Do you have, or did you have a security blanket?

A conversation about moving stories brought up security blankets and that got me thinking about a conversation we have not had here at ALL. Not even @qualeshia3 has asked this question. And that’s saying a lot :wink:

Do you have, or did you have a security blanket?

I never had an actual blanket as a “security blanket” like Linus does in the Peanuts Kids comics. I had have a hand towel. It’s got a white rim around it. It’s light blue with white daisies. Idk how it happened but when I was little that became the thing I carried around with me, or that I held onto when in my bed not feeling well. It gave me comfort.

I still have that towel tucked away in a safe place at my parents’ house. And you BET I’m never getting rid of it. Maybe I’ll be buried with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, what about you?


In all honesty, I don’t think I do.

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I had an actual blanket and a toy. The blanket was a just plain white and soft, I creatively named it ‘white blankie’ and my sister also creatively named hers ‘red blankie’ (one guess as to the colour of hers)

the toy was a handmade lovey/music box, it was basically just a hand-sized disc with a face and ears and a little music box stuffed inside. It was made of… like… carpet? but soft. i have no clue what the material actually is. Oh, it had a little ribbon for hair, too. He was extra creatively called ‘wally’ because i could not pronounce lovey.

i was so attached to it that my parents aquired 3 more; Orange Wally lived at grandma and grandpa’s, Old Wally stayed with me, and I guess I must have lost him at one point because New Wally also appeared and lived on the bed. The 4th wally never made a debut, i only found out about it when i was older.

I took both the blankie and Old Wally when i moved out and they stay on my bed. I recently replaced Wally’s musicbox, it had been broken for years but i finally located one that played Edelweiss and reinstalled it. That’s about the best i can do to repair him, since i reportedly left him on a hot burner as a child… and ripped his ears off… and there’s no salvaging those singe marks :rofl: oh well, he still snuggles good lol


Nope. All I had were books.

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As a kid, I really loved my stuffed animals, I would have to take them literally anywhere me and my family went because I would cry and feel bad if one of them was left behind. It’s not a single security blanket, but like a whole collection of them lol. My favorites were a baby doll named Maggie and a blue stuffed rabbit named Bunicles (? not sure exactly how to spell it, but I pronounced it Bun-ik-cles).

I did have a great Hello Kitty Blanket.

Inevitably, they all ended up destroyed. Lost all those toys through moving, a house fire, theft, and generally being irresponsible and misplacing them.

Hello Kitty Blanket caught fire and died.

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That’s wholesome

Courdoroy the Blue Plush Dog was made out of mine.

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Middle child is binky and blankie (blankie is a bought tag blanket). All my kids like fluffy blankets when they sleep. I had that star as a small child.

But there’s not much that survives that phase, so far. Middle kid doesn’t use pacifiers any more, and she doesn’t screech for her blankie when going to bed , though she still wants it.

She seems to be moving on to hoarding mermaids.


Sounds like Wally’s been through a lot :stuck_out_tongue: But he definitely loved you just as much as you loved him :wink:

Aw :pleading_face: I bet you were sad. Comfort objects mean so much to a kid. If you had the chance to get the same one again, would you?

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That sentence out of context is like… sounds like she needs a tank to keep them in XD

You know how she got into them?

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She’s a 4 year old child with a 6 year old sister. There’s 1 mermaid tail blanket around the house, they’ve both been given mermaid dolls. They pretend to be mermaids, but specifically to her, she will carry the mermaids and ponies around the house and get mad if the baby brother dares touch one.


That’s sweet :relaxed:

It was sad, but I’ve had to leave all my stuff behind multiple times, so I don’t really have any need or want for material objects, tbh. If I saw a replication in a store, I probably wouldn’t buy it. Memories are more precious :slight_smile:

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What’s a little disturbing is that they play they are pregnant all the time. Just as cute, and they do it because their brother is 3-5 years younger, but still.

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I don’t remember what it’s called, but I had this tuxedo cat that replicated a real cat sleeping. I got it when I was five, and when it’s turned on it made it look like it was breathing, and you could press it on the stomach area to make it snore.

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I have a ragdoll made by my great-grandmother that I’ve had since I was about 10 months old. Her name is (creatively) Dolly and I took her everywhere for years. There’s even a photo my mom has framed of my siblings and I when I was about 3 and my face is all red and splotchy from crying because she tried to get me to put Dolly down for the picture.

I do still have Dolly safely in a box and I plan to pass her down to one of my kids one day.

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Yes, this.

But even as an adult, I still find it hard for most things. It’s not easy separating memory from object.

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Oh my gosh. I used to put stuffed animals under my shirt when I was 3-5 and pretend just that XD

I thought I was weird XD

But now it makes me wonder if many children go through that as a growing-up process. Detaching themselves from the baby state they were in using make-believe? No one taught me how to do it. I just did it.

And in real life, some cats do snore :grin:

Aw, that’s wonderful!

I love to hear companions that are still being kept safely. I have some like that. I used to think that I would never let anyone touch them. Not even my own kids in the future. But maybe that will change.