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Do you have a character (or more) that you love talking about and want to show off? Here’s the place for you! Introduce your character and share as much as you want! Don’t forget to put your story’s name at the very bottom in case someone wants to read it!

Please limit every post to one singular character. You can post as many times as you want! Don’t forget to start conversations about each other’s characters and ask questions.

Example things to write about your characters: age, full name, where they come from, genre they’re from, siblings, religion, magic powers, species, height, skills, love interests, etc.


Ryker’s age is unknown at the moment. However, he looks to be in his early to mid twenties.

Ryker Atlas.

The Shadowlands of Gloriosa.


None in a sense.

Doesn’t care about religion.

Type 1 Magecraft.

Mage Machina (an completely human robot that can use magical powers).

Cooking, Cleaning, Farming, Helping others, and fixing broken electronics.

Doesn’t have one and most likely won’t.

That is all I got for the time being.


That’s pretty cool. I like the half robot thing.

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It’s really hard to explain.

But if you sat Ryker next to a human, he looks like any other ordinary human being minus the eyes. The eyes are digital and look bionic or something. That is the only way you could tell that Ryker is physically different from humans. That and the fact that he can wield magical powers.

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My character is Leouch Blisque. He has a twin sister, Mori, and nearly 20 step siblings. They all have different shades of purple eyes due to their magic bloodline.
He’s nineteen and is Valacian, a race that gets put down socially because they practice magick and didn’t participate in the war. But he’s going to try to make it better if he becomes king.
He doesn’t follow the nation’s religion but he respects it enough. He has nothing against religion but doesn’t find it important.
He lives in Euphinia in the first world, Nilreth.

It’s a genre Fantasy with a Murder Mystery- Majesty: Royal Vying

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I like the eye thing. I like to focus on eyes in my stories. They can tell you a lot about a person.

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That is my problem. I really don’t do this with my characters. I’ve got werewolves, lizard people, elves, disgruntled virgin wizards, mercenaries, a cussing half-dwarf half-Angel who wears an exoskeleton, a human mimic, gemstone fairies that are more like the locust in Revelation or the tooth fairies in Hellboy, a dragon whose name is the sound of swallowing back fire, a siren, just all sorts of fantastic beasties with pretty interesting personalities…

But spend time just going on about them?

That’s harder to do.

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Character: Freyja Mendel

Age: 14 (in 2016, when my story is set)

Nationality: Israeli

Story Genre: Young Adult (although I might change this to general fiction)

Siblings / Family: None

Religion: Informally or culturally Jewish (and a little bit Viking Pagan)

Species: Hybrid human female clone (prototype)

Height: 160cm

Appearance: Flawless olive skin, long dark hair, muscular / athletic build, emerald eyes with neon green streaks (the whites of her eyes magnify reflected light, so they often shimmer / glow), overdeveloped figure (an apparent side-effect of her rapid growth).

Clothing Style: At first Freyja dresses in buttoned cotton shirts, thick jeans and hiking boots (copying Dov; a former Australian Commando) but later develops a tenacious preference for designer / tailored suits (copying Krista; an Israeli teenager / Germanic baroness).

Magic Powers: None. The story is set in the real world (with one sci-fi element). However, Freyja does present rapid healing, acute senses, immense strength and endurance, an ability to learn by immersion or observation, high emotional intelligence, and mild / passive night, thermal and sonar vision…Freyja will learn to combine her senses (and cybernetic eyes) to ‘see’ in absolute darkness…

Skills: Not many at first. Freyja doesn’t know anything about her body, her origin, or the world around her (no memories of a past life). However, Freyja’s cyber-enhanced brain was pre-loaded with a vast multi-lingual vocabulary. She can translate between Russian, Hebrew, German, and English without pause.

Love Interests: None (kind of). Freyja soon treats Krista like a close sister / intimate friend. Freyja also displays unquestioning devotion to, and an instinctive bond with, Dov.

Brief Background: Freyja was created in secret by Dr Lander. Freyja looks like a ‘typical’ Israeli teenager, however she has only existed for four years and been a self-sustaining life form for two weeks. The story begins when she first wakes up. Freyja is (mostly) the clone of a young kibbutz girl, Aviva, who died protecting her new friend / ‘adopted’ brother, Dov, from a Gaza rocket. Dov is tasked with nurturing and mentoring Freyja, with Krista’s help, teaching Freyja about the world, how to live / act as an Israeli teenager, and how to fight as an Aussie SF soldier (so Freyja can protect herself and her new friends)…Dov also gave Freyja her name. A reference to the Norse goddess and the Jewish Shabbat, when they first meet…


More just one specific character at a time. Just to show off all that hard work and dote on your special people.

