Feature Requests

That’s right folx, I want to know what you’d like to see here at Wacky Writers.

Disclaimer: I can’t make any promises that I can deliver on everything everyone wants, for a few reasons: it could be bad for the community, it could be bad for the server, it could be just not possible in general. But I will do my best.

This is a thread for you to tell me what you want. If you see someone else has already requested it, please limit your response to liking the original request - this helps me know what to prioritize!

Additional disclaimer: I also can’t promise to get to these quickly, but I will try to implement things as is appropriate/reasonable.

Now, let me know what you’d like to see here! :heart:


Disclaimer: I’ll be deleting posts periodically to make room for new feature requests.


A category for everything about publishing your works. Trad/self for novels, something for magazines and anthologies for short stories, other useful publishing resources. Like the industry insider but less repeating questions (maybe a special thread where people can post their ‘Have You Heard of X Publisher’ questions so the place doesn’t get flooded with tons of threads).


We’re already getting flooded with the ppl getting the spam messages from webnovel, etc


Oh that’s a great idea.


Yeah. That’d be exactly what the thread would be for. With an archive at the top of what people found out about those publishers and an extra warning about Rnovel, Webnovel, Ynovel, Xnovel, PleaseStopnovel, TooManyNamesmovel, and the other Dreame apps


That way we could also limit the amount of random threads about that stuff cuz mods could just link and close the thread so we have more room!



yes please :pray: they’re necessary for users to know but seeing them all the time is a bit annoying.

On another note, could we get a way to hide the subcategories from the little categories tab in the pop-up menu? The area is crowded with subcategories such as r4r and sys that block other categories from showing up, so I have to go to the actual categories page just to find what I want. Or if we could personalize which ones show up there for us (i doubt we would be able to but figured I’d ask) that would be perfect!


About the entire PleaseStopnovel thing, can you guys quickly conjure up an official statement saying that while they are an actual company, they’re poachers and (ab)use their writers to the max with the writer getting very little in return, and that people should report the accounts messaging them and NOT reach out? We users could then quote this statement or link the thread in the regular threads that are created asking about this entire deal when mods are absent.


I just saw this thing on the NaNoWriMo forum–but it’s an adoption agency!! Its where you can leave things (like titles, character, creatures,) and people can adopt them for their own use! It helps inspire the community and it’s a nice way for the community to find a creative outlet.

I also saw the creator of the Colosseum Thread talking about how they’d like to see a game section implemented, so thatd be pretty nice :slight_smile:


It is not so much a problem right now, but it would be nice to have an extra flag option for posts in the wrong category. I always get nervous flagging those posts cause I don’t know if it should be a first flag (off-topic since it doesn’t fit the category) or a fourth flag (something else as it’s not quite fit for the rest).


okay so this isn’t a problem, more like an idea

so i see “the abyss” “the artistry castle” AND “the magical library”

and i kinda saw a theme- so i kinda just went ahead and uhm

the chatters = the village (or the kingdom :woman_shrugging:)

the important stuff = the wizard’s/witch’s tower (or something like that my mind just went blank lmao)

story help center = the fortune teller’s cave (or the market because of the “review services” and r4r lmfaoo)

tbh idk i’m just rambling off because i saw the other three new titles/category names uwu

<3 <3


Ahh! We love getting feedback like this! We will definitely take it under consideration. :slight_smile:


I know this a little while off yet, but could there be like a board for NaNoWriMo, like one for planning, one for sprints or whatever and then a board for help/advice when it happens?
I dont know if a lot of people here take part, but I think it could be great!


Oooh that’s a great idea, let me brainstorm and come up with the best way to implement that!


Oooh yay!

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I wonder if we could have some sort of word count post from beginning to end idk! So many ideas all at once lol but i LOVE doing nanowrimo even though im usually doing multiple projects lolol!!!


I’d love that! I’m on the NaNoWriMo forums but it would be great to have on here too!

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This was annoying me on the old forums, but the issue is here too.

I don’t know if it’s just Discourse in general, but I can’t find any non-binary emojis. I know they exist, and that’s what bothers me. I have to use apple’s, but not everyone has that option.

If that’s possible, could you add that?


@CJtheSiteWizard Alright here’s the link to my idea. Thanks again and good luck!

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@CJtheSiteWizard Hey I notice the addition of the comments boxes! Thanks a lot! :smile:

Though I think the colors of the comment boxes and the forum background should be swapped. Grey comment boxes did not really blend well with some coding and images.