Has this ever happened to you (not exactly like my situation, but similiar)?

I used up all of my French vanilla creamer. So, I have till wait tomorrow to get more of the large bottle. So, I decide to go back to the half and half that I used for my coffee or tea a while back. It’s a bad experience now. I don’t know if my body is used to purely French vanilla coffee creamer, but the moment I tasted the half & half creamer, it tastes awful.

I had to pour milk into my hot chocolate with the half & half to make it taste better. It is tolerable to say the least. Yes, I am those people who hate hot chocolate made of pure water and no milk or creamer. Why would you want to like watery chocolate?

However, my question to you all is, have you ever tried the same variation of the food or beverage you used to consume and became hooked on it that trying the old variation isn’t the same anymore?

Another example: You used to love tomato soup until you later gave chicken noodle soup a try and became addicted to it. When you go to taste tomato soup again, the taste is less to be desired. It’s like the taste for tomato soup has drastically changed since you moved on to chicken noodle soup.

Now, it doesn’t have to be just food related, and can be other things too.

Another example would be that you loved writing short romance stories then you ventured onto writing long novels that are other genres besides romance.

You’ve written lengthy novels in other genres more than short romance fiction that when you decided to write a short romance fiction, it was no longer the same as when you first attempted to do it.

What do you think?


I’m good at slice of life and ventured there from action.

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Have you gone back to writing slice of life then realize it wasn’t the same anymore?

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It’s boring without adding other stuff to it.


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Yeah. That is understandable.

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I used to absolutely hate pizza. The idea of it disgusted me.
Then I went to see the TMNT movie with my brothers-- the first Michael Bay one-- and as a joke we all went out for pizza cause that’s what the turtles eat.
I still only plain cheese pizza, but I can’t imagine not liking it anymore lol

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Does the way pizza look make you disgusted or something else?

Have you ever had a calzone which is like a folded version of a pizza or would that not please you?

I can only stand plain cheese pizza or ones with chicken on it.

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Partly it was the way it looked, but I also have an oversensitive sense of taste and smell, so too much of anything makes me want to gag.
I have tried calzones-- or a calzone-- but I’m not sure if it was just the one place that made them wrong, but the shell was too hard. I guess texture’s also an issue with me lol
Maybe some day I’ll give 'em a shot again and realize they’re actually fine.

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Ooh, okay! Yeah, depending on the local, the way a pizza or even a calzone is made, can make or break things. LOL!

I hope salad isn’t in there. :frowning_face:

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… god I hate salad… ^_^;

But it absolutely depends on who’s making it, for sure.
For instance, I can’t stand Little Ceaser’s pizza. Last time I ordered from there, they had me wait for almost a full hour, and when they got back to us they said they hadn’t even bothered to put in our order, then twenty minutes later they gave me a pizza that was basically a half made puddle of grease.
My mom didn’t even get to eat that night cause she only had a thirty minute window.

I will go off on Ceaser’s the same way Arin from Game Grumps goes off on Subway lol

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That is understandable. I am picky with salads too. I can only tolerate chicken ceasar salad or the salad I make.

The only pizza I like is Pizza Hut’s pizza or good local pizza. Little Ceasar’s is fine, but I guess I was the lucky one who didn’t get a puddle of grease. LOL! Some pizza out there is too greasy and unhealthy. You have to find a good pizza that isn’t too much of the bad or something.


but yeah no I have to stop myself from eating a whole pizza if it’s from Pizza Hutt
that stuff’s good


Yeah, that is a good pizza. I think I only had Dominoes a few times in my life and I fell in love with Pizza Hut much later. I had Papa John’s once when I was a child.

I don’t think I’ve had Papa John’s but that might be that there’s just not one in my area.
We have Dominoes every now and then and for the most part it’s pretty okay, but they add a ton of garlic to it and always forget to ask them NOT to do that
Just, an avalanche of garlic
all over the pizza

day ruined

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Not really. My kid experiences that more.

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Even when you were younger???

