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Soo I think people have seen me post a lot of picrews about her, she‘s my newest character obsession :joy:
This could help flesh out her character too

Story: Kingdom of Cursed Sands (not decided on a title yet)

Name: Lilian

Age: 29 ~ 30

Species: Human

Appearance (eye color, height, fashion, etc.):
Hair: Straight, orange
Eyes: Dark grey
Height: About 5’5"
Fashion: Often wears dark colors, like black, purple, or red, with silver or gold

Two picrews for reference

Family: Parents alive, no role in the story tho

Religion: Haven’t developed this yet

Magical powers: Specializes in shadow magic

Skills: Research, magic knowledge, basic potion-making knowledge, spell-casting, geesetrich riding

Flaws: Stubborn as hell sometimes

Hobbies: Caring for her two geesetriches (made up the name on the spot :joy: they’re like geese that are the size of ostriches, you can ride them too!), reading, walking around her home kingdom (includes window shopping), traveling

Love interest: Potentially Octavio (the necromancer king)

Status in Story: Protagonist

Anything else: Her teaching assistant (and assistant around the house) is an android named Aleksei. She is a professor at an academy, where she teaches a course on “advanced” types of magic (such as shadow magic). Her newest research project involves documenting “taboo” magic, with her latest target being necromancy. As far as she, Aleksei, and her mentees know, necromancy wasn’t considered taboo in one specific kingdom, so she plans to travel there and gather data.


That makes sense

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Zix. Spelt with a ‘X’ but pronounced as a ‘Z’


Amneris’ ones she got out of boredom and an act of rebellion against how people ‘should’ view their Queen. But mostly she just likes it. They actually change as the story progresses

Xix’s current one is the Mark of the Southern Mine where she was imprisoned for a few centuries

Shadow Magic is her natural magic - the thing she was born with.
Silent Magic is the power she gets from the God Naka who is one of the two First Beings.

moved her age to the right line :joy:

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Soz gotta complete the trio. It’s nearly 1am but I’m determined.

Name: Hidayat, “I’m so sick of your BS, Isaac” Hayaari

Age: ~18

Religion: Yorymh

Personality: Believes strength defines all and refuses to show weakness. Infatuated by his elder brother’s sociopathy and aspires to be like him. Known to be extremely irritable and aggressive. Authoritarian personality traits and very dismissible towards ‘lesser’ people. Actually acting from a deep-seated belief of worthlessness. Highly self-destructive, dysfunctional, and oppositional. Strong physical prowess, and often oscillates between enjoyment of inflicting pain and deep regret.

Actually a rather tragic character. Broke emotionally eventually and tried to shift to being a better person, but too many people had vendettas against him at that point.

Love Interest: I don’t think anyone, but Mariyaari is growing on me badly

Random Fact: Surprisingly into sewing and embroidery, but would 100% hide this behind necessary repairs or something.

Role: Descendent Antagonist, Ascendent Protagonist




Lol I just made a trio. Will I paint the full cast of 18? Hmm.

Story: ?The Shadow of the Stars (working title)

First appearance: Three Thousand Suns (short story)

Name: Torgyn

Age: 87 years

Appearance: Tall and slender, pale eyes, weathered face, long beard, tanned complexion, crooked fingers and teeth. Wears a roughspun robe and carries a wooden walking stick. Warm and noble countenance

Personality: Ascetic, patient, compassionate. Says few words, philosophical, always finding the good in humanity. Honours duty, but that comes into conflict when violence is involved. Resentful of the past, insecure in his powers and his ability as a teacher. Fears death, and the fate of his people once he is gone

Rank: Sorcerer/ holy man

Skills: Healing, blessings, bilocation, petty magic


Torgyn was once one of three Saventai, the most powerful sorcerers in existence, who learned to harness the power of light. Torgyn (known as Elloro back then) commanded the sun; he prolonged harvests, saved civilisations from deep winter and healed the sick. In the Wars of Light, he defeated the Lord of Shadows, and together with the other Saventai, destroyed their knowledge and almost all of their powers. After the wars, he exiled himself to the deserts to live as an ascetic, accepting the truth that men were never meant to have that much power


Torgyn is now a holy man devoted to the worship of the sun. He travels across the deserts with his acolytes, healing and giving blessings. He is training his closest and most promising acolyte, Efras, in every magic in order to take his place once he dies

In the Desert of Khiga, he is presented a baby to bless. He receives an omen that the baby will grow up to be a Saventai. He knows he should kill the baby; he doesn’t have the doesn’t heart to. He places a curse instead: the baby will live for three thousand suns. He tells Efras to watch over the baby and stifle its power

Status in story: The sage archetype. Antagonist in Three Thousand Suns. Main character/ mentor in The Shadow of the Stars

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Badass grandma witch

Story: ?The Shadow of the Stars (working title)
First appearance: The Knight, the Wife and the Cat (short story)

Name: Mamo Bet

Age: 89 years

Appearance: Very short and plump. Dark eyes, wrinkled face though not unsightly, pale skin, patchy head of white hair. Has a hunch and a limp. Wears a black hood, carries a walking stick made of unicorn horn (the one in the portrait is her wand, not the walking stick). Grandmotherly demeanour

Personality: Witty, persuasive, romantic. Loves a good banter and loves gossip. Moody and easily irritable at the same time. Has an explosive anger and holds a grudge like no other. Tells it like it is. Not especially concerned with ethics but cannot stand liars. Regrets not having a family of herself and is deeply sad about the loss of her powers. Fears being discovered as a Saventai.

