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@TMinx804 || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Completed DOTM Chapter 10 & Completed Smear Chapter 9.
@akaiItachi || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Awaiting Chapter 10 of Spells.
@EKShortstories || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Awaiting chapters 36 & 37.
@Halfley || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Completed Chapters 5 of The Vanishing.
@KnightofEmpires || Sent Full Book (HC&C) | Awaiting chapters 20-30

Ive gotta catch up majorly this week. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I have it, not sure if I overlooked it or what. But it’s there!

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Aww, thanks! I went into it expecting this. I read somewhere that Stephen King got 80 rejections on Carrie when he queried it. So I don’t take it too personal. I would love to do an actual writing workshop with some of these professional authors but they’re so darn expensive! $400 is NOT in the budget for stuff like that in this economy!!

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You don’t have to tell me that twice, I have quite a few feelings about this economy and political situation we are in XD, but I’ll keep my mouth shut for the time being. Just glad to be in a different state, because though it’s not good it’s substantially better XD.

I think it really is just the right person at the right time sometimes. There are so many books that are published now days that I really feel like aren’t worth the paper they are on, but your story is good. Good stories get passed up and as frustrating as it is, there’s just so many options out there. I hope you also look into self-publishing potentially.

I’m glad you are in a better state. It’s so important to be happy/comfortable where you live.

And you’re absolutely right. It’s a big game of chance. I will give trad publishing a while but I haven’t taken self publish off the table. I feel like if you can get some reviews on social media, you have a good chance of taking off. We’ll see how it plays out. Gonna relax over the holidays and just write for fun for a bit. I finished 3 books this year, time to slow down. :slight_smile:

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Hello beautiful souls! I have missed you all! And welcome @Halfley <3 Thank you for your patience with me as I truly needed that month off. phew! Work was insane and luckily have some down time now this month to play catch up opn all your amazing works. I was able to sucessfully finish Nano and at the same time… my book cries Wolf and Hood was two years in the writing at over 200k, it’s two books in one lol. I will have to split this duology into a reluctant trillogy haha but when you all done with Blood & Cinders I will be sending this modern tale your way as I finally start on something new! My egyptian fairytale that has been itching to get written.

@TMinx804 || Sending Chaps 20-30 of B&C | Received DOTM Read to Chap 2 -Received Smear
@akaiItachi || Sent Chaps 1-10 of Blood & Cinders | Awaiting more chapters
@EKShortstories ||Sending Chaps 20-30 of B&C- | Starting Chaps 19-23
@Halfley || Sent Chaps 1-10 of Blood & Cinders| Received The Vanishing 1-5 (starting Chap 1)
@Vintaginity || Sending Chaps 20-30 of B&C | Recieved HC&C (starting chap 1)


All of this sounds so amazing and I’m so freaking excited. I was super happy to see the notification earlier today that you had sent more chapters! Also CONGRATULATIONS on finishing NaNo!

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Welcome back! I’m excited to read the rest of Blood and Cinders and your new books sound so good too. I LOVE Egyptian stuff so I’m super excited to see how that progresses. Do you have an outline for that?
Congrats on Nano. I’ve been tempted to join but each year I feel like there’s some crisis or major change happening and I can’t commit. Maybe next year!

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This!! 1000% I feel like November is the worst time of year to do something like this. Also, June or July when they do the one for those who don’t have time in November. XD Both months always seem so crazy busy to me.

I didn’t even know they did one in the summer. But yes, I feel like those months might not be the best either, with vacation and school ending, etc. Ugh, when is a good time, really? We’re probably always busy and either have to suck it up and make time or not lol.

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@Vintaginity II Sent Chtr 11 DOTM and Chtr 10 & 11 Smear I Completed Chtr 9
@EKShortstories II Sent Chtr 11 DOTM and Chtr 10 & 11 Smear I (hiatus)
@KnightofEmpires II Sent Chtr 11 DOTM and Chtr 10 & 11 Smear I (hiatus)
@halfley II Sent Chtr 11 DOTM and Chtr 10 & 11 Smear I Completed Chtr 3
@akaiItachi- II Sent Chtr 11 DOTM and Chtr 10 & 11 Smear (they’re short) I Completed Chtr 9

Yes the egyptian one is sort of half outlined as I do for all and then bang my head against a wall when I write myself into corners haha. I am a mix of panster and plotter lol (i need the mystery to keep myself entertained) but have the first three chaps done! I can send a teaser if you want? And would also LOVE feedback on it when it is done. And yes I belive in you next year we can crush Nano together!!! <3 Also sorry chapters are coming up tonight for Blood & Cinders- just doing a sweep. We had guests over and my whole weekend got derailed but back on track today!!! It will be spicy- you have been warned!


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The Crew:
@Vintaginity (Full Book) [email protected]
@TMinx804 (Chapter 9 & Chapter 10) - [email protected]
@Halfley (Chapter 1-5) [email protected]
@KnightofEmpires (Chapter 20 - 30) - [email protected]
@akaiItachi (Chapter 11) - [email protected]

If you know anyone interested in joining, please send them a link to this thread. :slight_smile:

Hiatus due to inactivity:
@EKShortstories (Chapter 31) - Moving Hiatus - Please let me know when you are ready.

^Those on Hiatus are welcome and encouraged to join any week. I just don’t want to stress you out with too many chapters to catch up on. There’s no time limit on the hiatus as everyone is always welcome.

Please do send the teaser!


Send it here too please

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I respond every week :smiling_face_with_tear:

@Vintaginity - Ch-7 completed, will do ch-8 (HC&C)

@TMinx804 - Ch 10(DOTM) and Ch-2 (Smear) completed, will review next chapters.

-KnightofEmpires - Chapter 4 completed(B&C) , will review next chapters

Updated till chapter 11 of Spells. Will try to upload ch-12 this week.

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Oh my gosh, Im sorry! Ill get you put back on the right section when I get on my computer. :face_with_peeking_eye: I know youve been responding! That was just a complete miss on my part since I dont do major updates every week.

@Vintaginity II Sent Chtr 12 DOTM and Chtr 12 Smear I Completed Chtr 10
@EKShortstories II Sent Chtr 12 DOTM and Chtr 12 Smear I (hiatus)
@KnightofEmpires II Sent Chtr 12 DOTM and Chtr 12 Smear I Completed 20B
@halfley II Sent Chtr 12 DOTM and Chtr 12 I Completed Chtr 4
@akaiItachi- II Sent Chtr 12 DOTM and Chtr 12 I Awaiting new

Hi! I’m new - Tammy Tyree [email protected] I write paranormal witch/demon mystery!


Welcome Tammy! I added you to both of my books. If you have any issues accessing them, let me know.

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