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Name: Richard

Age: It’s hard to tell when you are immortal and have lived four different lives in the past with four different birthdays. He’s on his fifth life now. He became immortal when he turned 32, so now he looks like a 32 year old man with a handlebar mustache. 32 is the golden age in his opinion. Not too old and not too young in any era. Currently he lives in the 1850s in a U.S.A-inspired country called United Arcan.

Religion: He’s not aetheist, but he’s not entirely sure about the existence of god because his demon companion has told him not even demons are sure.

Species: Despite immortality, he considers himself a human.

Siblings: Only in his current, fifth life does he have a younger sister. He does not keep in touch and doesn’t want to see her. He does love her, but “it’s complicated”.

Magick Powers: Richard, over the course of his lives, has contracted with the same demon and gained new powers each time. He can see glimpses of the future, he can astral project himself and talk to spirits in the spirit realm or interrupt mediums with their sessions, he can change his face and voice into any man who is 32 years old, and he can teleport.

Skills: Apart from powers, Richard has also accumulated skills over the course of his lives. They are: stealth, assassination skills, swordsmanship, archery, physical combat, command over languages (this is half magick and half his skill), fighting medieval style from atop a horse, cooking, piano, teaching any subject, forgery, and charismatic leadership.

Flaws: He can’t sing and he’s sour about it. He’s a narcissist and would argue narcissism is not a flaw.

One interesting thing about him: Richard has contracted with a demon whom he nicknamed Charcoal and calls him Charlie, Charles, or C. Charcoal lives in Richard’s shadow and you never get to see his full face. But he’s like a pleasant British gentleman. The two get along like bickering brothers who still care for each other.

Status in Story: Richard was the side villain in “The Facade of Quad in Nimrod” where he was the head of an assassin organization called the Red Circle. He’s one of the main characters in the companion novel, “Alive At Crespusculum”, which focuses more on his life after “Facade of Quad” along with the unforgiveable, dark deeds he does with a smile on his face.

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Another character from Freyja’s story…

Character: Dov Shaul

Age: 28 (in 2016)

Nationality: Australian. Now lives in Be’er Sheva, Israel, with Freyja and Krista (and Krista’s extended family, a silvering band of ex-SF mercenaries).

Siblings: Three younger brothers, all living in different parts of the world / Australia, no longer in contact.

Religion: Agnostic Norse Pagan (Viking heritage). Also somewhat culturally Jewish. Dov’s family had a generations-long friendship with the Jewish community (hence his name).

Height: 195cm

Appearance: Unblemished youthful features, always clean-shaven, light tan, short black hair, hazel eyes, heavyset muscular build, no scars or visible injuries / signs of past damage, soft calm voice, and a gentle friendly smile.

Clothing Style: Dov prefers function and durability over fashion. He often wears polo or long-sleeve buttoned shirts, jeans or utility pants, and military or hiking boots. Dov also has an old Army jacket and a fleece-lined Army tracksuit (from his time in the ADF) but he rarely wears them. A frustrated Krista is set to coerce / bribe Dov into wearing more elegant attire (designer suits and leather shoes). Krista wants Dov to be a good role / fashion model for Freyja, and to dress in a manner that would make other millionaire aristocrat teenagers jealous of the girls.

Magic Powers: None. However, Dov has considerably high pain threshold and rapid healing (Viking heritage), and he is quite wise, considerate, and intuitive despite his youthful simplistic appearance.

Skills: Dov grew up on a farm outside Toowoomba, Australia, where he learnt to drive most things with four or more wheels. Dov and his brothers also developed exceptional strength, endurance, and cross-country navigation / pathfinding as most of their home-time was spent working with / taming large horses and cattle. Dov had little interest in academia, unlike his more book-smart brothers, so Dov joined the Australian Commandos after high school (while his brothers dispersed to different universities). Dov became a ‘natural’ tracker / sniper and was sent to Afghanistan straight after training, which further developed and refined his skillsets. Occasionally Dov represented the Australian Army in football (AFL) and boxing matches (he rarely lost). On Dov’s third tour he proved no less efficient with medium machine guns and fire-support coordination. Oh, Dov only knows Australian English.

