Did you get that reference? [Mythology/FolkloreVersion]

Depending on the story, there can be mythological or folklore reference pulls into some parts of the novel. Though this is also depending on the genre too, fantasy and science-fiction come strongly to mind, even horror and/or mystery.

I was wondering if anyone has done the same, ever. Even a little is fine with me. I say this because I have a nod to something from Greek Mythology in my next part (or chapter) coming up and man is it interesting to play with.

Aeris and her allies enter a palace where Remilia is residing in that she uses an illusion mist to keep intruders from reaching her. So, since Remilia is super skilled at it, she is going to place many obstacles in front of Aeris so that she won’t get to her through her mist powers. So, the title is a somewhat dead giveaway, though that can change in the editing stages.

The title is a nod to the Minotaur in the maze thing from Greek Mythology. My stories are a slight nod to many things from myth and folklore. The edits will make it more known when I polish it up. Like the whole Faust and Mephisto thing is a nod to Doctor Faustus or something like that. Then there’s Hyde and Jekyll too and many more.

But what about you? Tell me your thoughts and feelings?



Come on over and type your thoughts!

It can either be a small or large reference that you tossed in, whether intended or tended. I don’t care, just show me if you have any.

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Geez where do I start? :joy:

Amneris works in the Duat (Ancient Egyptian Underworld), Anubis is one of her childhood best friends, she has an ongoing “warrior rivalry” with Aries and Thor, Hel and Zeus basically hate her, she’s been banned from Nibiru because she helped the Anunna re-imprison Kurious in Kur, she and Marduk have an uh mutual respect and dislike for each other, Kali doesn’t like her very much, she really doesn’t like God but gets along okay with the Goddess, she keeps away from the Aztec Pantheon because they lowkey want to figure out how to kill her. The list goes on for a while.

Location wise, I have an even longer list. So we’ve got the Duat (duh) and Djew, the Nine Norse Realms and Yggdrasil, Greco-Roman realms, the 13 Aztec Heavens get mentioned, Nibiru, Yomi, Ne-no-kuni, Horai, Diyu, Mictlan, Takamagahara, the Eight Pillars, and a lot more I can’t remember because that particular folder is at home :joy:


I have to ask an honest question.

Does your stories focus primarily in the god’s realm or the god realm and other realms?

Are the primary characters gods and lesser gods or a bit of everything?

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A bit of everything. They pop up as required

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Damn, so your story focuses on well here what crazy and wild antics gods and other species get into without humans knowing about it???

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There are a few humans but they’re pretty rare :thinking: Mainly because this all happens in places they can’t access or there are barriers preventing them from seeing all this go down and because they’re generally oblivious :joy:

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Wow, I like that concept!

It’s slightly something I’ve been trying to do for my own stories that I want the Sovereign and the Court to be the focus.

So, it is just gods being wacky and wild and causing the universe fall into chaos sometimes.

Ha! That’s great!

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Honestly the main problem is that there’s so much to keep track of :joy: Most of these things are just mentioned in passing as “past adventures” but there are some I’m planning on writing that have taken a LOT of research. Then there’s the incident that is books 4-6 ;-;

If you’re planning on using so many realms as well, I recommend many whiteboards :joy:


Yeah, I bet!

I totally get that because in terms of world-building and lore, Alagossia NEEDS a lot of whiteboards, post-it notes, and a bunch of things.


So, I feel your pain, truly! :sweat_smile:

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holy sh- where can I read this story



Freyja is named after the Norse goddess.
Ashley is given the nickname Rusalka (a friendly reference to her albinism) by a tailor in Hungary.
My second novel’s title, One Army, Many Tribes, is Ashley’s reference to the quote about Israel: One Nation, Many Tribes.
Krista is sometimes called ‘Little Red’ in reference to her tailored hooded red leather jacket…She’s Little Red Riding Hood with an Israeli IDGAF attitude…
The title of my unfinished / abandoned story, The Golems Return, is a reference to the Jewish tale about stone golems. However, these are modern good golems; Karen’s mercenaries clad in full composite armor, protecting a Red Cross camp during the Kosovo conflict…Their armor was based on the Panzer suit from Jin-Roh
^Good luck getting through that.

Some cultural references…
Krista’s giant Steiff teddy bear (enlarged to match Krista’s size) is based on Aloysius from Brideshead Revisited (UK).

Krista’s Amati violin is borrowed from the Gunslinger Girl anime…

…As will be Freyja’s Benelli M4 (with wooden furnishings), a modern counterpart to Triela’s 1897 trench gun.

And the concept of Dov being part-clone, with a ‘upgraded’ left arm, is taken from the anime Armitage III, where Ross is part-robot with a replacement left arm. Although, Dov does not know his left arm is a new attachment (the surgery was performed in secret).

Krista’s brazen nature is also partly based on Naomi Armitage.

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Nuuuu! You always need to write it down!

My parents have accepted the fact that sometimes I’ll whip out my phone and when people call me out on being rude they go “oh she’s just plotting” :joy:

It gets really crazy, huh ;-;

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It’s multiple stories, thankfully :joy: And you can read the first two on Amazon now but I will be updating the covers and some of the interior of the ones currently there

We have:

  • Inter-Universal Protectors
  • Underworld Adventures
  • The Unlikely Adventures of Amneris Topanga

These are the ones where all those things either happen or are mentioned in passing :joy:


hm, I reference Metis death meals, and I think I’ll work in the northern lights as well.

I 100% missed the perfect opportunity to sneak in a whiitigo reference though. lol maybe i’ll add it, just for fun.

this current wip isn’t very fertile ground for folklore references :thinking: usually I pull from it a lot more because I love that area of study.

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alrighty, thank you!


I love Yokai, OK? If I have the oppurtunity to release the Night Parade of 10000 Demons, I will.

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She’s the goddess of love, right? Not only that the wife of Odin or something along those lines.

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Then do it when you get the chance.

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Do you have anything yourself?