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Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday :smiley:

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Hopefully your day is going better than mine. My husband and I just closed on a house last week in another state, and were very adamant throughout the buying process we didn’t want an HOA since we didn’t want anyone being able to tell us how to live our life and when we have to mow our lawn etc etc. Just found out that the house we bought is in one of these super elitist and ridiculous HOA’s and we weren’t informed of that during the process.

Congrats on the house but oh no! I think HOAs are ridiculous. I hope there’s something you can do about that, at least recoup some money from the real estate company that ignored that little detail.

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happy Monday to you too! I will finally be getting a start date this week for my new job and will be able to give notice at my current soul sucking job. (Maybe I could make a horror story out of this experience)

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Oof nooo if it makes you feel any better, an investor is coming over this week and I’m already stressing and just hoping we break even :frowning: thankfully the realtor is real good and patient, but dang, it’s nerve wracking. But you’re hanging and I’m proud of you!!

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Please do hahaha! But I’m glad you’re making a change, a bad job environment literally dictates your mood and being positive lasts only so long lol :joy:

Thank you! If we are being honest, (I work in real estate) It’s no one’s fault but my own. In the contracts, it states that it’s the buyer’s job to seek that info out and search for it. The only reason I’m super mad about it is because I searched the website for the HOA for hours, read through so many covenants and restrictions, and couldn’t find a single thing. The only way I was able to access the rules was by emailing the HOA directly since I had a question about one of their amenities. She was able to send me the link to them and they were on a completely different website and the link doesn’t even have the HOA name in it. So how the hell was I supposed to find it? So there’s no fault to the realtor, the attorney’s office, or the lender. If there’s any fault it’s on me or the HOA company. I feel like that info should be sent to the buyers during the process since it is such a make-or-break piece of information.

I just come from a state where HOA’s are not normal and they are the uppity rich houses that have them. Basically gated communities and elitist attitudes, so super not thrilled to be a part of that culture.

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Awe I hope that goes smoothly for you as well! And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s a low-end (or private) investment company and not a business that runs under the three that have been buying up houses left and right and ruining the market for buyers. -_- Blackstone has paid cash for so many houses here in WA state that it’s jacked the prices up so much. I’ve personally watched the prices go up over 200k since when we first bought here in 2018. But if the realtor is good and they are taking care of you, then everything should turn out just fine. :slight_smile:

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I am definitely hoping it’s good news and they truly are there for us. But they were recommended from the VA Loan/Veterans United and thankfully from start to finish they’ve been amazing. But I tend to think negatively and Im trying not to :joy:

Lol we finished those chapters real quick :joy::joy::joy: I love how each of the stories are unfolding though