Do you have an irrational fear? Yes or No?

You know it’s impossible in your head. You know it.

Still, it terrifies you.

If you don’t want to even talk about it, just say if you have an irrational fear or not and that you rather not even talk about it. It’s fine. I understand :blush:

Mine is falling up when I lay flat on my back where the ceiling is too high or when I’m outside on the grass or something.

Story time

This fear first started when I was about six. I used to love doing somersaults and then one day, I couldn’t do them. I became afraid that I would fall up. Then I couldn’t lay on my back where the ceiling was too high or where there was no ceiling.

Even today, about two decades later, I get such a fear that I’m going to fall up. I can’t go upside down either because I get that same feeling. I know a person is stuck to gravity and it’s impossible to fall up, but my heart starts to pound, I get so nervous, and I have to sit up.

It even makes me slightly nervous seeing other people do it. Not that I think that they will fall up. I start imagining myself doing what they are doing and I get nervous. But watching people do it is better than if I do it myself.


Stairs. Going down stairs while carrying something heavy or just going down stairs in general.

I am always careful when I go down the stairs because there have been times when I fell down the stairs when I was younger.

I refuse to let that happen now and it scares me just thinking about it.

I can go down the stairs, but I try to be careful.
Escalators freak me out but like the stairs I try being careful too going down them.


Thank you for sharing :blush:
Does it matter how long the stairs are? Or not really?


Yes and how the stairs are made too.


Yes, I do… Many in fact…

But one that really gets me is Gravity Failing…

Another is the Dead Reanimating like the films…

Yeah, I know that both are nigh on impossible, but you know… When your heads in the wrong place, and fear takes hold…



Kind of specific but gaps? Like stairs that have gaps or if you’re getting on a train and there’s a gap between the platform and train, it scares me so much that I might slip and fall. My family went to this beach that had a really long bridge pier thing (I don’t know what it’s called) and it looked old and was made of wooden planks. Several of them were missing and you could see the water below and I held onto the railing the entire time. It was so nerve-racking for me.


Fatal clumsiness


None of my fears are irrational, exactly. Every one of them has happened to other people, even my weirder fears, like being buried alive. The stupidity and viciousness of other people is a real threat to all of us, my friend. Other people scare me to death. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Grasshoppers. Since I know it’s irrational, I walk by them. But God help me if they land on me and I feel their little claws. We think one jumped on me and startled me when my parents weren’t right there to re-socialize me with them like my dad did with the frog that jumped on me.

And I was moving boxes at work when a half dead one slid off the top box and landed on me.

The tree cockroaches in our area are as big as grasshoppers and fly a lot. I freak out about them landing on me, but that’s just disgust, not fear.


I know that really well.

That would be nerve-wracking for me, too :scream:




I too have a fear of steps, at least when moving house. Very difficult to keep your balance and control when carrying a large heavy object, that blocks your line of sight or has a lopsided weight distribution, down a flight of steps…especially when the steps are of dubious quality and smaller than your feet…


Pool vacuum cleaners, probably stemming from when my mom told me not to get too close to them when I was a kid or I risked getting my hair sucked into one. :joy:

To this day, I will not get in a pool if someone is using one of those blasted things in the water.

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Forget hair, the number of kids who have lost their intestines to the suction in pool filters is flipping insane.

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I’ve heard stories like that. Such nightmares :scream:

Lucky some kids survive that.

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Cockroaches :confounded: especially big ones, not counting Madagascar hissing ones

Not sure why small roaches don’t scare me, its when a big one shows up that I’ll be freaking out

And if it flies? Im dead


well, I don’t think it’s irrational, but you be the judge O.O
Fear of clowns.


That’s new!

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