Let the best title win! Help me choose a title for my ONC story - poll

Which one sounds catchier?

  • Soul Seekers
  • Medium Duel
  • Neither :pensive:

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Also, what do you think about adding “The” in the beginning?
(The Soul Seekers or The Medium Duel)

Does is sound better with “The” or without it?
  • Add “The”
  • Leave it without “The”
  • Got another idea?

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Soul Seekers sounds cool.

“Oooh, seeking souls? What does that mean? What do they do?” is what I thought. Also rolls off the tongue nicely :wink:

Medium Duel doesn’t give me anything. It could be anything, too. It could be about a duel that wasn’t so exciting or two medium-sized people in a duel.

I’m wondering if you meant medium as in the people that channel spirits? I thought about that because of the “Soul Seekers” title. If I just saw Medium Duel by itself, I wouldn’t have thought of anything to do with souls.

If it was Dueling Mediums, then I might think, hm, that sounds interesting. I hope I’m not making you reconsider your decision :sweat_smile:

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Good points.

I think there’s a consus about Soul Seekers so I’ll keep it.

The problem I have now is that this is a sequel and it would be best to name the first book something similar but I’m coming up blank.

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What’s the current title?

Of Love and Death and Everything In-Between.

I know it’s a mouthful. One of the titles I considered for it back then was Medium Sanity. I didn’t pick it because the themes of the story changed and I felt it didn’t fit anymore. But if I called book 2 Medium Duel, it suddenly fits again. But I do like Soul Seekers. I think I’ll keep that and change book 1’s title.

I’m already set on calling the series The Medium of Eidolon Falls. That’s an easy one. But I need to keep individual titles short. Somehow…

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You could do another alliteration title.
What’s book 1 about?

It’s a paranormal story but not horror. It’s mostly internally driven.

Main character suffers a tragedy, but then is in denial about who died. So in the process of learning that he’s been living with a ghost, he learns that he can see ghosts because he’s a medium.

There’s also a love story in there that also ends in a heartache. Heartache all around.
Hehe. That’s a title.

I think the alliteration I’d play with would involve Denial since the story is about acceptance and denial is the opposite?
But I’m blank right now about the second word.

Not Deadly Denial. That makes it sound like an action story or a thriller.
Deathly Denial turns it into a horror.

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Denial or maybe avoidance?

Or use ghost.

Ghost Games
Grave Ghosts
Or if they are in denial, maybe they are pretending not to notice the paranormal. Paranormal Pretends. Fake Phantoms. Phantom Fakes. I know the letter isn’t the same, but it sounds like an alliteration.

Soul Seekers, take the S S

Spirit Sighters
because he sees the spirits?

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I finally figured out the title for the first book.
So now I got this:

Series name: Medium of Eidolon Falls

Book 1: Soul Survivor
Book 2: Soul Seekers

If I ever write more books in this series (I likely will), I’m going to have to continue this pattern which will be challenging, but I’ll have to deal with it.

I did it twice. I must find a way for another, right?

Thanks for the idea to use alliteration.

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Looks good :grin:

Or you could do alliteration but with a different letter if you do a book 3 and 4. Then a different one for 5 and 6…and so on if you write that many. But if it’s just a book 3, probably the same “S”.

You’re welcome :blush:

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