Does anyone blog?

I started blogging not too long ago, and wondered if anyone else here also blogs, or tried, or thought about it?

If so, what do you blog about? What website do you use?

I’m on Wordpress (because it’s technically free and easy to post on, and I’m kind of using it as a “website”). The topics I post? Kind of simple lol - writing and reading. I only have like 4-5 blogs up, and all have been about writing related stuff lol



I have a tumblr account that I use so I don’t bother everyone with my shower thoughts…


I’m on Dreamwidth, where I just post whatever stupid thing comes into my head. Sometimes I ponder the threads in this forum, sometimes I comment on articles in LitHub, BookRiot, The Village Voice or wherever, sometimes I post mood boards, playlists or other stuff related to books, sometimes I post quotes I like by famous people, etc. etc. There’s no order or sense to it, but it’s a great place to jot down all my random thoughts and worries.

Where do you guys blog? I’d love to check them out. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


I have a blog on Goodreads that I keep forgetting exists. Does that count? :joy:


Mine are long retired and I will not descerate their graves.


I used to blog heavily on Blogger. My websites are still up :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t deleted anything.

Now I use Wordpress :grin: I have a lot of organizing to do, but… Foxwood Forest is my writer’s website where I mainly post behind the scenes of my stories, the lore of the worlds, and writing advice. I did use Wordpress for free for a while but after I decided to self-publish, I wanted to look more professional, so I got a domain name.


I’ve never heard of dreamwidth before. It’s a blog hosting site?

I agree with you on prologues :wink:

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Tumblr is still a thing? :sweat_smile:

I’ve never used it, only ever known about it lol how is it like over there?

And yeah, I get that. :sweat_smile:

That’s cool! I’ve never heard of that website before - how is it?

It’s nice to have a specific space to put it all down in, even if it seems chaotic lol I love that there is a lot of elements, like as a viewer, you never know what you’re gonna get. :blush:

Oooh! I’ll check the website later when I’ll get home from work! :hugs:

Mine is: Well Read and Well Written

Lol that counts! :sweat_smile:

How long has it been on there for? What did you used to talk about?


What did you used to talk about?

That’s so cool!!

I wanted to do a domain, since I could use it as a professional website (blog and author platform) but I don’t want to pay for it. :sweat_smile: Maybe at a later time lol

And I’ll definitely check yours out after I get off work. :blush:


Um, recipes in one, the other was a storage of troll memes for politicized star trek forums, as an Admin, and those were quite often horrible things. I got real tired of having my creativity boiled down to that mindrot.


I never did that…


It is a bit niche but less porn



Yup, Dreamwidth is a blogging site created soon after LiveJournal went open source, so it’s based on the LJ engine. If you were ever on LJ, Greatest Journal, JournalFen or any other site that uses the same engine, then you’d be familiar with the proprietary tags and whatnot. I don’t follow anyone there or read anyone else’s blog on that site so I don’t know how popular it is or how friendly. I just use mine as a dumping ground for my stuff. If that’s all you need, then I definitely recommend it. It’s very easy to use–much easier, in my opinion, than Wordpress. Come to think of it, I also have a Wordpress account, but I never update it anymore. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Only a few months. I only really use it to announce new publications or important updates. It’s here if you want to have a look :+1:


I have a wordpress blog and website.

I’ve been blogging for years, before I even realized that it was called blogging. :sweat_smile:
Years ago, I started a blog intended to be a technical blog. All blogging advice back then emphasized that having a niche was the only way to be a successful blogger.
I tried to do an “ungoogleable solutions” niche, meaning, whenever I would have a technical problem I couldn’t resolve with a 5-min research, then I wrote a blog post about how I figured it out. It resulted in a bunch of random posts that oddly still get some clicks even now, but they were a bit too random to qualify as a niche.
The problem I created was that my random unique posts were so ungoogleable, that they were the only ones readers will find, but they are so unique that very few people look for them. The formula that works for blogs nowadays is to steal content from successful blogs, reword a few things here and there (or have chatgpt do it for you), and post it as your own. Very shady and unethical and not useful when you’re trying to find a DIFFERENT content from the first few results, but it works for so many blogs.
Yeah, I wasn’t going to do that and that’s why I was doomed to fail.