In terms of food or drink relation, I have. A few examples of this would be:

  • Monsters.

I used to be a huge lover of sodas. Dr. Pepper was my favorite soda, and occasionally Pepsi and Coke. My family used to buy soda quite a lot, and it was very addictive. But once I moved in with my sister three years ago, we stopped buying soda. We get it every once in a while to satisfy our urges, but like the last time we bought a full case of soda was at least four to six months ago. Of course, we do get soda if we go to the movies once in a blue moon, or even sometimes when I want to splurge at a restaurant (which we only go, again, once in a blue moon, and even then, I mostly get water). But when I had to change my occupation at the start of COVID where I went from working bright and early in the mornings (7-2ish) as a part-time breakfast attendant, to working graveyard shifts as a front desk clerk (11-7) full-time, I started drinking energy drinks once in a while and got hooked on them. I now drink Monsters roughly twice a week (on my weekends). In fact, I’m drinking one now. xD But whenever I drink soda, particularly Dr. Pepper (which was my favorite), it doesn’t taste that great anymore.

  • Chow Mein noodles.

Growing up, my parents used to buy us Top Ramen. Pretty simple thing to make, and it was very cheap (a dollar a package; they would often buy an entire case which would last us a full two weeks sometimes). But for some reason, when we moved here to middle of nowhere Kansas back in 2019, the main product we used to buy discontinued it where we live sometime in 2020 (I’m guessing?) because we couldn’t find it anywhere. All the stores around had Top Ramen, but it wasn’t the same product—it came from a different company. And they tasted really, really weird. Like, gross weird. And had an after-taste to it that would stay in your mouth all day… it made me want to barf sometimes. We stopped getting them, even those Top Ramen cups, and actually changed it out for Nissin Chow Mein noodles and they taste so amazing, even to a point where when we visited our sister up in Ohio who has access to the OG Top Ramen, it wasn’t the same, and I can’t go back anyway.

  • Lime Hot Cheetos.

I grew up eating Hot Cheetos, but only the regular kind. It wasn’t until I was an older teen when my brother introduced me to the ones with lime. Though he used to put actual lime juice in his, and I hated it because it made the chip all soggy and gross. But if you just buy the ones with the lime flavoring all ready, it tastes ten times better. And every time I buy a bag of the normal ones, they don’t taste as flavorful as the ones with lime lol.

  • Street tacos.

Another thing I grew up on was white people tacos, which is basically ground beef (seasoned with taco seasoning) with lettuce, shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream on a soft oil-covered corn tortilla. They have a comfort to them, but in 2018 when we lived in California, my sister took me to this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Gilroy to have me try my very first “street taco” (which, with what we had, was Al Pastor with chopped onion and cilantro on two soft corn tortillas (I think?) with a side of limes) and now I can’t go back to white people tacos. Tacos have always been my favorite food, but I had only ever had the one I grew up on. Eating authentic Mexican tacos changed my entire life. Everywhere we go, I try to find new taco trucks to hopefully replicate that same taco I had in Gilroy, but none have succeeded. However, our local taco truck sells amazing carne asada tacos (same as the Al Pastor ones, just different meats) and any time I have a taco craving? They’re there for me. c:

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I used to get garlic and pepperoni pizza from this takeout when I went with my grandparents to the caravan. There was this place in the town, and it made an amazing garlic and pepperoni pizza, NGL. Maybe it’s how they make it as well. The garlic was reasonable though. Not too strong.

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Funny you should mention that, i used to drink a ton of energy drinks. still do tbh, but i can’t do original Monster anymore. it tastes like cat pee smells and it started really tasting like that after i ~experimentally~ poured some in my (dubiously carcinogenic) work coffee and drank it.

some of it.

the creamer seperated out after a couple minutes. and it tasted awful. no more original Monster 4 me. I stick to Rockstar if i can.

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I am more of a Maruchan person or rather I was one. LOL!
I can’t eat ramen anymore since I gotten weight loss surgery and my nutritionist saying “no more”.