Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

Kyere’s eyes widen, “I-I don’t think you should do that.”

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Izi blushes. “I don’t think it’s weird…” His thumb rubs the back of her hand. “I don’t really mind what you are. To me, it’s how you are.” He reaches to plant his own kiss before drawing away. “That of the conceptual as opposed to the realis.”

:joy: we’ll see :woozy_face:

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Euphoria: “Kairo! :unamused:

Kairo: “:flushed: Yes ma’am.”

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oop I meant hota but still haha

“are you hungry, hota?”

someone been sitting in on yessei’s classes haha

Michelle gives a genuine smile at this. “I thank you for that,” her voice cracks a tiny bit because she’s refusing to cry

oop xD

ahh yes i see

“A little,” Hota admits quietly.

it’s totally not because all my magic systems have some kind of conceptual v. reality :woozy_face:

“Is… are we…” Izi rubs her hand. “Am I jumping to conclusions?” He gulps.

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“want me to make something?” she offers to cheer him up haha

oop xD

“You want to know if we’re together? Like dating? Like boyfriend, girlfriend?” she looks at him with heavenly blue eyes

“You always cook super nice. I’m not opposed,” Hota says calmly.

“Yeah.” Izi nods. “Yeah I do.”

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She gives him another kiss happily. “any requests?”

“…exclusive, right?” she asked, wanting to make sure she knew what she was getting into as she took a step closer.

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Hota smiles and relaxes. “Whatever you’re in the mood for.”

“Yeah, unless we discuss it first,” Izi agrees.

Andd Yessei’s in her classroom thirty minutes early.

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“i’v never done fish, but I can try!” she says excitedly

She nods. “I can do that. I would like to be that. together.” she blushes.

…wild Jenny time! XD

Hota chuckles. “No way you can mess it up.” He smiles.

Izi feels like a sudden load’s been lifted off his chest as he reaches to wind an arm around her shoulders and bring her closer.

pfft Yessei doesn’t look up but she looks super disheveled from adventures with Heather :woozy_face:

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and another kiss. “I appreciate the confidence” she chuckles

Michelle is looking a little nervous.

thats a great show name XD

“morning, teach!” she seems to be in a bit happier mood today

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Hota chuckles. “I love you.”

Izi is, too. “Can… can I kiss you?”

Yessei yawns, rubbing her eyes as she opens a miniature portal, tossing a pen through it, only to have it drop out just above the other. She watches the pen grow faster and faster between the portals.

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“I love you,” she repeats, meaning every single word as she takes hota’s hands and says her goodbyes to the others.

“I’d like that very much.” her smile stretches innocently.

anddd Jenny goes to grab it while it’s falling

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“See ya.” Tev waves.

“Come again soon, Auntie Eve!” Mjas waves.

Hota blushes and repeats the word with just as much meaning.

Izi moves slowly to settle his lips on hers, feeling himself drift into the air…

lol Yessei watches for a second.

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eve goes green at hota’s repetition and waves before portaling them back to the castle

michelle closes her eyes to kiss him back and wonders why it feels like he’s getting farther xD

Jenny twirls the pen. “you seem tired,” she giggles and tucks the pen behind her ear as she leans against then sits on yessei’s desk XD

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Hota reaches to give her a kiss.

“No, wait, crap.” Izi settles on the ground before trying to pick Michelle up with him, reaching to lock their lips.

Yessei grimaces. “No, no, off my desk. You know your place.” She’s got a relatively short fuse today :sweat_smile:

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“There you are,” he smiles.

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eve is happy to kiss as the exit the portal. she gets so tangled up in the action that they end up in an unusual green part of the palace

michelle goes up with him as she smiles into the kiss.

jenny tsks as she gets down “wow, okay, you obviously didnt have fun” she places the pen down and goes to her seat, trying to ignore heather’s scent all over yessei xD

okay im on chrome now so hopefully the dumb word predictor wont butcher as many of my things haha

Vanessa: “i’m surprised to see you out of your meadow,” she chuckles

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“What? Were you trying to cage me in?”

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