Love Interests: None. Much to the bemusement of Dov’s new housemates (and to Krista’s relief). Dov believes looking after Freyja, and dealing with Krista’s antics, will keep him too busy and exhausted for dating anyway…Krista’s insistence on keeping Dov focused on Freyja doesn’t help either (she soon becomes hyper-protective of their bond)…

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I’ll be back with a list of posts for all the OCs I want to talk about :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Girl (I checked your pronouns so I hope this is ok), I will read and heart every one of your character posts. Go off n tell me them allllllllllll

And to round out the main character trio here’s another entry…

Character: Krista Gallant

Age: 14 (in 2016)

Nationality: Israeli

Siblings / Family: Wolff (German father), Polanski (Russian mother), Gur (older brother by six years, deceased), Karen (Adoptive Aunt, Israeli billionaire), Karen’s mercenaries (all act as extended family, most live in Karen’s villa, their original members include Krista’s parents).

Family Life: Loving and supportive yet also distant and chaotic. Polanski and Wolff were always dedicated to their children but also incompatible with any other profession. Warriors aren’t trained to retire ~ The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi So they tried to live as both mercenaries and parents. As a result of their ‘home life’ Gur and Krista raised each other, and became exceptionally close. Even when Karen’s mercenaries were home, the siblings were never found apart.

In 2014 Gur, then serving with the IDF paratroopers, was killed in the Gaza War. Gur’s loss shattered Krista, and she viewed this event as an act of betrayal / declaration of war by the adult world (hence her confronting nature, see below).

Gur’s loss affected Krista’s relationships with her parents too. The (adult-in-miniature) Krista treats them as dear friends / companions not as family. A future quote from Krista; their little girl died with Gur. Well, most of the time. Krista still calls her father ‘Wolfie’, and Wolff adopted this nickname as his formal call-sign to honour / preserve their old bonds.

Religion: Lapsed Christian, (proudly) culturally Jewish…By her nature Krista is considered by her extended family to be an honorary Sabra (Jewish-Israeli)…

Height: 145cm

Appearance: Angled features, crystal blue eyes, long blonde mane, slight tan, light athletic build, no scars or visible damage, energetic cheerful / cheeky voice.

Clothing Style: Tailored / designer clothing only. Mass-produced clothes are forbidden. Has a preference for form-moulded shirts and turtle-neck jumpers, short skirts, and her signature hooded red leather jacket.

Magic Powers: Well, she can convers with adults at their own level (and often outwit them), order around ex-Special Forces mercenaries like a school-yard bully, takes a fearless / domineering approach to meeting strangers, and she possess an adult’s wisdom and a cynical view of the outside world.

Skills: Self taught symphony-orchestra level violinist (but she only played for Gur); proficient in Krav Maga, kick-boxing, and gymnastics (never competed); Olympic-accuracy with a .22cal pistol; fluent in German, Russian, Hebrew, English, and in how to argue like a ‘typical Israeli’ with these languages. Krista also displays a distinct talent for using her model-like aesthetics, scathing wit and sexualised humour to unnerve / torment / berate any adult she meets (her best weapon and defence against the treasonous world).

Love Interests / Romantic Life: None. Despite Krista’s relentless flirting, and related humour, she lost interest in adolescent / teenage relationships (and drama) long ago. Krista always possessed a more mature mindset than her school peers (except for Gur), and she only had a few friends. To adapt a quote from the book The Last of the Wind Ships, she had no friends because she had no equals. When Gur was killed Krista became closed off to anyone outside of her family. Except for Freyja and Dov who are set to become Krista’s closest friends / Inner Circle (Krista formally ‘adopts’ Dov and Freyja after their first orchestra outing together, a reward for their loyalty and achievements, and Krista gifts Freyja her Amati violin).

Oh, one reason why Krista is so protective of / focused on her new friends, and their bond, is she’s desperate to spare Freyja from the same remorse and isolation Krista experienced when Gur was killed (and Krista is keen to not relive those experiences herself).

Okay, I’m back. I don’t have much detail on this character yet, but I like her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Since my next scene to edit in my story focuses on her, I thought it would be a good exercise to do this.

Character: Abhishree “Shree” Meghani

(I made this in ArtBreeder and edited the photo in PicMonkey afterwards to get those lavender eyes and airbrushed skin.)

Age: 15 (at the time of the story, just turned 15)

Nationality: So, she’s from an alternative Earth where all country names are different. In our world, she would be Indian-Hispanic.

Species: Human

Eye color: Lavender, inherited from her dad.

Religion: She’s still figuring this out. Her mom is Muslim.

Siblings: None. She’s an only child. She’s always wished for an older sister.

Family: Mom and Dad are divorced. Her mom, Hamini Meghani, used to be an assassin belonging to an organization (Shree does not know this about her mom). Her dad, Fernando Sorientto, used to be the CEO of a massive trading company that has since gone bankrupt. Her parents don’t get along, but Shree feels closer to her father than her mother despite he rarely gets to visit her. Her love for adventure comes from him.

Skills: Black belt in karate, but only so she can defend herself. Doesn’t make her any less girly.