Rank: Village witch/ midwife

Skills: Fortune-telling, midwifing, soulcasting, petty magic


Mamo Bet was once one of three Saventai, the most powerful sorcerers ever known, who learned to harness the power of light. Mamo Bet (known as Ulia back then) commanded the stars; she influenced the fate of entire kingdoms, damned cities with natural calamities (also saved some from them), healed livestock and commanded an army of animals. She was a political pawn sought after by many kingdoms. After the Wars of Light, in which she destroyed almost all of her powers, she hid away in the mountain highlands of Heldania


Mamo Bet lives a solitary life in a hut outside Gunmer’s Village. Young men and women in the village come to her for love charms, fertility spells and fortunes. Her only companions are her housecat and her errand-boy Jossifer, whom she loves as her child (she won’t actually admit this though)

One day in the village, she overhears a band of knights talking about their quest for the Wand of Ulia — a weapon she’d used in the wars — and decides to retrieve it. She asks Jossifer to get it for her. Jossifer agrees, but he gets gravely wounded in a duel the day before. Determined not to lose him, Mamo Bet transfers Jossifer’s soul into the body of the housecat. She has no choice but to go on the quest herself, with Jossifer (the now talking cat) and Maribel (the runaway housewife whom Jossifer duelled for) at her side

Status in story: The outlaw archetype. Main character in The Knight, the Wife and the Cat. Mentor/ main character in The Shadow of the Stars

Fun fact: She and Torgyn used to be lovers back in the day

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The triptych is complete, I’ll stop now. Sorry for the spam lol.

Story: ?The Shadow of the Stars (working title)

First appearance: The Tides of Longing (short story)

Name: Calys, Queen of Dur

Age: 78 years

Appearance: Average height and hale. Red hair, green eyes, sharp jawline. Rosy skin with freckles. Looks much, much younger than her age because of her magic. Wears elegant gowns decorated with precious gems, especially pearls. A strong presence; regal, beautiful and hostile

Personality: Determined, disciplined, clever, and popular. Has a drive for knowledge and learning, though she is mainly using it for her own benefit. Vain, scheming and for the most part, apathetic. Will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals and gets extremely frustrated when things don’t go her way. Has bouts of paranoia that someone will betray her. Biggest fear is not being able to recover the lost knowledge of the Saventai

Rank: Queen

Skills: Pelomantil (combat magic), dream-walking, mind-reading


Calys, at a very young age, became the acolyte of the third Saventai Vilfazer, who harnessed the moon. When Vilfazer harnessed the darkness and became the Lord of Shadow, she urged him to teach her the power of the moon. And so, she became a fourth Saventai; she communed with the dead, controlled the tides of rivers and oceans, brought rain and cured fatal illnesses. In the Wars, she was on her master’s side until the latter years, when she betrayed him and joined the other Saventai in defeating him. After the wars, she married a king and had seven children. Unlike the other Saventai, she did not go into hiding. In the Kingdom of Dur, she and her army trains sorcerers in combat magic


Present: Calys is the most powerful sorcerer in the world. She has relearned the ability to commune with the moon (but not command it) and has been using it to remain young. The moon always demands a sacrifice — a virgin maiden to be drowned in the river of Dur. This time, it demands her only daughter Rooney, and is starting to dry the river up and is starting to take her youth away. But the only thing she loves in the world is her daughter and needs Rooney’s magical talents in her quest to relearn the magic of the Saventai

Status in story: The magician archetype. Antagonist in The Tides of Longing. Antagonist in The Shadow of the Stars

What’s that? What do they do?

How did she get her power?

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Lyriumians and Terpolites are the local inhabitants of the beings who make up the God Worlds (Lyriumia and Terpola). They keep watch over all Creation and maintain Balance

Xix’s family was chosen waaaaaaaay back to hold Naka’s power. She eventually inherited it as the last direct descendant of the First King despite being very much against the entire thing

Lol I forgot I’d meant to do this, so here’s Kitty!

Full name: Catriona Thackery
Nicknamed Kitty, or Cat.

She’s an 18-19 year-old British girl in 1890s England. Half-Scottish from her mother’s side.

Dark chestnut hair, with copper highlights in the sun, grey-green eyes, and freckles :heart:

She’s spunky and smart and spoiled rotten, having been the youngest child in a large, close-knit family. This being the Victorian era, though, she’s also experienced some corporal punishment that would be considered abusive today, so despite her effervescent, affectionate nature, she’s also got some dark memories to work through.

Not to mention that her adventurous spirit is stifled by Vicorian society norms, so she struggles to fit in because she doesn’t like to be alone, while craving independence, self-fulfilment, agency.

Oh, and she’s got a little crush that makes her feelings all complicated :face_with_hand_over_mouth: