Even a digital artist STILL needs to understand how to draw by hand, right?!

So, I SUCK at drawing by hand or at all.

I would love to draw digitally, but I can’t and I see it as, if I can’t draw by hand, then I can’t draw at all.

I have ZERO patience to draw and get easily frustrated.
But with a clear and vivid mind, I CONSTANTLY think about what my novel characters would look like in anime or semi-anime form.

That is why I can’t explain my characters in the story, because the way I see them in my mind is WORLDS different from how I describe them. I can’t find the words to make their appearance a reality.

So, I would love to draw them, but drawing and learning to draw was never my strong suit.
Having to draw my characters from my stories or my favorite anime characters in my art style now, would irritate me because I SUCK AT DRAWING MAJORLY.

I never took the time to practice and get better.
Anyway, drawing digital through artist apps are cool, but there is still the matter of “you need to get the concept of drawing by hand in order to draw digitally” that freaks me out.

I sometimes think about creating a anime webtoon or having my own manga, but I am horrible at drawing.

TL;DR: I wish I could draw what I see in my mind professionally, whether by hand or even digitally.

Thoughts and feelings?

Depends on what you are trying to draw. Like I suck at realism. I just cannot do it. But I can draw a circle with triangles, add two dots and call it a cat.

I didn’t learn through any drawing classes. I just drew whatever I wanted. If you draw what you want to draw, don’t you try to get better at it?

So, I want to draw some good wings for one of my characters. I looked up how to draw wings on the internet and teach myself. But my only purpose is to draw wings for my character.


Cool and complex things.

Do you have examples?

And yes, you do need to be able to draw in order to draw digitally.

But start simple and work your way up.

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Like this, but in a more semi-realistic/semi-anime form:

That’s pretty complex :open_mouth:

What I would do is draw your version of the top one. It’s simpler. Then you work your way through the individual parts. The hair, the face shape, the eyes, and you can even copy it while you practice. It’s okay to copy while you practice.

Your hand needs to get used to the movements and your brain needs to get used to seeing it.

I would even try to draw it exactly the first time around.

I once tried to draw anime-type hair a few years ago

this is my fox hybrid character Christoph. I wanted hair with a ponytail, so I looked it up and just tried to get the style I wanted from various styles.

It is going to SUCK in the beginning. And you might feel like bleh. But that’s called the ugly stage. You’ll get better the more you draw.

And you might be able to draw more than you think :wink: We are our worse critics after all.

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You can start now :wink:

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Would books to help you draw do wonders or I would have to try and see?

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Yeah, I am a glutton for pain and punishment and headaches in that regard.


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But if you want to draw your characters, doesn’t that make you feel motivated? Even if you do it ten minutes every few days? Even if you only draw when you feel like it, it’s still progress and you might still see a little improvement.

I don’t trust books for crafts XD I don’t read books on art or writing. I just have a question “how to draw human male faces” and look it up on YouTube or Google Images.

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Yes, but I am so hard on myself that I want INSTANT result rather than practicing and taking the time to get better.

I am horribly impatient, but that isn’t truly my fault.

So, I am like that with writing too. I am bad at taking time and making effort.

It is struggle that I wish didn’t happen.

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oh, I also used to look up, like,

cute cat illustration

when I wanted to draw a cute cat illustration, I looked at how other people were doing it to get some ideas. I did this for a few years when I first started illustration.

I’ve recently stopped doing that (like in the last few months) because I’m now pretty comfortable drawing from an actual real picture of a cat.

The cat is an example. I can draw an axolotl, or really, anything you want except monkeys :stuck_out_tongue:

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That makes sense.

I had a book on how to draw anime character years ago.
I rage quit and only drew the eyes.

Then gave up after that, but the thought of wanting to draw has never left my mind.
I was just scared that I would give up easily again, regardless of how bad I wanted it.

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Ah, I see. But I get your frustration. Sometimes I feel that way, too. Especially when I see people around me speeding off into the horizon, drawing awesome things or publishing their book. I’m trotting after them with, what I feel at the time are “mediocre skills” and thinking I’m not getting any better.

But then I have to remind myself that skills take time to improve. Nothing is instant (sadly we can’t just take a skill pill or something and immediately know how to do the thing, but then what’s the reward in that?)

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Don’t draw from a book. I find books tend to make you go through the tedious things.

Draw what you want to draw.

Then look up, “anime eyes sketch examples” on Google images.

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Most people use tablets as part of digital art, which comes with a pen


Maybe that’s why I rage quit?!


That would still be considered hand drawing, but in a digital aspect, right?


I would, too XD

I would think “hurry up and get to the fun stuff, I swear I’m ready!”

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