isaac Gareth, to mand their next campaign. Aniyah having a hard time ignoring her attraction to him, and her first love, Elizabeth Sousa, the creator of YUMs newest competitor willing to stop at nothing to make the company a relic of the past.

Basically, twenty something navigates, life, love, and lust the tag line is "Love is hard but sex is always one click away"

I write a lot of mature stuff.

Nah you do you just reference for later

RPG and shooters

Anything. My mom is a health freak so I make everything from scratch if I can.

I mostly stick to my cultural dishes, Soul food, African/Caribbean dishes Italian/Spanish recipes and some Chinese I learned from my grandma Korean I learned from my exes mama,

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HEY! welcome back its going to be a bit quiet some people don’t want to jump on until glitches are gone.

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Hey hey hey!.

Name/nickname: My real name is Mathias but for the sake of pronunciation I go by MT.

Preferred pronouns: He/Him

Where are you from: I was born and raised in Maryland but I currently live in Richmond, VA with my fiancee.

What genres do you write: I write supernatural based erotica and romance I’m hoping to become one of the foremost Black male writers in the genre.

On a side note, I’m so happy to see CapitalB come back!. Lets make this thread as strong if not stronger than it was before.


Hey friend hey


haha no worries. i can’t wait to see this grow though as more people come on. i’m honestly so glad people took the time and effort to remake the forums on here. hopefully things will be better :relaxed:


Hey hey hey!. I’m beyond excited to see these forums back.


Sorry late response.

That sounds like an interesting story and a good idea.

I write mature for violence and language but will attempt for sexual content. Though mature stuff can make things interesting.:laughing:

Same! Though I also do simulation and strategy and action. I love the Dragon Age series and Mass Effect series. The Elder Scrolls are awesome too.

Making things from scratch is healthy. You know what goes in.

That’s awesome. I want to learn how to do more dishes. Finding new ones slowly.


Hi Shauna. How are you?


Hi MT. How are you?


you know i was thinking this randomly today, right? XD i was like dang wry just got so much inspo. xD


so i got into Capital B hecka late before, so here i am near the beginning, woohoo!