How long does it take for you to read a book?

  • A few hours to a day.
  • Between 1-3 days.
  • About a week.
  • About two weeks.
  • About a month.
  • Over a month.

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I think if I had to narrow down my answer, it’d be between a week and a month, but it also would depend on the length of the book and how much I read it for. Naturally, I can get a 300 page book finished in a week, or sometimes less… if I read a lot. But I often have my moments where I only pick the book up once or twice a week and get it finished within a month or so. This is also why I prefer to read with an audiobook because it not only helps me read faster, but I have an estimate of how long I have left of it. xD


Over a month or pretty maybe over a year or so.
I have this thing with reading fiction novels of others that are published. It takes a very long time.

I am one of those rare people who would rather write fiction than read it.

Strange huh?

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if i’m determined and don’t have something important to do then about a day for anything middle grade or young adult. adult gets dense so it can take a little longer.

But if it’s just casual, then 1-2 books a week is my normal pace.

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I get that. That was me once upon a time lol. Still is, but I force myself into it. :sweat_smile: I used to only read one to two books a year.

Dang. That’s goals for me right there. :rofl:

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True. I guess I don’t have the patience for reading other people’s fiction regardless of how good it may seem.

I rather just write.

This is highly dependent on my interest in the book, the length of it, and the amount of time on a given day I have to dedicate myself to the effort.

I’ve read The Stand in a week at 1400 pages, I read The Half-Blood Prince in just over 24 hours. These days most of my reading comes when I’m settling into bed… so I get about fifteen to thirty minutes of reading a night which means I take longer at it than if I just hunker down with one.

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it gets easier with practice!

and also with motivation, ngl getting my tbr bookshelfcase under control this year has been a big motivator to read at a steady pace.

careful, it’s not possible to write a good story if you don’t read.


All of the above. It completely depends on how interested I am in the book, how motivated I am to finish it and if my mind is elsewhere.


I guess I’m not trying to write a good story. I just want to write a story that’s good enough for me.



Depends on how long the book is and how hard a read

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they tend to do that, over the age of 60.


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but are you going to accomplish that goal if you don’t give yourself the tools to do it?

yes, churro, we know the consequences of getting as elderly as you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The older you are, the wiser you are too :wink: I’m 120 in Churro years and I still look amazing :stuck_out_tongue:


Not gonna lie reading has been an ongoing issue for me even when I was younger. It’s not even just the simple “I don’t have patience” and more like I energy or even the will to sit and read a book not only that when I get “immersed” in the story…it feels blank. Like I am not seeing the big picture or any picture. I feel blind, cluttered, and most of impatience along with forgetful.

So, yeah I am still going to write fiction creatively regardless if I do little to no reading.

you must have an excellent skincare routine u-u


Yes, all the cream does that to you :smiley:

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Yet when I do read, it is mostly manga and webtoons anyway. The only way I will read a novel is by doing a read-along with an audiobook or just listen to the audiobook version.

I CANNOT read physical fiction novels alone. I would need help in that.

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of course, do it however you want, it’s you’re hobby lol. i’m just saying, you talk about your writing and the difficulties you run into with it a lot, and you seem really passionate about your projects. Reading is something that would help you a lot with some of those difficulties.

hm, that sounds like aphantasia :thinking: if you close your eyes and imagine a red apple, what do you see?

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You’re right it would help greatly. Most of the time it is just manga and webtoons that I read. I mostly stare at the picture and the only way I read the words is if it catches my attention.

So, I don’t think I call that reading. Since I am looking at the pictures more and skimming through the words. Hell, when I read and listen to the audiobook at the same time, I still can’t really see much in my mind. I try, but nothing’s there.

You can’t drink water from a empty glass simply believing that there’s water in the glass when really it’s just air.

Fuzzy darkness with some dim colors… no joke. Is it really aphantasia or something deeper? I may never truly know.

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About a month.

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