🎉 :wackywriters: It's Our First Wackiversary!! :wackywriters: 🎉

‧͙⁺˚*・༓ Happy Wackiversary! ༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Can you believe it's been a year??

We can’t either!

Favorite Moments

Here are a few of the team’s favorite moments over the last year. We’d love to hear yours!

“So much has happened in a year that it’s almost mindboggling to think back on it. I would have to say running the ARG was one of my favourite parts of being on the site. It really brought people together and I had such a fun time creating a story with other people.”

“Wow, wow, wow! It’s been a whole year already! I still remember when CJ and I were talking about being displaced and she said ‘Nope, not again!’ before working her tech magic to make the original site… Raise your hand if you were on the original site :joy: (that she made in under a day)! Anyways, the next day she made Wacky as we know it today. I still remember making the first ever thread and jumping for joy when I realized holy smokes, it worked! I love Wacky and what it’s grown into. I appreciate the many different relationships I’ve formed because of Wacky (shout out to the Wacky family behind the scenes)! I can’t wait to see where everything goes from here!” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wisp:
-T (Tanya3231)

“I’ve never had so much fun with NaNoWriMo before! We were all raising each other up and supporting each other. It was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to do it again this year!” :nootnoot: -Ash

“I guess my favorite moment would have to be a collection of seeing our various users make a point to lift each other up and support each other when someone is having a hard time. That kind of community is so important, especially right now, and it pleases me more than I can say that our community works so hard to be positive and uplifting. We’ve had many users go through different life circumstances and come out the other side, and I’ve loved watching the growth of both our individual users and our community.”

“One of my favourite memories in Wacky was opening an art thread, where I drew pictures according to writer’s suggestions! I love this inclusive community (to both graphic designers/artists and writers) to sharpen their craft and how Wacky embodies the spirit of community. I’m so looking forward to this next chapter with everyone!! :blush:

This might sound a little selfish, but my favorite moment has to be that time my story got featured and the whole mod team hyped me up for it. It was such a surreal moment. And honestly, staying up late and shrieking in shock and wonder about it and breaking Slack because we were typing so many messages so fast was even better than the actual feature. I wouldn’t be where I am as a writer and as a person without these beautiful people in my corner. I’m just so immensely grateful because I’ve never had that kind of support and now I can’t imagine life without Wacky :heart:
-Mistress Mari

One of the team’s favorite anecdotes:
Mari: So, not too long ago, I was wondering what the English word was for a tool that my family uses pretty often around the garden…With some help from Google, I found out that this tool is, in fact, called a ‘hoe’. Cue the puns! And this iconic exchange, typos and all:

Mari: I can’t whine and I can’t yell. Unless I’m royally pissed off. Otherwise, not physically capable of yelling
Tanya: My wife’s so gentle when she’s not stepping on my throat xD
Mari: Basically :rofl:
CJ: I cackled :rofl:
Mari: We make a good comedy duo
Tanya: Hence Banterland was born haha
Mari: Doctor T & Mistress Gentle
Tanya: Lol!
Mari: Mistress Gentle sounds either like a historical fic or bdsm erotica :rofl:
Or both lol
Tanya: Lol yes I was about to say xD
Sounds like you don’t know how to spell gentile xD
CJ: “Mistress Gentility”
Mari: Mistress Gentle and her gardening hoe
Tanya: :an unresquited love story
Mari: :suggestive: :rofl:
Not the sharpest tool in the shed
Tanya: But he gets the job done :joy:
CJ: y’all are hysterical :joy:


We think Wacky Writers is pretty great, but more importantly, what do you think? We’ve put together a nifty form to get your (anonymous) feedback about Wacky Writers! If you’ve got a minute, we’d love to know what you think!
See the Feedback Form Here
We’ll also be happy to hear your feedback on this thread, too!


And now the information you’ve all been wondering about…

Yes. We built a writing site.

We’ve made an all-in-one reading and writing experience for each book. Authors, you can edit and preview your work in the same page as the readers can read the book, removing extra clicks.

