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Gotta love google and its limitations haha. I also sometimes have the issue where I cant comment on a comment only document. :upside_down_face: like how am I supposed to say/do anything with that haha?

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Just to let you know that I didn’t massively refused all of your suggestion on my docs!

I copy the full google doc with the comments and the suggestions, and then I deleted one half on one doc and the other half on the other doc, making it look like I rejected everything.
But that’s not the case ! I copy the whole thing especially to keep all the comments ! :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry if you been hit by a full email seeming that I agressively refused everything ! :pray::pray::pray::pleading_face:

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Ohh that may make it easier. But I specifically meant that reading on my laptop makes me strain my eyes. So, that’s why I wanted to read it on my phone. But if it’s split up, it may also make it easier for me give feedback. If Google Docs is limited, this much, I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I’m ready to share (when I’ve written a few chapters) my Dark Fae Romance.

I’ll keep it all in mind and try to give some feedback today.

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I personnally never have a problem with other people doc, either on my phone or my laptop. But it’s not the first time someone told me that my google docs are hard to load for some reason.

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I welcome all feedback. I write fast and I underwrite so I know I miss things and I always welcome knowing where I could add more details to beef up my word count.


Just out of curiosity, is anyone else writing with the intent to try to traditionally publish a book?

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Every time I try to write and finish a book. But I always call them “books” because to me they’re never really worthy of being called a book. Or to be published.


That’s my goal! Though this is only my second finished ms, and first attempt at editing at that.


I guess I’d never say never. But I’ve always written for my own enjoyment rather than with a publishing goal in mind. So being in this editing group is more just to make my books the best they can be for my own personal improvement.

What’s your overall goal?

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I have tried querying 2 books. The first I got a full manuscript request on but they passed. (When you query, you typically send in a query letter and the 1st 10 pages.) The 2nd- I have one full request out and await hearing back. I would love to trad pub. I will consider self-pub if trad doesn’t work out, and no matter what I’ll keep writing for fun. It’s a fun hobby that would also be cool if it went somewhere. :slight_smile:


Are you seeing progress with your writing? Don’t be discouraged. It’s really a long process to perfect your style. As long as you are making progress that’s great. Do you know how many people don’t even finish a story?? And besides all that, if it’s fun for you, it’s worth it.

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I’m seeing some progress, and I’m actually planning my stories. So that’s amazing.
But I’m struggling to keep writing and finishing my stories. I’m just — writing. And I want to be the one to finish a story this time around. Perhaps, two stories if the ONC prompts pay off. But I’m not entirely sure.

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That’s amazing - feels like you’re getting close!


@Vintaginity - Cake Toppers- Completed Chtr 2
@KnightofEmpires - Blood & Cinders- Completed Chtr 25B
@akaiItachi- Spells- Completed Chtr 15
@CarlaBlack - Ornella’s Fable- Completed Chtr 12
@Shea - Throne of Misery- Completed Chtr 8
@EKShortstories - Cold Creek- Awaiting new
@norwood515- The Reason Jude Exists- Completed Chtr 1

Added Chtr 22 to Smear and the last chapter of DOTM is posted. It will be up for 2 weeks, but if anyone wants to finish it and needs longer, let me know and I will keep you on access :slight_smile:


@TMinx804 - Smear - Ch1
@Shea - Throne of Misery - Ch1
@CarlaBlack - Ornella’s Fable - Ch1
@Vintaginity - Cake Toppers - Ch1

Waiting on book:

I’ve added Chapter 2 to Jude. Thanks for everyone’s comments on Chapter 1 - really useful!

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- The Desserts -

User || Book || Chapter # || Email ||

@Vintaginity || Cake Toppers || 3 || [email protected]

@TMinx804 || Daughters Of The Moon || 22 || [email protected]

|| Smear || 22 ||[email protected]

@akaiItachi || Spells || 16 || [email protected]

@CarlaBlack || Ornella’s Fable || 24 || [email protected]

@Shea || Throne of Misery || 9 || [email protected]

@Norwood515 || The Reason Jude Exists || 2 || [email protected]

@Halfley || New Story incoming || 0 || [email protected] ||

- The Deserts -

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@EKShortstories || Cold Creek || Catch up ||

- Brittani’s Tracking -

@TMinx804 || Daughters Of The Moon || 22 || 22

|| Smear || 22 || 22

@akaiItachi || Spells || 15 || 15

@CarlaBlack || Ornella’s Fable || 20 || 20

@Shea || Throne of Misery || 9 || 9

@Norwood515 || The Reason Jude Exists || 2 || 2

@Halfley || Story Incoming || 0 || 0

User || Book || Chapters Posted || Last Chapter Read ||

- Comments -

I have been commenting more than giving feedback. But, I try to incorporate feedback as much as I can.

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Commenting thoughts is just as important as feedback. 🩷 Both are helpful in different ways.

Okay!! Then I’ll get back to it as soon as I can

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