Then I decided to become a writer, and I had a choice to make. I wanted to create a website for all my writing content, but I really didn’t have the time to maintain two websites. It can be a major time vampire.

In the end, I decided to absorb the old blog posts into the author website’s blog. So now, my blog is even more random, so totally not niche and possibly confusing to anyone who’s trying to figure out what type of a blog it is, but I don’t care. I’m not looking to make money off my blog. On the plus side, those random technical help posts drive some organic search traffic to my domain, and that’s good for my author site’s discoverability.

I haven’t figured out yet how to properly present it that the author of the post is also a writer.
I want to use the blog as an advertising space for my books. I don’t know yet how well that will work out, but I’ll be paying more attention to the blog in the coming months.

Oh my. I had one of those too. Is it still up? I’m very curious.
It’s still up!
1006 views since 2013! Buahaha. How did these people even find it?

Interesting. Maybe I should bring these posts over to my “official” blog? They’re even more random than what my blog is right now but I feel like it’s a piece of my writing history from the times when I didn’t know yet that I wanted to write.

Hmmm. I’m getting the beginnings of an idea. Maybe what I need to make it a bit less chaotic is to embrace the many hats I wear and have the author of the blog post is be me literally wearing a different hat.


I like your site a lot. It’s clean and straightforward. Good job.

If I may ask, where do you host it?

Mine is painfully slow which is a side effect of using the cheapest shared hosting I could find. (namecheap - lives up to the name but you get what you pay for) :sweat_smile:

Now that I’m launching a book, I’m thinking to invest a bit more in hosting. I might go with AWS. It’s not too expensive, but I know just how much more work it will be (I’ve done AWS before), which is why I’m not looking forward to it. If there’s an alternative with the same level of reliability and a similar price, I’d go for that.


Mine are. I’ve been in the slow, tedious process of rewriting some of my writing-related blog posts into my current website. Of course, not all of it is usable (because what was I thinking giving advice when I hardly knew what I was doing), but some of it is salvageable.

Here’s my first blog: World Problems and Randomness (whatever came to mind, basically summarizing what I researched on Wiki…as if you could call that research :stuck_out_tongue: )
Here’s my second blog and first writing-related blog: Authoress to Newbie (as if I had advice as a total noob myself)
Here’s my third blog: Save the Wildlife (talk about niche :stuck_out_tongue: )
Here’s my niche-niche blog of when I used to be on Figment and used to make covers for people on Figment: Magic Cover Shop (oh my gosh, the amateur covers XD It’s so bad.)


I like the tagline of your stormy blog :grin: At least you had a theme. I didn’t have a theme for any of mine :stuck_out_tongue: But for World Problems and Randomness, I wrote a HECK of a lot. There are some in there I still like, which is why I haven’t deleted it or anything.

I don’t know what to do with it though :sweat_smile: It’s not writing related. I once thought about making YouTube videos out of it and tried, but that style of YouTube wasn’t enjoyable for me at all, so I stopped.

I thought I could turn it into a book. Like a personal book no one will buy so that I can keep it, but then what am I gonna do with that, right? :sweat_smile:

Also, a lot of the articles are super dated. Even if I were to rebrand the blog and renew it, no one would care because it’s old news :sweat_smile:

But now I have an idea…I could just read it :stuck_out_tongue: I wrote it in like I was talking to someone, so, if I feel like it, I could just read my blog posts on my YouTube channel…or another YouTube channel… idk.


Thank you!

Mine’s on wordpress! I used to use it for free, and I was fine with it for a long time as free. The only reason I’m not using it for free anymore is that I wanted a domain name. I didn’t want my website to be www . RANDOM NUMBERS thefoxwoodforest… you know them. The free domains?

But the template I’m using now is a free version still, I think, even though I now have the option for some of the premium ones. I like it to be simple and easy to navigate without so many moving parts. I don’t like websites where the photos keep moving and doing all kinds of things in the background :stuck_out_tongue: And there’s words over here and big quotes over there…

It’s just too much :sweat_smile:


That could be interesting. Go for it.

I don’t remember most of the posts in my old blog so it’s like discovering who I was. We’ll see what I think about her. :joy:


Does anyone want a link to my tumblr blog where I shitpost about Dragonball and complain about fandom bullshit?