For the people who sometimes like to waste their time on YouTube, what do you normally watch?

I am talking about you. Yes you. Well, maybe you?

What do you normally watch on YouTube when you have some free time to watch things?

My Turn:

As for me, I normally watch these whenever I go to YouTube. I have a list!
NOTE: There is no particular order. I just numbered them that way.

  1. Desk Setup Aesthetic.

  2. Unboxing Aesthetic.

  3. Writer Vlogs and some AuthorTube.

  4. Daily Vlogs.

  5. Room Setup Aesthetic.

  6. Write with Me or Study with Me (even though I don’t study/go to school).

  7. Other Random Stuff…

So, what about you all? What do you watch on YouTube sometimes or most times?
We can discuss about the things we watch and more!


Mostly reviews and video essays.

Sometimes I like to watch animatics but replace the music. Gungir by Danheim is a worthy replacement for Nowhere King. It’s not all surprising if you know Danheim but still.

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Figure skating and figure skating gossip. Plant care videos. History. Animated/humanized versions of famous paintings/people


Video game let’s plays, probably 99% of the time. The rest is generally food and travel, or people exploring “haunted” places.


Survival horror video game walkthroughs, funny video game moments, ghost or cryptid sightings, paranormal research investigations, music videos and longer playlists for writing to, and ocassionally meme compilations.

Edit: oh, and urban exploring vids sometimes too


In no particular order:

  • BookTube and AuthorTube stuff; writing vlogs, publishing advice, writing advice, some book reviews, bookstore adventures, etc.

  • Gamers

  • Fan theories about HP, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, etc.

  • Family vlogs from specific YouTubers

  • Ghosthunting and exploration videos

  • Gothic lifestyle, fashion, decor, etc.

  • Random videos about science and what ifs (like “What if everyone disappeared from Earth?”

Some of the YouTubers I watch are…

Sam and Colby, Kate Cavanaugh, Exploring with Josh, It’s Black Friday, the Lair of Voltaire, SuperCarlinBrothers, Jonathan Carlin, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Jenna Moreci, Alexa Donne, iWriterly…


OMG! I love her videos!

What happened to her? Did she up and stopped making videos?! I used to have her in my subscription!


video game let’s plays most of the time

  • Scale model construction videos
  • American politics / political satire (because Aussie politics is boring by comparison…the Simpsons were right…)
  • Japanese car culture / popular culture
  • Israeli history and culture videos
  • The occasional military history documentary
  • Electric Vehicle technology
  • Simulator computer game videos (DCS, MS Flight Sim, Euro Truck)
  • Multi / single player computer games
  • Movie and series watching / reviews
  • Custom computer constriction and technology
  • Synth-wave music
  • Walking tour videos (Israel, Korea, Japan…I can’t wait for international travel to resume…)
  • Camera technology and photo editing
  • And a few finance, business, and personal health channels

…I rarely waste any time on YouTube… :innocent:


Video game lets plays
Thrifting vlogs
Halloween hunting
Music videos
Gothic lifestyle


It’s on Sunkey videos, Ryan’s World, other gamer stuff, soundtracks, kitten videos, My Little Ponies, Dave&Ava (and anything like it), Enis Yilmazer, and Roscoe McGillicuddy


Wow, I found another one! LOL!


Gosh, I hear you! I am going to Mississauga in October, and it feels like a trip. I am biting my nails to see if the travel restrictions/war ease off because I want to go to Torino in December so much!


Cat videos (funny, facts, and cute)
Gaming videos (World of Warcraft/Sims4/GTA5 - WOW (lore, helpers, roleplays, facts) Sims4 (building and roleplays) GTA5 (roleplays)
Music videos (kpop, heavy metal, instrumental)
Book reviews
Food recipes
Movie reviews/recounts
Depp/Heard trial


writing videos
TED talks
PWA countryballs
music videos


Same! I watch her vlogs and writing experiments religiously! :sweat_smile:

I’m actually not too sure… :thinking: She went on a “mental health” break after the release of her debut novel, the Cyborg Tinkerer, but she never really clarified on why or when she’d be back. It’s all been kind of cryptic… But there have been negative theories on why she left such as people saying she left because people started bashing her story and “how come she doesn’t know how to write when she worked at a literary agency and swears by so and so…” There were other theories, from what I’ve read and heard, that she took a break because it was rumored she paid for good reviews and someone found out and called her out on it. She did make a post on Instagram back in March of last year, I think, where she denied that. And then in August, she went on hiatus because her “life is in a transitional period” so that could mean anything. :woman_shrugging:

Miss her videos… :confused:


I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with youtube shorts.
I can control it, but when I do open shorts I end up just wasting hours.

Otherwise, when it’s long form videos, I watch booktube, authortube (only specific channels, but I’m trying to branch out), some real world documentary stuff (vox, reallifelore, HAI, CNBC, some other ones sometimes) and some design stuff. Anything else is just random and I don’t usually watch other stuff


Yoga videos
TED Talks
Music videos

But I’m going to start doing this!:

I miss travelling so much. Have done a little over the past 2 years but only within Europe (I live in the UK).


I think Fate added insult to injury when MS Flight Simulator 2020 was released on Steam within about a month of international travel ending (at least for Australia). This was also the same time I bought a new passport (with the aim of teaching / touring overseas).

…You can’t fly abroad in person, but you can view the foreign lands through a computer screen…


Train cabviews
Steely Dan reaction videos
Car teardown/rebuild videos
Plant foraging videos

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