Hobby: Reading and journaling. She likes dreaming of traveling the world and meeting a boy during her travels.

Status in Story: She’s an important protagonist. She appears in “Dead By Sunrise” which is the sequel of “Alive At Crepusculum”.

Shree is also open to receiving questions if you have any for her: here

Here’s one of my support characters that needs some refreshing / detailing.

Character: Hannah Gavish

Age: 22 (in 2016)

Nationality: Israeli-ish. Hannah was born to Spanish parents in an Israel-registered private jetliner flying through international airspace. No one is certain what Hannah’s nationality is, but everyone claims she’s Israeli anyway.

Religion: Secular Jew.

Height: 175cm

Appearance: Olive skin, swept features, long dark hair, brown eyes, lithe muscular figure, no visible scars or damage, silken disarming voice with a direct commanding tone.

Siblings / Family: Elli (father, deceased), Julia (mother, deceased), Leon (step-brother, younger by four years), Karen (adoptive mother), Karen’s mercenaries (extended family), Zorik (Leon’s father, Karen’s first mercenary and closest friend). Julia was assassinated three days after Hannah was born, and Elli was killed in battle during the Kosovo conflict (1998, when Hannah was four). Hannah was formally adopted by Karen after Kosovo.

Home: Karen’s fortress-villa south of Be’er Sheva, Israel…All the characters mentioned live here…Oh, Hannah treats the villa’s library as her second bedroom / personal fiefdom.

Family Life: Hannah has an unyielding devotion to her family (mercenaries included), and she is hyper-protective of her brother. Hannah enlisted the IDF’s Military Intelligence with the belief that the more she knew of espionage and intel gathering the better she would become at hiding her family’s secrets.* Hannah also berated her brother into joining a ‘safe’ non-combat Army unit. Leon chose the role of Army Mechanic and discovered a natural talent with machines.


On their first meeting Hannah barely tolerates Dov’s presence in Karen’s villa, greeting him at gunpoint. When Hannah learns that Dov is a former Australian Commando,* caring for Freyja (introduced as an orphan), and both are staying as Karen’s guests / new housemates, Hannah relaxes a little and welcomes Dov and Freyja into her home. Although Dov is later cautioned by Hannah if he betrays Karen’s family, or makes Freyja cry, he will not see the next sunrise.

*An Australian Commando team saved Karen’s mercenaries from being wiped out in Kosovo.

Fashion: At home, Hannah is often seen roaming the villa barefoot in a loose singlet and shorts, with a suppressed Jericho pistol strapped to her thigh. In public, Hannah is always immaculately presented in designer attire (even her jeans and polo shirts are tailored), and the pistol resides in her handbag. Hannah’s military dress style hovers between the two standards. Hannah also drives a custom Alpina B6 saloon, which she loans to Dov. Hannah claims a girl like Freyja should never be seen in anything less.

Skills: Fluent in Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, with a functional knowledge of English and German. Military-level proficiency in Krav Maga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and knife fighting. A better sharp-shooter than her Army instructors (the pistol is not just a fashion accessory). Self-taught cello musician. All the mercenaries’ children are trained in or fans of Classical / Romantic-era music.

Love Interests / Romantic Life: Many but nothing lasts. Hannah displays a distinct preference for girls, especially naïve emotional orchestra students (and any girl Leon brings home). Hannah views these conquests as chances to test / hone her knowledge of the human psyche and how to use it (training to become the ideal spy / pre-emptive home defence). And Hannah views pinching Leon’s girlfriends as a form of quality control…any girl she can seduce is unworthy of her brother…Hannah’s acute interest in the physical aspects of intimate relationships along with her lack of genuine emotions** (and reluctance to discuss her family’s past) often limited her relationships to a few months at most.

Oh, as a running joke in the Gavish household, Hannah insists her first kiss came from Zorik. The traditional reply being that Hannah was less than three minutes old at the time, and it was CPR. Zorik delivered Hannah, but she was born not breathing…Hannah has warped humour…


Hannah is emotionally closed off and has great difficulty with trusting strangers. Some believe Hannah is terrified of experiencing the remorse and isolation she witnessed her housemates suffer, every time their companions do not return from battle. Especially Krista’s reaction to the loss of her brother, and also Hannah’s own reaction to Elli’s death (ref. Kosovo).

Hannah never displays grief or remorse around others, even her family, and seems impervious to it. However, the loss of loved ones has devastating effects on her. On some pre-dawn mornings Karen finds a shivering Hannah with tear-streaked cheeks sleeping by the foot of the mercenaries’ Memorial Wall, clutching an empty wine bottle.