We’ve set up the ability to upload Spotify or Youtube playlists that will be playable throughout the reading experience–without pausing between chapters.

You can also create “character lists” that will display on the book page for your readers to see!

You get a personalized page every time you login:

And yes, we have dark mode. :raised_hands:

There is a reward system for good content. If you read a review that you think is really helpful, you can “mark it” as really helpful, which gives points to the reviewer.

Get enough helpful points, you get cool badges like “Certified Reviewer.” Oh yeah, and you can earn points for…lots of other things too. Want to see who’s topping the ranks? You can see that too.

Looking for trending books? Here you go:

We track most popular books of all time, the most popular in 24 hours (trending), and the most popular in 30 days (rising).

Looking for something specific? We got you covered:

Worried about your work being stolen?

Don’t be.

Want to upload all your chapters but keep your readers hooked for weeks? Yep, you can schedule chapter publishing days, weeks, even months in advance.

We add easily identifiable icons to help you avoid content you don’t want to read.

But what about the social stuff? We got that too. We display your books in an elegant, aesthetically pleasing way.

But others’ books look pretty neat too.

The home page keeps you up to date on who’s been active lately (and might help you find something new!)

Need we go on?
Sign-up at wackywriters.com

See an issue? Let us know here: wackywriters.com/support

We’ve tried to build the functionality around the reading/writing experience, with a focus on the community (because we all know that’s the most important thing).

We’re fresh out of beta, so there still may be some bugs to iron out. With the (lack of) monetary backing we have right now, we can’t deliver on stuff like really awesome search functionality, but know it’s on our roadmap if the site does well. We are working on some “premium” features, including early access to new content for premium users (which eventually become free for those not on a premium plan), and maybe something even as cool as an audiobook option for authors who opt into a premium plan. All of that and more is on our list of things to get to, but of course we always want your feedback too.

We do eventually plan to link this forum and the main site, but we don’t want anyone to feel pressured to sign up.

Welcome to the new Wacky Writers, logo and all. We’re looking forward to having you all join us in this next chapter!


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Happy Wackiversary! :hugs: :hugs:

I noticed the new logo. It’s so creative! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (@liber_spiritus you are so talented!)

But, hold ON. First of all, omg, I can’t thank you admins and mods and @CJtheSiteWizard enough for keeping this site up and running and most of all for creating it. The level of awesomeness just blows the roof off! :clap: :clap:

:woman_standing: :clap: :woman_standing: :clap: :woman_standing: :clap: :woman_standing: :clap: (<— this is supposed to be a standing ovation)

And now there’s…there’s…
A WRITING WEBSITE??? :open_mouth: Are my eyes deceiving me???


You can thank @liber_spiritus for that beauty. :blush:

Thank you! It’s the community that keeps us going. :blush:

Well, we’re giving it a shot at least. :wink:


Oh my word. THIS IS SO COOL!!! I had a feeling with all the questions a few weeks ago :wink:
Can we use the writing site now? IM SO EXCITED


Yes, just pop over to wackywriters.com and sign-up. :blush:


It won’t progress when I click ‘sign up’ almost as if the button isn’t working if you know what I mean


Ope, did y’all rush over and break the server so fast?? :rofl::rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:eyes: it wasn’t me I swear :wink:


Joining now, how awesome!


:joy: first day bugs I guess. Give it a try now and let me know if it’s working for you.


Come on over, the water’s fine! :blush:


You’re just in time! :beautifulheart:


It’s now loading the page but it takes me back to the sign in page as if it’s gone through but I can’t log in :rofl:
so I think it’s almost like a sign up loop


LOL let me try and fix it. We had a last minute issue last night related to the login so I bet it’s related.


it’s all good! Take your time <3 it’s me being too excited :stuck_out_tongue:


Things won’t let us be great :sweat_smile:.


waves fist TECHNOLOGY!!! :eyes:


haha! Well I just did a test sign-up and it went through after I rolled back a change so try it now, again :joy:

You have to activate your account to login, so make sure you do that.


DONE IT! It worked <3 <3 thank you!