Dear lord, mentally, why in the living heck is this woman so powerful?!

Nirvana is WAY TOO OVERPOWERED! I love and hate it so much!

Here are her other aliases:

  1. Anna/Annika is the calmer yet nicer version of Nirvana.
  2. Nym is the serious, stoic, yet sophisticated version of Nirvana.
  3. Syrus is a male alter ego of Nirvana who is vain, sex-crazed, LIKE FIGHTING WAY TOO MUCH, and so physically beautiful that the most beautiful human in appearance hideously ugly in appearance.

Nirvana is the super ultra mega version of an eldritch abomination that makes zero sense…power wise. Personality wise, she is crazy, violent, evil, moody, awkward, and let’s not forget the manliest female ever.

I am still exploring this woman far as personality. But power wise, she is WAY TOO indestructible and invincible. I LOVE having her that powerful, but I also hate it too!

It’s like I am showing favoritism towards this woman when her powers alone can change the tide of the stories of Alagossia…if she wanted to…she can.

She is truly a weapon that can slay the most powerful gods and eldritch monsters/abominations…but doesn’t.

Nirvana can end the entire multiverse and more…but won’t because that would bore her.

Make of this as you will…

I’m not complaining too much, but holy hell the way I see Nirvana in my mind is like a destructive force of cosmic nature that shouldn’t even be possible.

I know I will NEVER reveal this story to anyone because these are my precious babies who I want to enjoy for purely my benefit alone, but Nirvana is like some parody of every single badass male anime/manga/webtoon character that is ungodly OP when push comes to shove, but a female who is deranged and evil as sin.

I am strongly contemplating on making her a mixture of having kind/nice/friendly moments to being an evil psychopath when shit hits the fan.

Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: I would love for her to fight against Saitama from One Punch Man, Son Goku from Dragon Ball, or some other anime character or a maybe a Marvel or DC comic book character.

Don’t want her to win, but nor do I want her to lose.
It’s weird like that. LOL!

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The only person or rather being who can actually go toe to toe with Nirvana in a brawl and even matches her when it comes to being insanely powerful is Genesis.

But Genesis and Nirvana is actually ONE DAMN PERSON! I am not joking, my mind is bonkers right now.

However Genesis can split from Nirvana and become her own person. Yet Genesis is considered the big good while Nirvana is the big “bad”.

Also, if Genesis and Nirvana fought, they will fight each other FOR A VERY LONG ASS TIME only for the battle to end in some fucking tie…geez!

If I write a story focusing on Nirvana and her “wacky” yet epic ass hell adventures…there has to be serious changes to her entire being…somewhat.

Originally, Nirvana was never meant to be the leader of The Sisterhood of Sin, I have no idea what she was originally suppose to do, but being a leader of an all-female organization comprised of the most powerful yet wicked women is not one of those things…or is it?

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The flaw I use with such creatures is twofold:

  1. No finesse. Yes, she should be able to have the difference down between blowing up the world and merely moving a tetonic plate several feet, but I tend to make sure they can’t do the small fiddly stuff well. Say their friend is strapped with a bomb, and your character could implode the bomb (inverse of explosion, like a mini black hole), but since that’s a fiddly little area the size of a vest at most, and a miniature black hole is the size of a griwn of sand, she’d accidentally suck her friend in like a spaghetti noddle, not just collapse the bomb.

  2. The arrogance of Superman:
    The moment Superman decided not to hold back - YouTube

Finally coming across something that you can beat up at full strength is worth sneering at and going full-bore on.



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@NotARussianBot, @Akje, @copyedit, @alenatenjo, @JohnnyTuturro, and @TheTigerWriter:

I got to know your thoughts and feelings on this “humorous” thing.

LOL! :sweat_smile:


Makes sense that someone named Nirvana would be powerful to me

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She could basically snuff out the life of anyone, but does she have pretty priveledge?

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Holy shit, you are right! I totally wasn’t thinking that!

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You are basically making Zoroastrianism here but with less depression

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Dear god! My mind is something to be feared!


Can her fighting music and theme tune be “Come As You Are”? Please.

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What would an entire story with this woman as the main character even look like? :thinking:

Nirvana’s story and adventures need to be told in a way that The Breakers or Red Reign can’t.

She needs to be center stage.


Alright, it is official, I am going to write an entire story focusing on Nirvana.

Wish me luck. :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s really interesting when writers lean in to OP characters. you have to commit to the bit hard tho

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Really? That’s good to know.

What do you mean? Forgive my stupidity and misunderstanding.

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not forgiven, go stand in the corner u^u

i just mean like, stick to what you establish.

i just finished a book where the big bad antagonist who was ceo of a tech company and who’s power let him monitor the entire internet… got hacked by a fourteen year old because the password to his home computer was one single word, all caps, no numbers. And then he spent the rest of the book not noticing that fourteen year old doing important things online. Didn’t make for a very compelling plot.

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Ah, alrighty then.

Honestly, I am thinking the biggest betrayal and plot twist in The Breakers involves Nirvana entirely.

Spoilers below (but that won’t stop you or anyone else):


The plot twist would be that it was Nirvana who caused the Rhaks to lose to the Firstlings in some way or form that Renna tries to stop her, but she ended up disappearing and becoming Elred in the process. Yet Nirvana caused the Firstlings to suffer in their own way even though they “won” against the Rhaks.

Her reason for doing this is because of the whole “gods are bored and seek pleasure in their own twisted way” shtick.

It is also that Nirvana isn’t even a Rhak nor a Firstling, but something far more sinister and dangerous.

Which poses questions like, what is she truly after and does she have the potential to be the major antagonist of the whole story?

I have been thinking about this while I was washing dishes no less.

Dear god, my mind is wonky as hell!

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