Dreamland Community Account: One of the Longest Running Wattpad Communities

Hello! Some of you may have seen the thread about our Dreamland Community Discord. Well, this one is more specifically about our community on Wattpad. Which, by the way, is one of the longest running, active communities on Wattpad (considering it started on my personal profile back in 2016 before moving to its own profile). We have many wonderful activities in which you can partake, all of which are open and looking for participants! (Though clubs are paused for another week or two due to holidays). Feel free to explore the many things we have to offer :smiley:

We have five different book clubs, all of which vary greatly with their usage :smiley:

Dreamland Exchange: We pair you with one other person a week. You read 4 chapters for that person, leaving extensive outlines on each chapter. If you find someone you really like, you can even re-pair up with them! Aside from that, you also have to read a Golden Dreamer assignment, which is two chapters from a certain book chosen every two weeks.

Dreamland Rush: Updates every 3-4 days (yes, a weird update with this one). People are broken up into three groups, and every update, (a) book(s) is/are featured for that group to read from its group members. You read a chapter from the book(s) and leave 7+ inlines on the chapter(s). Which group you are in decides how many people are featured. There is also a book of the week that you read one chapter of, and you have a week to finish it!

Dreamland Workshop: We put you into a pairing with the goal of it being permanent until you finish each other’s book. You two workshop/critique each other’s work with a combination of inlines and extensive outlines. Updates are every two weeks.

Dreamland Hunt: Basically a free for all, you read chapters from any of the books entered into the club, leaving either inlines or an outline based on your preference. You have to read 4+ chapters from any of the books of your choice and 2+ chapters from Book of the Month. You have a month to do this. This club can vary greatly in benefit, as a person can either get dozens of reads in a month or close to none.

Dreamland Raid: We put you into a pairing every other week, and you have to read and comment on one chapter for them. Along with this, we will have one Undiscovered Author Book and one New Author Book (or two of one or the other, depending on what I find first), and you must read and comment on one chapter of their book. Basically, we be helping you find awesome new books to read with this club :smile:

We also have the following services and fun things!

Dreamland Guide Book: A place with writing tips! Yes, yes it is severely in need of updating. I’m working on it, I promise.

Dreamland Reviews: A review shop for people to get reviews! We are also accepting reviewer applications!

Dreamland Graphics: A graphic shop for people to get covers and other graphics! We are also accepting designer applications!

Dreamland Library: A place to find amazing stories to read submitted by other users as well as to send us amazing books you want us to advertise (that you love, not your own)

A Land of Tales and Dreams: A collection of the different stories created by members of the discord submitting one sentence at a time!

Those are the all of our main attractions! And of course, if you’d just like to visit the profile, you can click on the link down below :wink:



@stella_vigo Just tagging you here because I’d mentioned before about a club that you can choose what you read xD It’s the Dreamland Hunt one mentioned above.

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Okay, thanks! I might not be able to join it now, but probably summer next year when I have more time :slight_smile:

All good! I just recalled about it and thought I’d point out where to find it for if you find yourself interested :wink: XD

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Not me over here casually bumping this part 2

Hrm…I’d like to finish a 1st draft before getting dragged into anything…

xD Understandable, honestly.

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Thank you, automatic bumping ^.^

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You’ve still not joined? Well, it’s never too late :smirk: :rofl:

We now also have an epic reading list project going on that I need to add up there xD And anthology fun!

We have now passed 2k members :sob: