Horror movies (& books) [let's talk]

Same :grin: Never heard of The Wailing or Talk to Me. Actually, movies that came out between 2020 and 2022, some of them didn’t make it to Japan because they didn’t make it to theaters. I missed so much during that time.

Is “Talk to Me” different from other possession movies? What makes it your favorite out of the others?

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oh my gosh, there are so many XD

Towards the end, it rains blood. That’s what I remember. I think it was the newer one. I think it was 2012 or 2013? Then after that, many years after, another one came out. Maybe that’s Rise.

I haven’t seen the original Evil Dead. Is it quite a bit different from the remake?

@AllyNicole Hi :grin: I wanted to ask you in this thread, have you seen all the Conjuring Universe movies? Did you watch the recent sequel to The Nun? I haven’t, but I really want to.

I also want to know what your favorite horror movies are. How about top 5?


Hey! So I’ve seen all of them except the latest Nun and Conjuring 3 :slight_smile: I saw all of the Annabelle movies though.

Ooh good question! Lemme see if I can narrow it down~

  1. Final Destination series (mainly 1, 3, and 5)
  2. Carrie
  3. the first Annabelle movie (outside of the Conjuring)
  4. Haunter
  5. maybe Child’s Play (only allowed to see pt 1 for now though lol)?

I know I’ve seen more than that though. Insidious is gooood but I haven’t seen the last one yet. Halloween is definitely a fave. Hbu?


That happens in the OGs, Evil Dead 2013 and, in a round about way, Rise xD

Definitely more dated, heavier on the comedy. 2013 was mainly a flop with Evil Dead fans because it isn’t really an Evil Dead movie, it took itself too seriously. A good film, but not really Evil Dead


Ikr? That’s happened with me for The Nun and Annabelle Comes Home :slight_smile:

Uh, yeah! Ok so like- I like psychological horrors but also supernatural ones. The normal ones are good too Ig, like about serial killers or monsters, I’m just not as into them. That being said, I do love The Thing, both versions. And Halloween is a classic. Anything from Stephen King or John Carpenter is guaranteed to be good, although I’m not really into Silver Bullet. I like modern and classic horror movies, each have their highs and lows and I have favorites from each tbh. Anything with Vincent Price is guaranteed to be good, and the modern ones have some great actors too. Most of them anyway. And yeah, I don’t mind the movies with a grp of ppl, although most w/ teens get inappropriate fast and I’m not into that xP

I would call it horror. Sci-fi to me at least, involves more tech or futuristic-type stuff, maybe some aliens but it has to be certain types. Idk, maybe The Thing would fall under sci-fi horror in that case. But zombies in general are horror imo.

Like I said above, I like psychological horror! I’ve been dying to watch Saw and The Purge forever tbh. I love Final Destination, I finally got to see all 5 parts like a year or 2 ago and it’s amazing. The fact that Death is really the invisible villain behind everything (not a spoiler, it’s literally the premise) is just mind-boggling to me, and it sincerely creeps me out how Death supposedly has this plan for everyone at a certain time and if you cheat it, then it will find you eventually. Someone else wanna fangirl about this series? I made a powerpt about it for a school project that I am dying to show off lmao-

Same actually! I’m actually reading my second real horror book right now for a class, but enjoyable nevertheless (it’s Stephen King so XD), called The Outsider and it’s pretty good. My first one was Coraline, after liking the movie lol.

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Honestly if you’re ever trying to find horrors, but you don’t particularly like slashers or monster horror, that’s what those two genres are called so you can avoid them when you’re not in the mood for those! :smiley: I’m personally not too fond of monster horror but I adore slashers, the campier and bloodier the better.

Good choices! SAW is really fun imo! Generally speaking I think the consensus is 1/2 lean into a bit more psychology than the rest, 3 kinda marks a pretty stark turn into sheer action/gore imo. I quite liked all of them except for like the first 80% of SAW 7… any time I do my annual SAW marathon I get close to turning it off, but I like the end so I have to stick it out T_T

AHHH heck yeah. I think I was like 12 when I watched the third one for the first time and even now I still get the “rollercoaster” song stuck in my head! Which is your fav?

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I think possession movies tend to fall into the trap of ‘biblically good and evil’ — religion or some virtue will conquer the evil demon or whatever. I’m not religious nor particularly virtuous, and I’ve seen way too much of it that it doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Talk to Me isn’t concerned with good and evil. The horror acts as an exploration of drug addiction, trauma and bereavement. It’s got all spooky scary thrills of supernatural horror. And at the same time, it’s very affecting. It disturbed me in the best ways and I came out of it bittersweet — sorta depressed but also strangely uplifted.


I would love to see more cosmic/eldritch horror, but that can’t be pulled off correctly by most people. The only movie that did that in a great way for me was The Void.

Or horror movies with monstrous gods from different mythology.

There are only two movies I like where this was done wonderfully in my opinion.

The Ritual and No One Gets Out Alive manages to do this in a fun way for me.

  1. Deliver Us From Evil (a unique perspective of a cop who doesn’t believe in demonic possession, but then…)
  2. The Conjuring (haven’t seen the first one in so long and now I want to watch it again :stuck_out_tongue: )
  3. The Nun
  4. Us
  5. Midsommar (horror in broad daylight done well although not a fan of some parts of the story…I just feel like I can’t not include this in the list)

I think these are the top ones for me at the moment. Us is more like because I like the idea of it. It’s so unique and unsettling.


Would you recommend I watch the original then?

Have you seen The Dreamcatcher? I also like a lot of the movies based on Stephen King’s books, but personally, The Dreamcatcher was a bit much :sweat_smile: I also still don’t know why it’s called The Dreamcatcher.

lol, me either XD

I saw the first one! I haven’t seen the sequel because it just seemed kind of redundant and nothing new :sweat_smile: I could be wrong though :woman_shrugging:

I’m finding out in this conversation with you and with others that I seem to like unsettling horror. A good old demonic possession is awesome, but I also like it when the film goes into the uncanny territory. You’re left with the image or scene and can’t get it out of your head.

And I like Coraline, too!

I would have liked Hereditary (2018) if not for all the plot holes, and the too-complex plot for one movie, and weirdness that made me snicker instead of shudder :sweat_smile: I wish they had focused on just one thing in that movie.

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That sounds pretty interesting. I would like to be disturbed :grin:

I just saw the trailer and it looks pretty good :grin:

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Yeah, it’s a cool movie to me at least.

I think so, but it isn’t for everyone. Definitely takes a certain taste xD

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Oh ok! I only the Conjuring, Nun, and Us from that list, but I’ve never seen Us or anything related. I’ve been wanting to though! It does seem unsettling from the previews XD

No, I don’t remember if I’ve heard of it either! I’ll have to see for myself lol. I do love Carrie, Cujo, Pet Sematary, Stand By Me, It, Cat’s Eye, and Firestarter is good too. I’m reading The Outsider rn, and it’s pretty good, so hopefully the movie will be too.

Huh ok! Yeah I read the summary and I’d have to agree. Maybe it’ll still be good though!

I’ve learned that I’m way more scared with supernatural-type horror than I am with like, real-life horror if that makes sense? Like I believe in paranormal stuff, and since the spirit world is technically all around us, it’s so much scarier and it’s easier to believe that something can happen at any time, vs like a random serial killer or monster coming into your house, yknow? Esp w/ The Conjuring universe bc those events actually happened with Ed and Lorraine Warren irl. And yeah like I’ll jump at jump scares if I’ve never seen the movie or if I haven’t seen it in a while, but for the most part, I don’t get that scared from like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. Freddy Krueger on the other hand scares the hell out of me bc he can invade your dreams from the afterlife XD on a related note, like Chucky is technically more supernatural since it is the spirit of a killer, but it still doesn’t scare me or creep me out like say Conjuring or Amityville (one word- flies). Also, gory stuff is fine but not like overly done, I’m not looking forward to watching Evil Dead for that reason lol, not bc it’ll gross me out but just bc Idk, I’m just not into it. Ig I don’t really see the point in that stuff lol, just like the inappropriate teen romance scenes, I don’t think they add anything lol.

Yeah I’ve seen it a few times, it’s pretty good. I mean anything Tim Burton or Henry Selleck are cool tbh. Nightmare Before Christmas, I mean come on XD

Oof ok. I’ve been wanting to watch that one too though. Question- have you seen Malignant, The Uninvited, The Ring, Mama, Lights Out, any Japanese-adjacent horror? (I’ve only seen The Ring and Uninvited when it comes to the Japanese horror but I’ve been wanting to see The Grudge and more for a while tbh). I saw the other ones I mentioned too though, they’re pretty great. I also like the Insidious series if I forgot to mention it.

A tiny bit veering off-topic since it’s technically music, but… do you like Ice Nine Kills?
(lol if you know them, there’s correct answer to that question that I’m looking for-)

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