Desert Desserts - Group Editing

Pleaseee do a Christmas book. I’m a sucker for holiday reads :joy::joy:

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DIRT!! Though both are pretty disturbing. But I feel “blood from the mouth” is a tropey vision. So, I think dirt works better!

Great! Ill send my Christmas book next haha :smile:

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Hello to all , I wanna join a group too if there is a empty spot in one :slight_smile:


Of course! Our next round starts Monday. :slight_smile:

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@Vintaginity II Sent Chtr 1 and character list I Awaiting new
@EKShortstories II Sent Chtr 1 and character list I Awaiting Chtr 26
@KnightofEmpires II Sent Chtr 1 and character list I Awaiting Chtr 15

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@Vintaginity II Sent Chapter 26 I Awaiting new
@TMinx804 II Sent Chapter 26 | Received Chapter 1
@KnightofEmpires II Catching up | Completed Ch.14

The Crew:
@Vintaginity (Full Book) [email protected]
@EKShortstories (Chapter 24-25) [email protected]
@TMinx804 (Full Book) - [email protected]
@akaiItachi (Chapter 1) - Email Needed

If you know anyone interested in joining, please send them a link to this thread. :slight_smile:

Hiatus due to inactivity:
@KnightofEmpires (catchup)

^Those on Hiatus are welcome and encouraged to join any week. I just don’t want to stress you out with too many chapters to catch up on. There’s no time limit on the hiatus as everyone is always welcome.

@EKShortstories || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Completed Chapter 26 & 27
@TMinx804 || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Recieved DOTM Prologue & Chapter 1
@KnightofEmpires || Sent Full Book (Nightmares) | Awaiting New Chapter.
@akaiItachi || Email Needed || Awaiting Chapter.

@akaiItachi - Would you like to read my halloween book called “Nightmares” or read the Christmas book that everyone else will be reading now? :slight_smile:

@everyone - Since I will be moving next week and driving across the country and you know settling in. I’m sending my full book. Once again I only require one chapter a week so don’t feel obligated to read all 12 at once and such. I shouldn’t fall behind on anything but just a heads up in case I do. We leave Monday morning and will probably be in our new state by the end of next week, if not the next weekend. :slight_smile: