Horror Movie Gripes?!

I just wanted to talk in brief on how in some monster horror films that aren’t apocalyptic, there’s always that lone surviving human that makes it out alive.

Because yes it is fiction, but think about it, after the human dealt with a monstrous force of unknown origin with a bunch of other humans that died, that one human made it out alive.

You can’t tell that person isn’t mentally losing their shit over the lost of their family or friends after coming into contact with something monstrously non-human?

Then that person escapes to lead a happier life. Dude, just lost their family or friends and has to go through life knowing that crazy shit happened and it was outside their powers.

Like this one movie, The Ritual, one of the guys lived while the others died.

How is he going to explain that to his family and the family and lovers’ of his friends? He either has no choice but to not tell them even though they want to know what the hell happened.

It soon becomes a matter of the person who survived that saying “I’ve seen some shit, I’ve been through some shit, and I don’t want to talk about the shit.”

I know, I know I am reading way too much into. I actually like monster movies where nobody lives and survives after it all. Then some other people come to figure out why and what happened only to meet the same twisted fate.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Ritual and The Void (cosmic horror) greatly. It just bugs me how the one or two survivors have to in a sense move on from dealing with a type of craziness that humans are even capable of dealing with.

Anyway, what are some of your horror movie gripes? Things in horror films that bug you and causes you to overthink… a lot or enough.


And if you don’t watch horror films for whatever reason, you can stick around just to stick around.

Generally I hate when the parents don’t believe the children or are concerned for their mental stability in movies like Grimmcutty. Even if there isn’t a scary creature running around the neighborhood killing people and traumatizing the surviors, the callous attitude doesn’t make sense.


Probably because of the whole children lie and pull pranks stunt that adults see and are so tired of.

If a nine year old or even a nineteen year old goes around saying that demons and ghost exists, and loses their shit over it, many adults would dismiss it entirely.

They think the child’s parents are the cause or the common one “that child just wants attention”.

When something is clearly troubling that child, most adults aren’t willing to be so understanding.

Especially in fiction, adults will write that shit off entirely.


Anyone else?

parents go missing and their surviving kids have severe mental trauma as a result and are kept in mental hostpitals

Adults: Is this one of them gosh-darn tik tok trends?


Ugh! That just grosses me out on how true that is.

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I don’t watch a bunch of them because I can’t stand jump-scares and gore isn’t scary, it’s just gross.

My gripe would be instead of the “white family buys a haunted house and just lives with it because they be dumb” why isn’t some slum haunted, somewhere where people cannot afford to get away as it takes over their neighborhood.


That could be an interesting change.
Like a haunted ghetto/hood/urban location in a sense?

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Yeah, and so it would be whatever demographics are current to the given city.


Your comment reminds me of that one-ish movie(s) that came out in either the mid-late 90s called:

Tales from the Hood.
Then there’s Leprechaun in the Hood…if that counts.
There’s also that Snoop Dogg movie called Bones…if that counts too.

I know too much! :sweat_smile: :rofl:


That’s kind of the plot of Candyman, at least the original. Worse would be the curse following you around all the way to the moon.


I mostly know about that because it features a scene of Snoop sober. when he’s walking up some flaming stairs.

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I totally forgot about that one.
Damn! LOL!

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Well there needs to be more of it. Could you imagine complaining about the haunting to a slumlord?


The slumlord IS haunting the slums

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Oh yeah!

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Well, that’s definately the first issue. Would you rather ghost or him?

How about it’s the girlfriend he’s killed and she indiscriminately angry, trying to get him onto the property he killed her on, so she can get him?


This is becoming an american remake of Host at this point.


Anything is better than GET OUT.