If you are going to vacate in another country where not much English is spoken, would you buy a fancy translator or deal with it?

Thoughts and feelings, guys?

  • Buy a “fancy” translator to help me out.
  • Depending on the country, I should get by on whichever language I learned.
  • Well, I rather not buy a translator, but I rather learn the language a bit before going to said country.
  • Just go and not stress about it!
  • I wouldn’t go to any country that speaks little English (explain your reason in detail in the comments).
  • Other (if an option isn’t in this poll, state your opinion).
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Choose wisely.



What would you do if you were visiting a country to vacation, but not much English is spoken there?


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If it were a place where not much Spanish or English is spoken, it depends
On a trip years ago I could still get the general gist of French and Italian due to the similarities to Spanish
Same for Portuguese

Now if its like Japanese or Swedish I’ll be lost without a way to translate :joy:

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Yeah, I still think about going to Japan and then I realized that the last time I took Japanese in school was the FIRST time I took language in school. Prior to “learning” another language in school for the first time, that was in college. I didn’t even pass the class, due to other complications.

I’ve always hated the fact I know only one language and it’s English.

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I learned the language, like everyone else. Why wouldn’t you learn the basic phrases before going to a foreign country? That’s such a lacking common sense mindset :stuck_out_tongue: No joke. Why would you waste money on hiring a translator when you’re meant to be spending time to study and prepare for the vacation?

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Time might be something people don’t have and/or people are just lazy OR people struggle with learning languages.

The list goes on…

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But why go to a foreign country then for a vacation? :flushed:

If anyone is coming to an English speaking country for a period of time, they have to learn English, yet people who are native English speakers don’t have to try when they go to other countries because English in some capacity is assumed? That’s a big double standard there.

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Romanticism? They see the beauty of another country in terms of traveling and vacation, that they forget that it IS another country where English isn’t or is barely spoken.

In their mind, I am going to another country have fun and learn things, never mind the language that they place a barrier between them.

Another thing is if they learn the language, where will they go and which app should they choose, if any?

Yeah, it is. I wished that school enforced learning another language, regardless of if that person ever goes to another country or not.

Learning a totally different language can help somebody in the end, even if it’s one person.

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i don’t want to talk to people in my own language, so maybe i will just learn the basics and then have a good excuse to never ever make small talk, muhaha

jk im learning spanish for my trip in april. so… i guess there’s the answer.

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Where are you going to learn Spanish? Are you taking a class or using an app?

This is where I get defeated. It’s money no matter where I turn and it’s frustrating as hell.

I don’t have money and transportation to make taking a class an option. Hell, even online classes require money of some amount. That also includes language apps too.

My gripe with language learning apps is that I have to go with my gut feeling on which is great, all while ignoring the different reviews.

Times like this I wish I had much more money than I do now.

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Not an issue for me:

  1. I have no money to travel, and likely never will

  2. If I did travel I’d want to go to Europe, and they speak English almost everywhere in Europe these days. My mother goes there all the time and never has any trouble, and she can’t speak anything but English. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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What part are you going to? I’m going to Catalonia in May :joy:

The signs are in Catalan, but they all speak Spanish there. It’s fine.

Yeah, I learned French and Spanish. I found French pointless, but Spanish more useful.

And as for learning languages, Duolingo (yes, the damn owl) is a good app. Memrise is meant to be a good as well, and both seem to have good free tiers.


This is what got me stuck. Like do I go with Duolingo or Babbel or something else.

When the decision is left to me, I get stuck, because I genuinely don’t know what to do.

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using duolingo, and i have a basic spanish course on cd that i got years ago.

if you’re interested in american sign language, the oklahoma school for the deaf is offering free self-paced online classes. they’re available until june 30th.

.-. Puerto Rico lol, i’m staying on this side of the ocean.

they’re similar languages, aren’t they? they’ll probably be readable enough.


Oh nice! Show me some pics please. I hope you enjoy it. Have a good time and avoid Bad Bunny. :smiley:

Yeah, it’s like Platja Jaume v instead of Playa Jaime V for James the 5th beach. The general gist is very similar if you know Spanish, and very readable.


I got that option and Babbel.

It’s just a matter of choosing right is better for me.

i will avoid evil rabbit

yiiii you’ll be fiiiiiiine :ok_hand:

you can try both? duolingo is free. premium costs money but in my experience you don’t need premium.

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I understand that some people don’t consider traveling to another place in the country you live in as a “vacation trip”, because it is in the same country, but is there a place or state where you would love to relax a bit in, if you had the option to?

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