I have a fun little question for you writers:

The Question:

Do you have something from published authors that you love so much that you strive to add that in your own book because that is on of the many things that you enjoy the most when reading that genre the published author writes?

My Turn/Example:

(Sorry for yelling. LOL!)

This is exactly why One Piece (it’s manga, but whatever) and Tower of God (webcomic, but still, leave me alone) will LWAYS be my absolute favorites!!!

I need to read more fiction like that or even watch more fiction like that. I can’t tell how hard it is to find books that hit those marks, which ties into why I write more than read besides my ADHD.

But man I want to write books that if I ever get published, the readers would go “holy hell, I love how different, complex, and amazing the worldbuilding/lore/characters/magic/etc is”.

Oda (One Piece’s creator) and SIU(Tower of God’s creator) are so good at that in my opinion.

The world of One Piece is so huge in a way that there’s so much to explore as a pirate or anything else. But, but Tower of God’s world is like that too, because the world of the tower is so damn ominous and grand and full of levels that nobody has reached and the betrayal goes on for days. Than in terms of the Void Century (OP) and the Outside (ToG), nobody knows anything in regard to what those things are like.

Yes, One Piece is reaching the end fairly-ish soon, but Tower of God is getting started, even if it is in the 500 chapters.

Aw, man, the SEVERE love that I have for the worldbuilding and the magic systems, and the lore, and the character, and more from One Piece and Tower of God is so un-damn-real!

I try my damnest to be like Oda and SIU in my own way because they are so freakin’ good at worldbuilding like that. QUALESHIA, WANT TO WORLDBUILD LIKE THAT AND DO SOME QUESTION THINGS LIKE THAT!!!

The Devil fruit powers, the Shinsu, the sheer amazing ways the magic works in those mediums are stupid great to me.

I am doing my best to bring that into The Ghost of the God Slayers. Because, there aren’t many stories where the worldbuilding makes me good “so long Earth, I’mma coming to One Piece to be Queen of the Pirates or to climb the Tower.”

Does anyone get like that for there stories?!
Thoughts and Feelings?!

NOTE: Sorry, if I sound like an overly excited child, I just love these stories SO MUCH. :sweat_smile:



Sorry, but If you can’t answer this then stick around and ask a few questions if you want to!

I’m ready!


Overlord is something you’ve heard me sing the praises of before, but I really like how it is an easy to read story that has a lot of working parts.


A common problem I see in popular books is that they have beautifully written exerpts but the actual story and character construction is lacking. I want to do the inverse of that.


That is understanding.

Do you have a story that you are working on and planning to work on someday where you use that?

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Growth from knowing nothing to becoming a mastermond? I try for that one, at times.


Generally, yes

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I had a tough time reading that and I am sorry.


Cool, cool!

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Fixed the worst of it

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the use of really descritive and imaginative langauge and concepts is a big one for me. i love when authors use bright colourful words (that i sometimes have to google, but that’s okay because google is literally at our fingertips and fewer people should whine when authors use words they don’t know).

i think listening to critiques of (admittedly terrible) books a lot made me overly wary and unappreciative of any lines that got too prose-y or metaphorical. But i’ve realized that it’s less about the line itself and more about how the author handles it.

also love

  • committing to the bit
  • when a magic system/horror monster/planet/ect. has obviously had a ton of work poured into and the author can demonstrate that and make us believe in the logic of their creation, without dumping a million lines of worldbuilding and rules on us.

Funny you should mention this now, right before Camp NaNo begins…

I’ve published nine books and never ever wrote tropes or anything like that before, but I’m thinking it’s time to change that. So go get a bottled water and pull up a chair while I bore you with a lot of blather about my next book! (>‿◠):v:

Well! You’ve heard me mention that I’m planning to write a book somewhat like Howl’s Moving Castle…? I still haven’t worked out the actual plot yet, but I’m collecting tropes and ideas for that right now. So far all I’m certain of is the mc is going to be a second son who was shafted by the laws of primogeniture, so he’s horribly jealous of his older brother. Somehow that relates to how he leaves home in search of this book of magic to gain power over his brother and achieve the riches he was denied, yadda yadda…the main theme is jealousy, obviously.

Also there’s a romantic subplot involving two sisters, one beautiful and one plain, who become his wards and he ultimately falls in love with the plain one, but I haven’t worked out those details yet either. But I got that idea from Georgette Heyer. I’m sure I got the idea about primogeniture somewhere too, but can’t think where. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

Anyway, yes! I know what you mean when you’re excited about a trope or an aspect of storytelling that moves you every time. I’m thinking this character is going to be paranoid of anyone stealing his magic book, so he creates a castle or an estate of some kind up in the clouds, and most of the story will take place in the air. I love skypunk! ヽ(^。^)丿


I really hate when authors reach for the thesaurus and use the fanciest words they can find, without ever once checking the defintion. This is how you end up with chagrin being used as a positive descriptor.


that’s fair, but that doesn’t really happen with trad published books because editors know how to use the mystical Google machine (which authors should know how to use, too, but we’re lazy ig).

although it does relate to how author’s handle big words and fancy literary devices. There’s a noticeable difference between someone who flipped opsn a thesaurus two seconds ago and someone who’s vocabulary already included that word.


looks at all the Yu-Gi-Oh references in my novels

Nooooooooooooooo. Why would I do something like that :sweat_smile:

but I do have quite a bit of Buffy/Angel in there too

  1. Cleave

  2. Etymology.


So, it’s not time to d-d-d-d-d-duel?!


Aw, man, in ties with comment.
If I found or even wrote a novel series that hit every one of these marks in a way that makes me shiver and shake in such a glorious way, that putting it to break feels wrong, BECAUSE IT IS JUST SO EXCELLENT IN TERMS OF READING AND WRITING!!!

I want to get better at writing in hopes that I can create a novel like that, for myself and people who gorge on stories like that so hard, that when it is done immensely well, they can’t seem to put it down because it is that intensely great.

I got overly excited again, didn’t I? LOL!



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Anyone else want to give this a go?